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All about Cartagena Colombia

A visit to this wonderful and amazing city will be transport you to Colonial Era where its history, its culture and its music made the city so charismatic. Cartagena de Indias, founded in 1553 by the Spaniards, is a coastline in the Caribbean, is city with wonderful landscapes and beautiful small islands.

If you are thinking of volunteering in Colombia, no doubt that Cartagena de Indias is one of the most famous and attractive places in Colombia.  Tourism along with industrial and commerce sectors are the three most important income resources for the city. As it happens in other countries, tourism is the major source of income’, normally tourists find that the city is very safe compared to Bogota, the capital.

Thanks to its geographical location, the port became, for many years, the main entrance and export route for Latin America. Due to its emergence as a place for high commercial activities. This made it very attractive for other leaders of other countries, which were rivals to Spain. As a result, the city had to build a wall that circled the entire city to protect themselves from the attacks of pirates, and other competitors. This circle wall is known as la Ciudad Amurallada.

World Heritage Site

The City is a Unesco Heritage site, has a historic town centre, which is located in the centre of the circle wall, where you can find all the remains of the historical houses from the colonial era. This side of the city is very alive, plenty of small neighbourhoods, very picturesque and safe during the day and night. Getsemaní, is one of the example, or la Media Luna o Calle Arsenal, streets. There you can find plenty of restaurants, bars and an active nightlife. If you decide to volunteer in Cartagena,  you can feel reassured that you can walk back home safely at night.

Beyond Circle city wall

Cartagena de Indias is a city with population size of nearly a half million. Thanks to its tourism, that mixes the prosperity characteristic, which is typical from a tourist city like Ciudad Amurallada, Bocagrande y Castillogrande. There is also the other side of the coin, beyond the Circle city wall, there are the marginal neighbours where the poverty is quite high and can be very unsafe. It is not recommended for visitors.

Cartagena, even if one of the first tourist destine of the countrym, has a lot of social exclusion, it is we see an stadistic from   DANE, (National Department of Planification) is the second city with more poor people in risk of exclusion. In 40 of the neighbourhoods, 80%of the population lack of sanitation system in place and at least 29,1% of the population live under behind the threshold of poverty  and el 29.1% the 5.5% in extreme poverty conditions.

Cartagena, face and cross of a city form era colonial where live with old times and present. Rich in culture, music and history.

“Be witness for this unforgettable experience”

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