Destinations for volunteers traveling only

To all volunteers who wonder if traveling alone is safe; We tell you that there is nothing better like traveling and disconnecting for a while, and it is best to have a safe, different and adventurous trip, even if you travel alone. Here we will mention some of the volunteer destinations that travel alone.

At first, being alone in a foreign country can be discouraging and make you feel out of place, but surely you will not regret it, especially when you start meeting local people and other countries traveling in the same way as you, alone 🙂

You also create and make memories that stay for a lifetime. However, remember to orient yourself and choose the destination of your volunteer well. You can ask any questions you have on the mail or listenthe podcast “The Journey of the volunteer” in iVoox,  iTunes,  Spotify and Google podcast,containing information on international volunteering, caring family travel, friends and alone and much more information.


Here are some of our favorite countries for a volunteer and of course safe for solo travelers:


Costa Rica, known for its beaches, volcanoes, lush vegetation and a cheerful atmosphere, not only for Travelers traveling alone, if not for all types of travelers. The people, the food, the landscape … in phenomenal. But this does not exempt you from having the basic safety precautions as in any foreign country. However, for the most part, it is one of the safest countries in Central America.

Adventure Volunteer has many adventures suitable for you, such as the sea turtle conservation project or the animal protection and care project or in a social project, where you can contribute your experience, knowledge and desire to help. The experiences have been very positive and many volunteers who have traveled alone have loved their stay in Costa Rica.


It is one of the most visited countries in Southeast Asia and a very safe volunteer destination. The Thais are very friendly and welcoming.

With so much to see in Thailand, it is very easy to get carried away. However, it is good to get away from the most visited and go outside the main cities and find less traveled but unique places; At the same time you can be part of one of the volunteer projects such as the care and protection of elephants in Chiang Mai.


Panama, a volunteer destination very little known, but with much to discover. From the coastal communities that work for the conservation of the environment and of endangered species such as sea ​​turtles; as more central places of the city where you can share with children from indigenous communities. A destination full of sensations, joy and color that when you have to return you no longer want.

Dare to discover Panama, its people and unique places, through an international volunteer.


There are places that cannot be described, Kenya is one of these places. An incomparable country and destination to see the true essence of nature. Every place in this beautiful country is unique. You must live and enjoy this experience even once. Do not wait any longer and ask us everything you need to know to start your volunteer adventure in this beautiful country that awaits you.


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