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22 February 2021

LEARN MORE ABOUT THE COUNTRY VIETNAM There are endless reasons to go and do the volunteer in Vietnam. The country has a memorable historic background which makes it even more interesting. But also, your help can have a big impact on those people in need. Why don’t you take a look and find out if

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12 January 2021

Good morning volunteers, how’s everything going? How were those company lunches? I hope incredible. Be careful those who have a car, you know that they can make a big checking. And the sustainability and the other 16 things are what we going to talk about in this `post. Today we have a very interesting topic

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Knowing Cuzco

20 August 2020

Knowing Cuzco in a different way made Isabel and Mary through an irreplaceable international volunteer work.

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Unique and necessary

1 July 2020

A unique and necessary volunteering. You can support children with different skills with school reinforcement.

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Volunteering for teenagers

11 June 2020

If you are looking for a volunteer, our programs are perfect for you. Find out how to volunteer internationally for teens and young adults

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Where to volunteer abroad?

29 April 2020

Travel is brutal. “It makes you trust strangers, speak in different languages, it throws you off balance when you least expect it.

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Being a volunteer abroad

8 April 2020

Being a volunteer abroad has allowed me a very big connection with the children and the powerful nature that connects you back to the earth.

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Travel from home

19 March 2020

Have you ever wondered, can you travel from home? You may not think it’s possible, but we tell you it is.

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How to include the experience of the volunteer in you curriculum?

3 March 2020

We live in a competitive world, where those interested in a job, are increasingly prepared, so any detail, however small it can make a difference when you are selected for a job job. And one of those details may be the experience of your  volunteering, maybe it is not a decisive factor, but it will

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Do you have ti travel through America?

31 January 2020

To volunteer is always a great adventure where know new cultures, learn new things and make new friends. Here you can see several options to make a Volunteer for America.  Each destination demands certain requirements, some more than others. In this article you will find information about the main requirements or documents that you must

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Talk on international volunteering in Madrid

16 January 2020

EVERYTHING ON VOLUNTEERING Theme: International Volunteering 2020 Day: Wednesday, February 5, 2020 Time: at 7:00 p.m. Place: Gran Vía 40, 2º6 map (there will be an Adventure poster Volunteer at the door). YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO DO A VOLUNTEER BUT YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO BEGIN? Come to our 2020 International Volunteer Talk and get

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Merry christmas and happy new year

24 December 2019

WELCOME 2020, GOODBYE 2019 Taking advantage of the end of the year holidays, we want to thank all the volunteers who have made a solidarity trip with Adventure Volunteer in these 5 years of solidarity adventure. Thank you for your delivery, dedication and support to projects in Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe. One of

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Travel differently

18 December 2019

From Adventure Volunteer we would like to give you that push you need to encourage you to volunteer and travel differently. We are currently working in several countries on these four continents: Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

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Destinations for volunteers traveling only

11 December 2019

To all volunteers who wonder if traveling alone is safe; We tell you that there is nothing better like traveling and disconnecting for a while, and it is best to have a safe, different and adventurous trip, even if you travel alone. Here we will mention some of the volunteer destinations that travel alone. At

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A project that joins

10 December 2019

A project that unites families and children from different countries through a solidarity backpack. We invite you to get to know the project One child, one backpack.

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What to expect from your volunteer in Kenya?

27 November 2019

You have gone to a country and cannot find the words to describe it, this has happened to many volunteers in Kenya. Not because the experience has been bad, if not the opposite, they have found a country full of customs, traditions and humble people that makes each day different. In addition to entering its

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Great volunteering in Cartagena

21 November 2019

Actually, it’s a wonderful project. Congratulations. For me it has been very hard and nevertheless, the support of the family has been fundamental in my volunteering in Cartagena-Colombia. They have been my parents, siblings and friends and have always taken care of me. Congratulations to Yokasta and Deiver from me. Javier Alexandre Hierro – School

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Reasons to be part of a volunteer project with Elephants

20 November 2019

hrough this space, today we tell you why we believe it is important your collaboration in the volunteer program with elephants in the region of Chiang Mai, Thailand. Known especially for the large number of elephants living in this area and for the reserves that work for and for the protection of these animals, Chiang

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How to volunteer internationally in 2020

13 November 2019

A volunteer experience can start on a warm autumn afternoon with your family or friends. That idea of volunteering abroad comes to you and you can’t get it out of your head. You start looking for social networks, consult friends, investigate different volunteer projects and without realizing it you have already chosen a project and

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What can I find on a volunteer trip?

6 November 2019

You never know what you’re going to find on a volunteer trip, even if you’ve already done one. But what you can be sure of is that it will change your life. From a volunteer experience, you can take with you landscapes, good energy, unique sensations, culture, nature and most importantly the affection of the

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27 June 2019

Guatemala is a country of contrasts. The main language spoken is Spanish, so if this is your native language, you will have it very easy, and you may find it interesting many of the words used by Guatemalans, as well as their own indigenous dialects that still conserve. If on the contrary, Spanish is not

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What should I know before I travel to Asia?

16 May 2019

For several years you have wanted to volunteer or be part of an NGO or just make a different trip in Asia, where you can enjoy the country and at the same time do something for others. But when you have decided, those doubts come to you that generate fears that make you feel insecure,

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Do I need a visa to travel to Nepal?

2 May 2019

You have planned to travel to Nepal for holidays, for solidary tourism or because you are going to be part of a volunteer, it is important that you ask yourself this question. Do I need a visa to go to Nepal?, the answer is Yes. All trips except those of Indian nationality need it. You

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Nature, Fauna and Flora

2 May 2019

BIODIVERSITY In recent years and due to climate changes that are affecting the ecosystem of many countries, it seems recurrent to speak of biodiversity of our nature, fauna and flora. But let’s define what biodiversity is: it is the reflection of the quantity, variety and variability of living organisms. Unfortunately the negative effects of the

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5 steps to your volunteering

23 April 2019

Formalizing your participation in a volunteer program is not usually very difficult. In this article we tell you in just 5 steps how to book a volunteer place. The important thing is that you are well informed, have clear what you are looking for, where you want to go and collaborate. You only have to

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Machu Picchu: The fortress near the sky

29 March 2019

FOR HIKING LOVERS This magnificent wonder of the world deserves a special mention. Machu Picchu means “old mountains” in Quechua. It is one of the most famous tourist attractions of Peru and a must to visit. Machu Picchu was built around 1459 and 1460, and was abandoned after the Spanish colonization. It was discovered scientifically

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Do you have doubts about Nepal?

27 March 2019

Nepal is a country full of beauty and nature, with its enormous mountains and its people. Going to Nepal and not trekking is like going to Peru and not visiting Machu Picchu. It is a country that receives many visitors a year, so you should be well informed before embarking on your trip. We understand

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Do you want to volunteer with some expenses covered?

26 March 2019

If so, you have to know the bonus places to volunteer abroad with Adventure Volunteer. You are places coveredcovers some expenses of your trip such as:  Accommodation Maintenance Welcome at the airport It is an opportunity for those volunteers who do not have all the resources to live an experience of volunteering abroad. TO WHOM IS IT DIRECTED? This

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A Journey to the Origin and Roots of Kenya

4 December 2018

More than just a landscape The image of Kenya is a stamp of nature like a postcard, but it is more than that, it is a landscape, it is a journey to the origin and roots of Kenya. In one of its various valleys, The Rift valley, which goes from North to South of the country,

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Know Cartagena de Indias

4 December 2018

All about Cartagena Colombia A visit to this wonderful and amazing city will be transport you to Colonial Era where its history, its culture and its music made the city so charismatic. Cartagena de Indias, founded in 1553 by the Spaniards, is a coastline in the Caribbean, is city with wonderful landscapes and beautiful small

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Volunteer at Christmas and New Year’s Eve

12 November 2018

YOU KNOW WHAT YOU’RE GOING TO BE THIS CHRISTMAS? This year 2018 is about to end and for sure it has been a year full of joy, sadness and learning. December is one of the months most awaited by some adventurers like you. That apart from sharing with friends and family, you would like to

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8 October 2018

UNIQUE ADVENTURE IN LIFE Two months ago I embarked on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, my first single trip to another continent. I was not aware that I was in Panama until I arrived at the airport. Once there it all began, a new world; my experience with sea turtles. When I got to the dark bush

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What you should know before traveling to Nicaragua

22 May 2018

Questions about your trip to Nicaragua What are the locations of the programs in Nicaragua? Our different programs in the volunteering in Nicaragua (Teaching, Empowering, and Medical) take place in the centre of the city of Granada.  The project locations are usually 30 minutes away by walk (10 minutes away by bus) from the selected

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A country to discover

5 April 2018

Volunteering in Nicaragua Nicaragua, one of the most beautiful countries in Central America for volunteering abroad. Nothing to envy of its neighbors, it has many places that you can not miss on your trip to this beautiful country. Especially its colonial cities, its active volcanoes that you can see very closely. In addition to its

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Volunteer in Education in Central America

14 March 2018

Education in Central America, a commitment of all. Since we started working in these arch for better opportunities and tools that help our children at tainan education with quality, we have realized that education is not only there’s possibility of governments, but also a share responsibility with parents, teachers, organizations and the community. May be

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A colorful experience

25 February 2018

A festival where the main ingredient is colored powder. In addition to the joy of many people in one place. Regardless of age, nationality, sex or if you have a lot or little money. All this you can find and see at the festival Holi, the most colorful in India. It is one of the

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Registration process for an international volunteer program

20 February 2018

When to enroll in a volunteer program? The sooner the better! Enrolling in a volunteer program guarantees you a place on the dates you choose to travel. It also allows you to organize and do some formalities such as requesting your passport or a visa if necessary for the country where you travel. Keep in

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What to keep in mind before starting your volunteering?

20 February 2018

If you have not yet had an experience as a volunteer or made a solidary trip and do not know where to start, today we give you some clues that will help you in the preparation of your trip. Solidarity trips and international volunteering are experiences that help you grow in the personal and professional

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¡They’re our commitment too!

4 February 2018

Adventure Volunteer Costa Rica As citizens, we have the responsibility and commitment to care for and maintain the existence of animals on the planet we share. We have been given the opportunity to be able to coexist with different species of animals that depend in large part on our actions. This is the reason for

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Discover a Land of Eternal Spring, Guatemala

26 January 2018

Ancestral, magical,  mysterious and known as the Land of Eternal Spring, Guatemala “Guatemala solidarity trips, one of the best experiences you will live as a volunteer” It looks like if at the beginning and throughout time, natural beauty agreed to be located in a single country.  The answer is Yes, this country is Guatemala, blessed

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Solidarity Holidays

16 January 2018

When talking about going on vacation, many people get the idea of a trip in which doesn´t lack to fun, beaches, plenty of sunshine for some, shopping and an endless list of other things, but you have thought about making an alternative vacation, such as a Vacation Solidarity and that surely can be one of

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Best time to travel to Costa Rica

13 December 2017

Whenever we look for information about a destination and suitable times to travel to Costa Rica; we see that the best times are in the dry season. Today I want to tell you in which months you can plan your volunteer getaway in Costa Rica and live a unique experience of volunteer in Costa Rica.

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Marine turtles

24 October 2017

Help the sea turtles through volunteering.

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