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Volunteering in Panama – A Different Experience

SAME SKY, DIFFERENT HORIZONS – VOLUNTEERING IN PANAMA “Five years ago I said yes, I want to be a volunteer. Since then, volunteering has become for me a lifestyle. This year, 8.653 kilometers from Barcelona and under one sky, Chame welcomed me with open arms, invited me to enter a reality very different from the […]

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Why did I choose to be and live as an international cooperant

sergio presidente asociación de voluntariado adventure volunteer

My guess is that everyone has its reasons for becoming a volunteer, I will not dwell on the discussion of whether if a volunteer is born or if is made because I do think that we all have a volunteer within us which we can develop to a greater or lesser extent according to our […]

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7 good reasons for doing a volunteer program in Central America

7 GOOD REASONS FOR WHICH TO MAKE A VOLUNTEER When you volunteer, you can see for yourself the result of the work you have done.  Although your contribution is small, it grows and multiplies. The contribution of the volunteer is important for all vulnerable communities.  Mainly from Central American countries in which we work.   […]

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5 essential tips for making your volunteer trip to Central America more easy

When preparing your volunteer trip in Central America  you must take into account the following things: 1. Before choosing an organization to cooperate with, you must bear in mind this: In which program you would like to work with taking into account your way of being.  The coordinators will help you to make your decision Choose […]

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