Children in Nicaragua

Children in Nicaragua

Nicaragua, considered the third most poor country in Latin-America and the Carrabin, the most secure in Central-America. It’s found within the countries with the lowest school attendance rates.  Resulting in a very high inequality in the Nicaraguan population.

A lot of the kids in Nicaragua are part of numerous families.  Surrounded by drugs, alcohol and the unemployment of their parents.  As a result they are forced to work in the streets.

In the streets, the bus stations, the market, the traffic lights, children are selling fruits, candy, searching for their subsistence day after day.  Nevertheless they’re still vulnerable to the criminality, sexual abuse and mistreatment.

Chrild care volunteer

We can say, that this situation is generated by the poverty, but we can´t just keep thinking about it.  We have to do something, NOW.  Because if we don´t, these kids grow up with low self self-respect and emotional instability.  Unable to create a connection with others.  Further, it´s very hard for them to overcome the trauma the suffered in their childhood.

For this reason Adventure Volunteer wants that every kid we work with has the chance to get to know and improve their skills.  

Increase their knowledge, so that they can overcome the barrier of inequality, that a lot of kids face everyday.

We work in volunteer programs with children in Central American countries. Where you can support these children have an opportunity to overcome. Conoce un poco más de nuestros programas en nuestro web o contáctanos a [email protected]


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