Children in Nicaragua

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Nicaragua, considered the third poorest country in Latin America and the Caribbean and Central America safer. It is among the countries with the lowest schooling rates, resulting in higher inequality within the Nicaraguan population.

Many children in Nicaragua belong to large families, surrounded by drugs, alcohol and parental unemployment. Most are forced to work on the street to contribute to the livelihood of the home or have an opportunity to improve themselves through study.

Voluntariado en Nicaragua

Through the streets, terminals, the market, traffic lights, you see children who work selling fruits and sweets; looking for sustenance every day, but they are still vulnerable to crime, sexual abuse and mistreatment.

We can say that this situation is generated by poverty, but we cannot be left alone thinking that, we must act. Because if not, these children will grow up with low self-esteem, emotional instability, unable to have or create a bond with others. , in addition to being difficult to overcome the trauma caused by the situation they lived in as a child.

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For all the aforementioned Adventure Volunteer, it seeks that each child of the communities with which we collaborate have the opportunity to know and develop their skills. In addition to increasing their knowledge, and thus overcoming the barriers of inequality that many children face every day.

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