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experience with sea turtles voluntering

UNIQUE ADVENTURE IN LIFE Two months ago I embarked on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, my first single trip to another continent. I was not aware that I was in Panama until I arrived at the airport. Once there it all began, a new world; my experience with sea turtles. When I got to the dark bush […]

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Volunteer in Central America with sea turtles

voluntario en programa de tortugas marinas

Life-changing experience Hi, my name is William & I am an 18 years old French Canadian Volunteer.  I was in the volunteer project in Central America with sea turtles for 6 weeks.  It is not always easy to get up in the middle of the night for patrolling but you get rewarded by the beauty […]

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Alba, internship volunteer

voluntariado en practicas

  MY VOLUNTEER WITH SEA TURTLES IN PANAMA Hi, I am Alba I am 23 years old and I come from Barcelona.  I have come to Panama and I am three weeks in the sea turtle conservation program doing internships at the university, because I studied biology. The conservation center has taught us how to […]

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Monica, Adventure Volunteer Panama

volunteer panama

AN ENRICHING TRIP “I decided to do this volunteering in another country, in order to live a different experience, and what I did not know was the impact that a 3 weeks volunteering was going to do in my life”. When I was traveling I did it at the “tourist” style, with expensive guides, excursions […]

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My volunteer in India

Do not miss it, India is waiting for you!! My volunteer in India I tell you very briefly, or perhaps not so much, my experience in Lokpanchayat, can help you take the step towards a different volunteering and at the same time very enriching. The organization provided me with all the support that anyone that […]

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Volunteering with children

MY VOLUNTEER ABROAD “It’s the first time I can volunteer. I can say that the experience in Panama was highly satisfyingng, beautiful and enriching. The Teacher Raquel allowed me to take part activly in the class, so i could work together with her with all the children.   I would like to highlight her dedication, […]

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Our solidarity trip

MY FRIENDS AND OUR ADVENTURE “A few months ago we decided to take a solidary trip, to do something different and adventurous.  Without a doubt it has been one of the most unforgettable experiences we have done so far. Such an experience, compels you to live and get to know a country in a different […]

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Testimony of a volunteer in Central America

Grupos Unicos

Thanks for making this experience possible! Testimony of a volunteer in Central America “My experience in Chame was beautiful. It´s a powerful experience, one that marks you, full of extraordinary moments. My small advice for the next volunteer couldn´t be another one that to focus on the children, to give them the best you´ve got, because […]

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Volunteering in Panama – A Different Experience

SAME SKY, DIFFERENT HORIZONS – VOLUNTEERING IN PANAMA “Five years ago I said yes, I want to be a volunteer. Since then, volunteering has become for me a lifestyle. This year, 8.653 kilometers from Barcelona and under one sky, Chame welcomed me with open arms, invited me to enter a reality very different from the […]

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Testimony of Amparo on training programs

Coordination of volunteers in training programs “In fact, the volunteer work here in Panama has been a collaboration with professionals who work here and with the local population, not because of the need to feed themselves, but to feed their minds and other types of problems. , strategies to move forward, but they are very […]

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