Tips to prepare your volunteer journey in Central America

Before starting with those useful tips for your trip, I told you about a podcast «The volunteer trip» where we talk about responsible tourism, volunteer experiences, types of programs, the different countries, and all the necessary advice to prepare your volunteer trip in Central America.

Central America is one of the favorite destinations for many travelers and adventurous volunteers, those who are passionate about discovering a different culture and landscapes every day. Here we will tell you some things to consider before embarking on your adventure of volunteering in this continent.


If Central America is your next destination as a volunteer, then it is necessary that you know what is important and recommended that you consider before your trip.

  • For many trips it is an economic destination.
  • It is usually greener, one country more than another.
  • Even if you search the internet for time and show you that it rains every day, it is rare for it to rain.
  • There are many things to see, each country has a charm.


Before choosing an organization to participate with, you should be clear about the following:

  • In which program would you like to cooperate. Choose one that goes with your way of being. The coordinators will guide you in your previous communication.
  • Choose an organization and a country safefor your volunteering. Some countries declared in 2017 as safer in Central America are:
  • Choose a safe organization that knows the projects where it collaborates. Also see the experience videos, testimonials, if there is someone behind to advise you or request a call.
  • See where the money goes, (Accommodation, meals, coordination, projects, logistics). Part of your travel budget will go to projects as a donation.
  • That you have a secure domain (https: // It is secure) (http: // It is not secure) This factor is important when making banking transactions.
  • Verify that they are an organization with CIF or registered as associations to ensure that they are acting legally.


  • We recommend paying with a secure method, bank transfer, redsys or paypal.
  • Verify the bank details of the association.
  • Pay only the reservation of the program if you are not going to travel before 30 days, read the general conditions.


To travel through Central America in most countries you do not need to do many paperwork, however you must meet certain requirements such as:

  • Verify your passport that does not expire before your return.
  • Check with your vaccination center, the vaccines necessary for your destination, for Panama and Costa Rica there are no mandatory vaccines traveling from Europe or the US.
  • Have travel insurance
  • If your program is a social orphanage, you may be asked for a criminal record, you can take it out in your city.


As you are already determined to undertake this adventure as a volunteer, it is very important that you know what you should carry in your suitcase or backpack.

  • Light clothes and one or two changes of long pants and closed shoes, since in some institutions they don’t let you in with short or beach clothes. In Latin America , public school students are uniformed.
  • In our destinations in Panama, Nicaragua and Costa Rica, there are quite a few places where they sell mosquito nets, even so, if you wish you can bring one from your country of origin.
  • Earplugs and eye mask, usually dawn very soon and there are no blinds.
  • What you use for personal hygiene.
  • If you have clothes or school supplies (notebooks, pencils, storybooks) you are always welcome.

What you really need to carry is very little, just try to pack a suitcase or backpack that you can easily carry with you.

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