A volunteer in Central America

! Thank you for making this experience possible!

My name is Chabier Martínez and I share my volunteer experience in Central America, full of extraordinary moments.

My little advice to the next volunteer can be none other than to focus on the children. Try to give them the best of yourself, because it comes to them.   

The first day of your volunteering will be many things that shock you, but if you look you will learn how things work there, always being respectful of the local culture and being very attentive to children.

One of the things that I liked about volunteering is the freedom you have to carry out this work and it depends a lot on the initiative of each one. In the class where she was, try to influence reading a lot, making her as attractive as possible.

I proposed reading as a prize that can be enjoyed every day in class. It was very nice to see the children jump with joy when I shared some books with them.

Also when the children finished copying a lesson, such as on the earth, towards a small circle and took children out in pairs to play sun and earth.

I showed a globe to reinforce the explanations and for the children to learn in a different way, something that they loved. It is these little things that I have enjoyed the most as a volunteer.

My Experience has been precious. It is a strong experience, one of those that mark you. 

In closing, I would like to highlight the good atmosphere among the volunteers, to which the coordinators contribute enormously with their enthusiasm and dedication. 

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