A Journey to the Origin and Roots of Kenya

More than just a landscape

The image of Kenya is a stamp of nature like a postcard, but it is more than that, it is a landscape, it is a journey to the origin and roots of Kenya. In one of its various valleys, The Rift valley, which goes from North to South of the country, is considered for many archaeologists (due to discoveries found there) as the origin where the Humanity foundation began.  A country with tribes, more than 42 ethnics, with different traditions, customs, outfits and several languages, English is the official language along with Swahili.  Kenya is famous for having a wide range of natural ecosystems.

Kenya has three big urban centres, the capital Nairobi, Mombasa (port city) and Kisumu. One of the most booming industries is tourism. For many years, tourism was vital for the economy of the country, one of the biggest attraction is safaris to look at the natural wild life.  No doubts, that this gorgeous landscape is very striking for tourists who can contemplate the beauty of those animals in their natural habitat.


Parks and reserves

8% of  the land in Kenya is covered by natural reserves and parks.  For example, Lake Victoria , the second lake which contains the biggest sweet water in the world. The Masai Mara, one of the most famous national parks. Known for it has the Big 5  (lions, elephants o crocodiles). For those who love adventure and hiking, Mount Kenya is the second highest mountain in Africa, after Kilimanjaro.

Beside tourism, which represents the main income for the country; there are other industries: such as coffee, tea and cereals crops. Kenya is a developing country, it currently has a high level of poverty in some areas.


Social reality and still much more to do

If we left behind all the rich environmental and natural landscapes, the dim lights of this African enchanting savannah we embark into the shadow of the Kenya’s reality. For many years, corruption scandals, tribal fights, terrorist attacks and economic crisis have affected Kenya.  

But not only economic and political problems, the country suffers from social aspects, among these HIV.  The World Health Organization, documents standing Kenya like one of the most holders virus from the world. There are also high rate of domestic violence. The main flag fight is the elimination of the female genital mutilation.  One of the most devastated violence against women. It is a faraway behind the society and much more to do. Programs as empowered women and education and promote awareness about HIV are the base for this society.  

Certainly, Kenya is a unique and amazing experience that you will never forget so this is a great opportunity for visit and enjoy the wonders of a great nation!


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