5 essential tips for making your volunteer trip to Central America more easy

When preparing your volunteer trip in Central America  you must take into account the following things:

1. Before choosing an organization to cooperate with, you must bear in mind this:

  • In which program you would like to work with taking into account your way of being.  The coordinators will help you to make your decision
  • Choose a safe country for your volunteering.  Top stated safe central american countries in 2017 are Nicaragua, Panama and Costa Rica.
  • Research about the climate in the country you choose to volunteer to.  Some countries that are close to the equator are really warm.


2. How to look on the internet for associations of cooperators in international volunteering

  • Choose a safe organization working in the country you want to go to.  You should watch videos, testimonies and other people opinions on the organization in order to be able to trust them.
  • A part of your budget of your trip will be destinated to the solidarity projects as a donation so you will know where your money goes (which causes is destinated to)
  • At the time of doing transferences by internet you should check if the website is safe or not: https:// is safe http:// is not safe
  • Verify if the organization you choose operates legally.


3. How and when do you pay your volunteering

  • We recommend you paying with a safe method such as redsys or paypal.  You could also do bank transfers
  • Verify the association bank details in order to check if it follows the responsible banking model that you have to look for.
  • To pay only the reservation of the program if you’re not travelling before 30 days.  Read the general conditions and the refunding process in case of not being able to travel.


4.  Check your documents

  • Consult with your vaccination center which one are recommended or needed for your trip.  If you’re going to Panama, Nicaragua or Costa Rica there are not compulsory vaccines if you travel from Europe or The US.
  • Check that your passport is not expiring before your returning date
  • If your volunteer program is at an orphanage, you may be asked for a certificated of police records.  You can get it in the city you’re assigned to at the same day you’re asked.


5.  What do i put in my luggage?

  • A long trousers and closed-toe shoes as in some institutions you won’t be able to enter with a beach outfit or with some short clothes. In Latin America, students from  public education wear an uniform.
  •  In our destinations at Panama, Latin America or Costa Rica there are several places to buy mosquito nets (which you will need) but you can bring it from home if you want to.
  • Earplugs and sleeping masks are recommended as it dawns so early and there aren’t shutters.

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