Testimony of a volunteer in Central America

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Thanks for making this experience possible! Testimony of a volunteer in Central America

“My experience in Chame was beautiful. It´s a powerful experience, one that marks you, full of extraordinary moments.

My small advice for the next volunteer couldn´t be another one that to focus on the children, to give them the best you´ve got, because the receive it.  On your first day as a volunteer there may be a lot things that shock you, but if you observe, you´ll learn how the things work there, always being respectful to the local culture, and being attentive with the kids.  One of the things i liked about the volunteer service was the freedom you´ve got to realize your work, and that it depends a lot on the initiative of the single one.   In the class i had, i set the priority on reading, doing the best i could teaching it.

I placed the Reading like a reward the can enjoy every day in school, it was very nice to see the kids jumping out of joy when i shared some books with them, or when the children finished copying a chapter, for example about the earth , we sat together in a small circle, and i took out two kids, so that they could play earth and sun, i showed them a terrestrial globe to underline the explanations, and so that the children could learn in a different 
way, something they liked, these little things were the ones that made me enjoy my voluntary work the most.

To finish I’d like to highlight the good ambience that exists between the volunteers, to which the coordinators contributed greatly with their enthusiasm and dedication”.



Chabier Martínez – Program of education and school support

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