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Volunteer with animals in Panama

Voluntariado con animales en Panamá

The first day we learned about the history of the park and how it works, in addition to helping the Harpy Eagle Museum the first days of my volunteering with animals in Panama. In addition to learning about the Harpy Eagle caregiver’sand how to feed it, support with the trail cleaning and what is the […]

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Volunteers Opinions

Opiniones de voluntariados

I had heard the opinions of other people’s volunteers and this is one of the ones I heard the most recommendations from. I define this experience as exotic.

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The real is always beyond

Volunteer trip in Kenya

THE REAL IS ALWAYS BEYOND, is one of the many ways I could define my volunteer experience in KENYA.  Last November I made a very important step, as important as discovering that the real is beyond the life in which we live, that what makes us feel is in the simplicity and love of people.  […]

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Volunteer in Nepal with

Voluntariado en Nepal con una ONG

I volunteered with my mother in an orphanage with children in Kathmandu, Nepal and the experience was very enriching and impressive.

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You have to go to Peru and perform a volunteer

Tienes que ir a Perú y realizar un voluntariado

You have to go to Peru and volunteer, why? I explain this by telling you about myexperience volunteer. Collaborated in the program of empowerment of women and girls in rural areas, and although I was only two weeks and I did not have time to participate everything I would have liked, it was enough to […]

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Pure Life LIFE! volunteer experience

Pure life! Volunteer experience

THIS BE, FROM THEN, AN EXPERIENCE THAT I WILL NOT FORGET. I went to Costa Rica hoping to take care of totally different animals that I was used to, but I came back with much more: friends from all over the world, memories of a lot of places, anecdotes to get bored and the feeling […]

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I had never considered traveling to Panama, but my steps led me there and I found a small home. That is the first feeling that comes to me whenever I think of Panama. I have nothing at all the feeling of having been in a strange country or out of place. And even before taking […]

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Great volunteering in Cartagena

mi voluntariado en colombia

Actually, it’s a wonderful project. Congratulations. For me it has been very hard and nevertheless, the support of the family has been fundamental in my volunteering in Cartagena-Colombia. They have been my parents, siblings and friends and have always taken care of me. Congratulations to Yokasta and Deiver from me. Javier Alexandre Hierro – School […]

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Kenya volunteer experience

Kenya volunteer experience

TEACHING AND PLAYING WITH CHILDREN IN KENYA I spent 2 weeks in Nairobi volunteering with children consisting of teaching and games. The organizers are flexible if you have any idea of activity to do with the children. We taught them some Spanish, we played football, we talked, we played suajilis games that they taught us… […]

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