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voluntariado en practicas



Hi, I am Alba I am 23 years old and I come from Barcelona.  I have come to Panama and I am three weeks in the sea turtle conservation program doing internships at the university, because I studied biology.

The conservation center has taught us how to make the nests in the nursery, to look for the traces of nest that the turtle had already made. We have had the opportunity to see several turtles of the species Lora.  They are very nice and very big is a really cool experience to repeat the truth.

Everyone’s been super hospitable.  They are willing to help you when you have a problem and solve it instantly.

Another thing that has surprised me a lot about Panama is the landscapes, the beaches that it has that are paradisiacal.  The jungle is here, in affinity with indigenous communities and in the middle of nature.

Volunteering, the day-to-day life has been very good indeed.  The first part of my volunteering was at the chame schools, a children’s home and the social orphanage.



The house also has a very good climate with the other volunteers and project coordinators.

We live in the volunteer’s house, share a room, get up and have breakfast together.  Depending on the project we each go together or separately.  We spend a few hours at the school and when we finish the day or we can go to the social orphanage center and help out, or if it’s a good afternoon we could go to the beaches next to the house the volunteer.

We have also made weekend trips to Portobelo, to San Blas which has been beautiful, incredible!

Made for the first time surfing in my life, I thought it was super cool.  I’d like to continue doing classes once Barcelona arrives, to see I arrive with a minimum level of surfing!!

I would highly recommend this experience to anyone who likes to travel, who likes to meet new people, get to know the country and get to know local people and get to know the culture.

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