Family Volunteering

Do you want to do a family volunteering?

You are thinking about vacation and doing something different with your family. You are looking for new experiences that make the whole family grow on a personal and professional level, or simply volunteering family; Have found the right place.

For 6 years we have collaborated in social, environmental and conservation projects for endangered species where groups of families can be part in the family volunteering programs.

What are family volunteering is available?

Projects family volunteering can involve families with young children, mothers and daughter, father and sons and the whole family.

We collaborate in approximately 50 volunteer projects in different countries in Latin America, Asia and Africa, for example, the volunteering in Peru. Where we have social and environmental projects that families can participate in. 

Family Volunteering Programs

What can you do in family volunteer projects?

There are many sensations, emotions, challenges and experiences that you can have when volunteering family. Taking into account the personality and the way in which each one lives the moment; But the most important thing is the desire to contribute and help that they have in common.

We also summarize some things that you will surely gain by volunteering with an international family:

  • Living and knowing in a unique way the culture and traditions of that country.
  • Learn from local people.
  • Teamwork
  • Show your children the value of helping and supporting others.
  • You generate without realizing a commitment to your surroundings.
  • They empathize with other realities.
  • They know a little more first hand about the work of NGOs such as Adventure Volunteer and local ones.
  • You share from another perspective with your children.
  • You meet other families and people with concerns similar to yours.