Best time to travel to Costa Rica

Whenever we look for information about a destination and suitable times to travel to Costa Rica; we see that the best times are in the dry season. Today I want to tell you in which months you can plan your volunteer getaway in Costa Rica and live a unique experience of volunteer in Costa Rica.

When to go to Costa Rica?

From the end of October to December, the weather is great for taking a trip to Costa Rica, as the rains are ending. The nature that characterizes Costa Rica is in its best splendor and the places to stay are cheap. You can always find places that fit your travel budget.

This does not mean that the other months you cannot travel and enjoy this beautiful country. Even if it rains, you can still visit Costa Rica and enjoy its most authentic nature, beaches and corners.

Beach areas in Costa Rica

between April and May months of transition from dry season to rainy, but not much rain, you can visit to:

  •  Puntarenas Beaches
  • Guanacastes

It is also a time of sea turtle arrivals, which begin their natural spawning process and you can learn a lot about this species while traveling in Costa Rica.

If you love surfing, the coast Pacific Of Costa Rica is ideal for you. This part of the country shows the best waves for this sport and lovers of it. You can also see this type of waves in the Caribbean, but for the months of November and May.

If you are an animal lover, during the months of March to June you can have one of the brightest encounters with species such marine as turtles marine and all year round you can see exotic animals and birds.

We can say that Costa Rica has a varied climate, depending on where you go the climate is different. It has a winter period, but the sun always rises. Sunrise is at 5:45 am and dark at approximately 5:45 pm.

If you go to the Pacific to the Guanacastes beaches, you will find a drier climate and on the Caribbean beaches like Tortuguero, it is a more humid climate. In San José, temperatures average 22 degrees.

The months that are considered coldest are from November to December and the warmest from March to May.

And You know a little more about the climate in Costa Rica. But even so, you don’t know what the best time is …

You just have to see what places in this beautiful country you want to know and contact us, we provide you with all the information you need to travel around Costa Rica and volunteer. These data will guide you to choose a solidarity trip and specific volunteer destination.   The diversity, culture and beauty of Costa Rica awaits you.

Contact us either by phone, email or by filling out the following form. We will explain the programs in detail and answer all the questions you may have.

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