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Volunteering in Peru

machu picchu

The cradle of the Inca empire or “The navel of the world”, located at 3,400 meters above sea level. Get to know the country while volunteering with us.

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Volunteering in Thailand

pasos para tu voluntariado

Thailand has a lot to offer to volunteers. There are many things to explore as well as various volunteer projects in which you can participate.

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Volunteering in Honduras

volunteering in honduras

Support us so that our children, who are the most important pillar in our society, improve their skills and knowledge through teaching and nutritional support.

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Volunteering in Panama

Volunteering in Panama City

Our greatest commitment in this country is teaching as Panama has very low rates of school attendance and there is a lot of school absenteeism. Any small support will be very appreciated.

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Volunteering in Uganda

destino uganda

Uganda will not only surprise you with its nature, climate and gastronomy, but also with its culture and people. Come and live your international volunteering experience here!

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Volunteering in northern Spain

volunteering in Spain

Volunteering in Bilbao means having a great immersion in Spanish culture, southern Europe offers you incredible moments where you can improve your English and support different causes.

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Volunteer in Spain

volunteer in Spain

Be part of this experience, share with our children by teaching English and supporting the women’s empowerment program.

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