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Supporting children with special needs

Are you looking for the best destinations to volunteer abroad in 2019?

Who better to tell you about the best volunteer programs abroad than a person who has had this experience.  As an organization with experience in coordinating volunteers abroad and as mentioned by our volunteers, Adventure Volunteer recommends you the best international volunteer programs:

We encourage you to read on and learn more about the best overseas volunteering programs we work on.  In addition to the best references of volunteers who have lived this experience with the organization and validated the impact left by a volunteer in the projects.

Ways to volunteer

Some ways to volunteer abroad is through volunteer programs.  You can put your knowledge and skills into practice in the project of teaching and reinforcing school with children with educational difficulties and different skills in Panama.  Immerse yourself in a country and its communities while volunteering in empowerment, caring and teaching projects in India.  Experience the joy of the people of Colombia as you are part of one of the best volunteer programs in productive yards in homes and teaching children and youth from vulnerable communities or as a volunteer in English and sports classes in Guatemala.

If you like animals and are considering being part of an animal volunteering program, then list one of the best volunteer programs in Costa Rica, work in the animal care and shelter center and the sea turtle conservation project or in the Dominican Republic in the animal care center.

Adventure Volunteer refers to cheap, safe, and supportive travel in volunteer programs abroad, so it doesn’t matter which program you join, you can be sure that the support will leave a positive impact on the project, the communities, and the people you meet on your trip.

Wildlife Volunteering in Costa Rica

viajes solidarios grupales costa rica

The volunteer program in Costa Rica is a unique opportunity to learn about the natural environment in which animals live and the importance of conserving their habitat. You have imagined being in a place where you can see the animals in their maximum splendor.  Besides having the opportunity to feed them, to help them rejoin their natural environment, that has no word. The care center and the beaches where we support sea turtle conservation are places to explore. It’s important to know that the work is physically demanding, but really satisfying.

The Caribbean Pearl, Cartagena – Colombia

La perla caribeña, Cartagena - Colombia

There is something about Cartagena-Colombia and the volunteer programs that leave our volunteers unwilling to leave. The volunteers come back so satisfied with the work they have done and with the love and affection that the Cartageneros leave you.

You’ve wondered if there is a volunteer program that suits your abilities, I’ll say yes!  In Cartagena de Indias you can be part of the programs of teaching and school reinforcement, culture and sport or participate in the project productive yards with families. Whatever your choice, you won’t regret volunteering in Cartagena-Colombia.

Panama, melting pot of races

programas de voluntariado

One of the countries that has left many unforgettable experiences in our volunteers who have been part of the volunteer programs in Panama. With several project options such as: empowerment, school reinforcement, sea turtle conservation and work with indigenous communities.  In addition, you can discover many more of this country making your experience more satisfying and unique. This destination and volunteer programs abroad are ideal for friends, families, and students.

Guatemala, country of eternal spring

voluntariado Educación en Guatemala

You would like to be part of a volunteer program in Guatemala. The volunteer programs in Guatemala are very close to the city of Antigua and around picturesque villages.  A destination known for its volcanoes and unique views of its mountains, colorful corners and for its colonial charm. Volunteers can perform various activities in different volunteer programs. They can choose between teaching, sports and maintenance of ecological garden in schools. You can do all of this during your summer vacations, Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties.

India, a world of colours

navidades en la India

A country that differs from the rest, thanks to its impressive cultural environment.  Volunteers find a city full of colours, customs and traditions that surprise you. In addition to participating in a volunteer program within local communities and experience the real India. You have a wide range of projects in which you can participate as:

  • Reinforcement and teaching
  • Working in orphanages
  • Women’s empowerment and childcare
  • This destination is perfect for travelers who want to take advantage of the few days of vacation in a different way.  It’s one of the best volunteer programs abroad for college students and friends looking for a life-changing experience.


As you can imagine, there is a lot of work to be done in a center like this, from organizing the kitchen, empowerment workshops with the women, games and play activities for the women’s children. In addition to the management of purchases and use of resources. In short, at no time will you lack any task or work to do to bring something positive “your harvest” once installed. Alfredo-Women’s Empowerment Program.

Dominican Republic, an obligatory stop

República dominicana, una parada obligatoria

Volunteer programs in the Dominican Republic have been very well received by volunteers. Everything is due to this impressive country and to the fact that it meets all the requirements that a volunteer seeks as:

  • Accommodation
  • Meals,
  • Meaningful work,
  • Positive impact in all areas where it collaborates.  

You get to create a strong connection with the volunteer program you are part of.  You also take advantage of weekends to get to know the country better. There are many places you can’t miss in the Dominican Republic.

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