Corporate Volunteering

Corporate Volunteering Programs

The birth of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has created an opportunity for private sector companies and NGOs to work hand in hand. At the same time Contribute to the creation of opportunities in developing places. For what is considered corporate volunteering, a tool that allows the development of solidarity activities. These types of initiatives are very effective in promoting employability in communities, towns and people with difficulties or with limited resources.

What are the initiatives for corporate volunteering?

Initiatives range from social action to the integration of objectives business, through the creation of corporate volunteering programs and volunteer days that benefit disadvantaged people.

It is an interesting tool that involves companies in the fight against the needs of vulnerable people and communities in a different way. That corporate volunteering supported by this business sector, in which the action carried out by the volunteers is of high value to cover social needs through their knowledge and skills.

It is a way for companies to see other realities, cultures and needs through their collaborators how, for example, as a volunteer in Spain.

Who benefits from corporate volunteering?


  • creates a social connection between the company and employees. As both are part of a solidary objective, they defend the values ​​that strengthen you at the personal and professional level of the collaborator and the company.
  • It improves the work environment and contributes to greater collaboration between workers.
  • The sense of pride and grows belonging towards the company.

Company staff

  • develop skills that improve your leadership, teamwork, tolerance and competitiveness.
  • They feel committed to a project in which they have in common.
  • Increase self-esteem and satisfaction at a personal and professional level by contributing and helping those who need it.


  • Increase in volunteers. New people arrive willing to collaborate in the activities carried out in the volunteer programs.
  • Improvements are seen in the communities where the activities are carried out.
  • Children and young people are motivated and encouraged to study, learn and improve their skills and knowledge.

How does this corporate volunteering work?

It is a corporate volunteering programs open to all types of companies, you only need the commitment to support these causes.

We understand that collaborators do not have the availability of time. Collaborating 2 or 3 weeks in a project volunteer abroad or locally is difficult. Due to the daily responsibilities in his work and his day to day. Therefore, we offer tailor-made programs.

The worker dedicates his time, offers his experience to help other people, while the company finances the expenses that this activity of corporate volunteering may generate for its workers, making it easier for them to dedicate part of their time to this volunteering.

How can help in a corporate voluntering?

Information days

  • workshops sessions in the empowerment programs for pregnant women, youth and girls. In terms of job orientation: how to make a resume, how to face a job interview, what companies value a candidate.
  • Develop activities that contribute to promoting healthy lifestyle habits, promoting public health and risk prevention such as: Talks on drug use or safety in sexual relationships.

Activities educative and of leisure

  • Training the soccer team of youth in social risk.
  • Collaborating in the leisure activities developed in the Adventure Volunteer projects, aimed at vulnerable or at-risk youth.
  • Educational support (school reinforcement) of school and non-school children who go to the centers where we collaborate.

Campaign support

  • Conducting Awareness Campaigns.Volunteers can help spread the social causes in which the Adventure Volunteer Association works. In addition to collaborating through the dissemination of specific projects, through the internet and social networks.

Orafter activities

  • Days of river cleaning.
  • Solidarity events. Cultural or sporting events are organized. Funds are raised to support projects such as: “A child, a backpack”, “A voice for your eyes” and construction of sea turtle nurseries.

What are you waiting to participate?

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