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Registration process for an international volunteer program


When to enroll in a volunteer program? The sooner the better! Enrolling in a volunteer program guarantees you a place on the dates you choose to travel. It also allows you to organize and do some formalities such as requesting your passport or a visa if necessary for the country where you travel. Keep in […]

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What to keep in mind before starting your volunteering?

If you have not yet had an experience as a volunteer or made a solidary trip and do not know where to start, today we give you some clues that will help you in the preparation of your trip. Solidarity trips and international volunteering are experiences that help you grow in the personal and professional […]

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They’re our commitment too!!

conuro del sol costa rica

Adventure Volunteer Costa Rica As citizens, we have the responsibility and commitment to care for and maintain the existence of animals on the planet we share. We have been given the opportunity to be able to coexist with different species of animals that depend in large part on our actions. This is the reason for […]

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Land of Eternal Spring, Guatemala

voluntariado en nicaragua, ometepe

Ancestral, magical,  mysterious and known as the Land of Eternal Spring, Guatemala “Guatemala solidarity trips, one of the best experiences you will live as a volunteer” It looks like if at the beginning and throughout time, natural beauty agreed to be located in a single country.  The answer is Yes, this country is Guatemala, blessed […]

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Alba, internship volunteer

voluntariado en practicas

  MY VOLUNTEER WITH SEA TURTLES IN PANAMA Hi, I am Alba I am 23 years old and I come from Barcelona.  I have come to Panama and I am three weeks in the sea turtle conservation program doing internships at the university, because I studied biology. The conservation center has taught us how to […]

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Solidarity Holidays 2018

Solidarity Holidays

When talking about going on vacation, many people get the idea of a trip in which doesn´t lack to fun, beaches, plenty of sunshine for some, shopping and an endless list of other things, but you have thought about making an alternative vacation, such as a Vacation Solidarity and that surely can be one of […]

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Best time to travel to Costa Rica

toucan costa rica

WHEN TO GO TO COSTA RICA? Whenever we seek information about a destination and suitable times to travel, we find that the best times are in dry season.  Well, today I want to tell you which months you can choose to plan your getaway accordingly and live a unique experience in Costa Rica. End of […]

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Volunteer in Valencia

Volunteer in Valencia Where do I start?  What did you visit first? Here I leave some data of what you can see in a day of your volunteering in Valencia. You can start your day, from the center of Valencia through the Serranos Towers, followed by the Cathedral of Valencia, making a stop for the […]

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Children in Nicaragua

Children in Nicaragua Nicaragua, considered the third most poor country in Latin-America and the Carrabin, the most secure in Central-America. It’s found within the countries with the lowest school attendance rates.  Resulting in a very high inequality in the Nicaraguan population. A lot of the kids in Nicaragua are part of numerous families.  Surrounded by drugs, […]

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