Donation of school materials

Donación de material escolar

“Learning is discovering that something is possible” 

When someone takes the time to do something for others without having any obligation or expecting something in return, it does not hurt to thank and acknowledge that beauty gesture. That is why today we want to thank all the volunteers, teachers, parents, friendly companies and all the people who have dedicated part of their vacations and days off to share with our children and young people in each of our social projects in Latin America, Asia, Africa and Europe and for the donation of school materials they have made to the projects.

Thanks to the support and donations of our volunteers, today we can give our children with different abilities in Panama a small donation of school supplies, which will help them continue with their virtual classes and expand their knowledge in reading and writing, as well as improving their skills.

The dreams and illusions of our children are very important to us, that is why we always look for a way to give our support and accompaniment, doing what we do best, putting volunteers in contact for the proper development and functioning of social projects and environmental, focused on providing quality education and the care and protection of abused and endangered animals.

“No dreamer is small and no dream is too big”

For Adventure Volunteer every dream is important no matter how small it may seem. Each volunteer with their affection, love and joy make the days for our children more beautiful. 

We invite you to know and live a experience volunteer, where you can contribute your knowledge and at the same time get to know cultures and places in a different way.

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