7 good reasons for doing a volunteer program in Central America


When you volunteer, you can see for yourself the result of the work you have done.  Although your contribution is small, it grows and multiplies.

The contribution of the volunteer is important for all vulnerable communities.  Mainly from Central American countries in which we work.   The more motivated we are to make this kind of solidarity trips, we will see the results of our work.

Here I leave the 7 reasons that we consider are important why volunteering is a unique experience.



1. Help expand your knowledge. The certificate as an international volunteer will be an added value to your work and personal experience. It is enriching to transmit what you know to other people. It is a way to show your social commitment and your solidarity with other people.

2. You will live an experience as a volunteer full of new sensations in countries full of stories, traditions and culture. It also allows you to better understand the reality of the people you live with and work on a solidary trip.

3. You will reaffirm your human side by having direct contact with people of different cultures and you will feel the commitment to contribute your collaboration with the reality in which they live.

4. The money from your trip will go to the most vulnerable development projects and communities. A good reason for volunteering in Central American countries.




5. You can travel as a couple or with friends and know a beautiful country and at the same time you will help to maintain and create new smiles.

6. You will meet new friends with your same concerns and with whom you will share and live in your volunteering and you will travel and discover unique places with them.

7. Because with your skills, however small they may seem, people in need, animals and nature will receive it as great teachings.


ll these good reasons and many more are those that you will live like many of our volunteers who have already passed through our organization.   Join one of our programs with us and enjoy this enriching and unique experience as a volunteer.

Voluntariado con amigos Tortugas en Costa Rica Volunteer with children




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