Association structure

We introduce you to some of our volunteers in the different countries. In addition to our local coordinators of the different volunteer programs.

Each one of them is fundamental and essential in the development and work of our volunteer programs, equally their dedication and accompaniment is important so that the volunteers’ experience is positive, unique and incomparable.

Board of governors

Coordinador General Sergio Adventure Volunteer
Sergio Malaguilla

“Yes” is Sergio’s motto, he will always be available to answer any questions you may have with a big smile.

Sara Secretaria asociación adventure volunteer
Sara Martínez

Always willing to go that extra mile, if it comes to being with children and young people with special needs.

Tere adventure volunteer
Teresa García

Although the oldest in the association, she gives everyone a lot of thought in terms of vitality.

Voluntary Committee

voluntariado en camoapa



The desire and motivation to offer a different trip and a unique experience in solidarity trips, has led him to work with communities of scarce resources and with children with educational difficulties.

Latin America

  • Evelin pineda – General Coordinator
  • Emanuel Quiroz – Logistics Coordinator
  • Jacinto Rodriguez – Turtle program coordinator.
  • Natividad Jaen – Indigenous communities program coordinator

  • Chio – General Coordinator
  • Oihane – General Coordinator

  • Rodolfo – Coordinator of animal protection and care program.
  • Barbara – Turtle program coordinator.
  • Laura – Parks program coordinator

  • Gabriela Pineda – Communication and Development Coordinator

  • Gabriela – Volunteer coordinator.

  • Fernán Castaño Alvarez – Productive Patios Program Coordinator.

  • Jessica – Volunteer coordinator.

  • Carlos y Jorge – General Coordinators

  • Milén – General Coordinators


  • Mayra – Volunteer coordinator.

  • Bijaya – Volunteer Coordinator

  • Todd – General Coordinator


  • Joshua – Volunteer coordinator.

  • Emanuel – Volunteer Coordinator.

  • Amine Ayad – General Coordinator

  • Mayra – Volunteer coordinator.


  • Sergio Malaguilla García – Volunteer Coordinator.
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