A journey to the interior

I write this short review from the memories of what has been without a doubt the best trip of my life so far.

I would like to start by saying that, like the really important things, this journey simply started with a small jump and getting it right is clearly in the company of volunteering.

Panama was a destination that I hardly knew anything about and that attracted me for no apparent reason. Now I know that I was totally right, but I also have the certainty that I would have been right where I had chosen.

I did the teaching volunteer in Latin America, lasting 2 weeks. Time was limited due to my limited vacation, but I would definitely recommend 3-4 weeks. 

You can use your free time as you prefer. In our case, we took the opportunity to discover the first part of the Pacific and the second weekend of the Caribbean.

With volunteering you will discover that one needs to learn before teaching. No matter what level or background you come from, really that is one way or another “irrelevant”. 

What really matters is the desire you have to start changing things.


PS: Thank you very much for everything Sergio and Evelin

Ignacio Rausa – Teaching Program

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