General conditions



The ownership of this website,, (hereinafter Website) is held by: Adventure Volunteer Association (hereinafter, Adventure Volunteer), registered with Association number 612414 in Spain, with tax identification number G 98882483, registered on March 6, 2017 and whose permanent headquarters are located at calle Arce 385, Valencia (Spain).

Adventure Volunteer welcomes you and invites you to carefully read the General Conditions of Use of this Website (hereinafter, the “Conditions of Use”) that describe the terms and conditions that will be applicable to your browsing through it, in accordance with the provisions of the applicable Spanish regulations. Since the company could modify these Conditions of Use in the future, we recommend that you visit them periodically to be duly informed of the changes made, since those in force at the time the registration for a project is requested. volunteering.

With the aim that the use of the Website conforms to criteria of transparency, clarity and simplicity, Adventure Volunteer informs the user/volunteer/participant that any suggestion, doubt or query regarding the Conditions of Use will be received and/or resolved by contacting Adventure Volunteer, via email:

In addition to reading this document, before accessing, browsing and/or using this Website, the volunteer must have read the Legal Notice, the Privacy Policy, and the Cookies Policy. By using this Website or by making and/or requesting registration to participate in a volunteer project, the volunteer agrees to be bound by the Conditions of Use and by all of the above, so if you do not agree with all of this you must not use this Website.

For the purposes of this documentTerms of use It is understood that the activity that Adventure Volunteer develops through the Website, its social networks and other means, includes international development cooperation with local associations or organizations, which are in the process of development or in need of collaboration.


Adventure Volunteer cooperates with local projects or programs that require help or collaboration. To do this, carry out the activities described below:

  • Know the organization or counterpart entity of each country, as far as possible, to verify the need for cooperation required by the project and to be able to advise the volunteer interested in providing help in it. Adventure Volunteers are not responsible for the bad practices carried out by each NGO, foundation, entity or entity of each country at any given time.
  • Provide information about the volunteer program to people interested in participating as volunteers in local projects, through phone calls, email messages, online video conference, and/or informational meetings.
  • Offer volunteering course to project participants.
  • Carry out the necessary arrangements for accommodation and food during the period of participation of the volunteer interested in the program in each country.
  • Preparation of people who will act as coordinators to organize and manage projects, when the needs of the project require it.
  • Provide support to the project and volunteers through a contact number, 24 hours a day.

The access, navigation and use of the Website, confers the condition of user (hereinafter referred to, indistinctly as a volunteer or volunteers, or participant), for which reason, from the moment the navigation on the Website begins, all the terms and conditions established here, as well as their subsequent modifications, without prejudice to the application of the corresponding legal regulations of mandatory compliance, as the case may be.

The volunteer or participant is responsible for the correct use of the Website. This responsibility will extend to:

  • Make use of this Website to find out about the general and specific conditions of volunteer projects, make inquiries that are necessary and register for the volunteer project that is of interest to you.
  • Do not make any false or fraudulent registration. If it could reasonably be considered that a purchase of this nature has been made, it could be canceled and the competent authorities would be informed.
  • Provide truthful and lawful contact information.

The volunteer or participant must meet the requirements described below:

  • The volunteer declares to be over 18 years of age and have the legal capacity to enter into agreements and/or conventions through this Website, to participate in one of our volunteer programs. The minor can travel with their parents or with authorization.from their parents and police, understanding that the organization is exempted from everything that the minor can do in the country outside of volunteer activities.
  • The volunteer must review the particular conditions of each project or volunteer program that are described on the Website, it is the responsibility of each volunteer to find out the details of the project of interest to them.
  • The volunteer will adhere to the internal regulations of the local project, and will understand that it must respect the customs and culture of each country, as well as the conditions of coexistence of the community.
  • The volunteer is aware that not knowing the language can affect the experience and assumes the responsibility of practicing the language before traveling to the local project to ensure more fluid communication.
  • The participant is responsible for managing their tickets to travel from their country of origin to the place where they will participate as a volunteer.
  • The volunteer is responsible for having all the necessary and required documents in force to access the country where the volunteer program will take place. Adventure Volunteer could make (non-relevant) suggestions to the volunteer and provide guidance on the documentation that the volunteer might require for the trip; however, the volunteer is responsible for having up-to-date information on visas, vaccinations, health care, weather, luggage, or other requirements that the country requires for entry into it.
  • The volunteer undertakes to take out travel insurance in force from the date of departure from their country of origin and that will cover the entire period that they will be participating in the program. This insurance must cover, but is not limited to, medical attention, medical expenses, emergency transfers, lost or canceled flights, lost or damaged luggage, accidents and repatriation. It is essential that the volunteer carry a copy of their insurance with them and have it available to show or give to Adventure Volunteer staff on request or to the local organization.
  • If the volunteer is considering extending their program after their arrival, the volunteer is responsible for enlarge your period of insurance coverage.

To participate in a volunteer program at Adventure Volunteer, the participant can contact the association through the Website, telephone, video call, email, social networks or other means. After having made the consultations and cleared all your doubts, the steps to be part of Adventure Volunteer are the following:

  1. Fill out and send the “Program Registration Form”. By submitting this form online or by mail, the volunteer acknowledges being up to date, at the time of registration, with the general and specific conditions, and acknowledges that the registration request materializes the full and complete acceptance of the general and specific conditions. of the chosen local project.
  1. When an Adventure Volunteer receives the Registration Form, it will check with the local organization of the project chosen by the participant, if there is a place available.
  1. If there is a place available in the chosen project, Adventure Volunteer will contact the volunteer through a call or video call to conduct an interview; and if it is positive, it will send you an email with the “Letter of Acceptance”, confirming your incorporation into the program and providing you with the information to the contribution of the place reservation.
  1. Within the seven days following the notification of the acceptance email, the volunteer may carry out the input of the contribution  as a donation to Adventure Volunteer with which you will be registered for the preparation and training of your chosen program and You must send the receipt by email to Adventure Volunteer.
  1. Within three days of confirmation of the contribution for After booking a place, Adventure Volunteer will send the volunteer the “International Volunteer Agreement”, which must be carefully reviewed by the volunteer, verifying the details, and if necessary, inform us immediately if something is not correct.
  1. In the registration process, the volunteer will receive through emails, documents and/or forms that must be filled out. The deadline for receiving them is 30 days before the start date of the program or the arrival date, whichever occurs first.
  1. 30 days after starting the volunteer program, the volunteer will receive an email, in which the pending economic contribution will be requested and will grant the data for the contribution remaining, likewise, you will be provided with the necessary information for your arrival, such as address and contacts of the local organization.
  1. The volunteer must sign the “International Volunteer Agreement” and read the general conditions of use, before buying their flight, therefore, the initial contribution to reserve a place does not authorize the purchase of the flight until the indicated documents are signed. .
  1. ANDin case the participant this less than a month after joining, he or she must contribute the total costIt is of the program, at the time of enrollment.

All registration requests that Adventure Volunteer receives through the Website are subject to the availability of vacancies or spaces available in the local project, and/or that no circumstance or cause of force majeure affects participation in the project.

If there are difficulties in participating in the chosen volunteer project, Adventure Volunteer undertakes to contact the volunteer and notify them of this situation so that the volunteer can choose between keeping the contribution to reserve a place for 3 years so that the volunteer You can use it to participate in another project (offering a new training) or request the return of the contribution already delivered.

Likewise, if the volunteer for justified reasons cannot participate in the project on the indicated date, they must communicate at least 30 days in advance, via email, to Adventure Volunteer, who will give them the possibility of choosing another date and/or a different project, excluding destinations where partial contributions are made.


The volunteer program includes:

  • Guidance, advice and management in choosing the program.
  • Orientation and induction regarding the project chosen by the volunteer.
  • 24/7 support from the Adventure Volunteer team to the volunteer from the registration application until the end of their participation in the project.
  • Management and coordination with the person in charge of the local project for the reception of the volunteer (depending on the project). The transfer to the project site is not organized by Adventure Volunteer; however, the volunteer will be given step-by-step instructions on how to get there by public transportation or on foot. Although Adventure Volunteer can offer advice on travel or transfers, it is the sole responsibility of the volunteer to use good judgment to reach the project site in a safe, comfortable and timely manner.
  • Coordination for accommodation and food during the development of volunteering (depending on the project). The volunteer has the obligation to inform Adventure Volunteer in advance about any medication, diet or condition that it requires and that may affect their participation in the project.
  • Accompaniment and monitoring of the volunteer during their participation in the volunteering. If so, provide a solution to your justified and reasonable requirements.
  • Social Responsibility and Accident Insurance Coverage (non-medical) that explicitly covers participants during the performance of their volunteer activities. Adventure Volunteer has an accident policy, which covers death by accident and disability:
    • Death by accident €7,500.00
    • Absolute or partial permanent disability due to an accident. Standard Baremo €15,000.00
  • Granting of tax certificate, where constan the weeks spent volunteering. The association, when declared a public utility, can generate a certificate for the volunteer, which can be presented in the income statement. (upon request in the registration form)from the). 

It is important to take into account that the Personal Income Tax (IPRF) allows a deduction for donations made to non-profit entities (Law 49/2002, established in Arts. 68.3, 69.1 Personal Income Tax Law and 69.2 Regulation).

We remind you that you can deduct the value of the donation from the full amount of your Personal Income Tax, limit 10% of the taxable base:

  • Donations up to €150: (donation equal to or less than €150), the deduction will be 80%
  • Donations greater than €150: (donation greater than €150), the deduction will be 35% and 40% if it is made for more than 3 consecutive years of the same value or greater to the same association).

The volunteer program does not include:

  • Flight to the country of destination, where the volunteering will take place. Adventure Volunteer does not organize flights or the trip to the destination.
  • Visa, if necessary.
  • Travel insurance (mandatory for all volunteers). The volunteer will not be able to travel if they do not have one.
  • Vaccines, if necessary.
  • Transfer or internal transport in the place where the volunteering will take place.
  • Drinks, diets or special meals.
  • excursions.

Families can travel to participate in a volunteer program. It is important to take into account that minors under 14 years of age cannot volunteer in our association; however, the organization will find ethical activities for minors where they are instilled with the values ​​and experience of the country where they are traveling.

On the other hand, in relation to volunteers under 18 years of age, their parent/guardian/legal representative acknowledges that, while they participate in a family volunteer program, they are responsible for the child under 18 years of age. The parent/guardian/legal representative must make all reasonable efforts to avoid any activity, environment, object or substance that may have a negative effect on the health of the volunteer.

Families will have the same costs as the rest of the volunteers, except those under 8 years of age who, depending on the country, will have a bonus.


Group trips to participate in a volunteer program can be mixed with an ethical and responsible tourism trip. The first part of volunteering will be governed by the conditions established in this document. Regarding the ethical and responsible tourism trip, each participant must organize the activities together with the coordinators and the other participants, understanding that it is a cost that they will pay directly to the companies chosen by the group to live the experience.

Adventure Volunteer only takes care of the volunteer part and ensures fair trade and responsible travel at the points where they will be visited, to create a positive impact.

The participant is aware that Adventure Volunteer does not organize trips and excursions, so it is not the responsibility of the organization to develop the itinerary of the tourist trip.


The economic contribution made by the volunteer to participate in a volunteer program is intended to maintain the purposes of the Adventure Volunteer statutes and the local associations with which it collaborates, which are in the process of development or in need of help or collaboration. . Among other items, the economic contribution covers, but is not exhaustive, accommodation, maintenance, advice, insurance, training, logistics, marketing and administration.

The volunteer makes the financial contribution as a donation, in two parts:

  1. Initial economic contribution, which is intended as a donation to reserve a place in the volunteer program. This deposit is non-refundable as it is a donation to the Adventure Volunteer association with which you will be registered for the preparation and training of your chosen program.
  1. The contribution economic pending is the fee remainder of the cost of the program, which will go to the partner organization that we will send on your behalf as a substitute or you can deliver it directly to the project. This is intended to be a donation for the volunteer program time visited. This contribution is only refundable if requested at least 30 days before the start date of the volunteer program, through a signed, scanned letter sent by email.

Contributions will be made through the website with the STRIPE system, PayPal or current account at Triodos Bank, where the Adventure Volunteer accounts are located. All transaction costs related to fees or bank transfers must be covered by the volunteer.

Subsequently, Adventure Volunteer will be in charge of sending the corresponding contribution to the organizations, entities or local projects of each country as supplied on your behalf, where it will be sent to the local counterpart.

Program fees are subject to change, but these will not affect volunteers who have already made their initial contribution.

If the volunteer begins their registration within a period of less than 30 days before the start of the program, the financial contribution made is not refundable, since it is sent to the local counterpart organization, therefore once the amount is sent to the local project, already it cannot be returned to the volunteer.

Likewise, Adventure Volunteer offers solidarity details to support projects. The donation made for this acquisition is non-refundable, so the return of the contribution cannot be requested.


The volunteer can request the change or cancellation of the project, taking into account the following:

  • The request to change or cancel the project must be made at least 30 days before the start date of the program.
  • The desired project must have places, for which Adventure Volunteer must make the corresponding consultation.
  • In no case is the first contribution returned, since the volunteer will be able to choose a new program during the next 3 years, having that amount in his favor.
  • In the projects that we request a contribution intermedia, at the request of the local organization, there will be no refund of this amount.
  • If the new project chosen has higher costs than the original project, it must be contribute the difference within 48 hours from the time the volunteer receives the confirmation email about the change. If Adventure Volunteer does not receive the contributions, the volunteer may lose the place of their original project, as well as that of the new project, and there will be no refund of the contributions corresponding, unless there is a justified cause.

Adventure Volunteer reserves the right to offer the volunteer place to another person, if he or she does not deliver all the documents required by Adventure Volunteer and the local organization, as well as due to the lack of financial contributions within the indicated periods.

Adventure Volunteer’s first option will be to place the volunteer in an alternative program whenever possible. Adventure Volunteer will do its best to find a program that matches the volunteer’s preferences and places as much as possible.

If Adventure Volunteer due to circumstances of force majeure, fortuitous event, or justified causes that call into question the purposes of the volunteer program or put the integrity of the volunteer at risk, Adventure Volunteer may place the volunteer in an alternative program whenever possible and with the agreement of the participant, or cancel their participation, to whom the financial contribution delivered up to the moment of cancellation will be fully refunded. The volunteer acknowledges that Adventure Volunteer is not responsible for the cancellation and the participant may make the trip for tourism, despite the cancellation of their participation in the program.

If Adventure Volunteer has post-interview knowledge and acceptance to the program; or verifies that the information provided by the volunteer is not true, and puts the project at risk, you can immediately cancel your participation, without the right to any type of refund.

If the volunteer resigns from the volunteer program during their stay or at the end, due to not meeting their expectations or for any other reason, he or she does not have the right to request a refund for the remaining or enjoyed days, since the contribution is a donation for the purposes of the Adventure Volunteer statutes and local organization.


By participating in a volunteer program with Adventure Volunteer and local partners, the volunteer accepts and acknowledges that traveling to a developing country involves inherent risks, as well as a number of physical and emotional demands.

The volunteer is aware and accepts that the standard of living (food, hygiene, and accommodation) in a developing country may be lower or different from the family life standards that the volunteer leads in their own country or developed countries.

The risks inherent in this type of program and/or country include, but are not limited to: emotional trauma, personal injury, injury, fatality, economic loss, disease, pandemic, property damage, inconvenience and inconvenience, which may occur due to accidental causes, negligence, actions of persons outside the local or international organization, or for other reasons including, but not limited to:

  • Basic accommodation.
  • Unpaved roads.
  • Maintenance or operation of any vehicle used to transport passengers.
  • Transportation failures whether by plane, train, car, ship or other water vehicle, on horseback or other animal, or by any other means of transportation.
  • Risks associated with impure food or water.
  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages.
  • Dangers associated with wild or other animals.
  • Physical effort.
  • Theft, loss or misplacement of property.
  • Great heights.
  • Forces of nature.
  • civil unrest.
  • Acts of terrorism.
  • Accident or illness in remote regions without means of rapid evacuation or availability of medical supplies and facilities.
  • Adequate medical care once provided.
  • Pandemics or epidemics.
  • Lack of information about the country.

Itinerary changes may be caused by political conditions, mechanical failures, weather, absenteeism, unexpected closures of our collaborating centers, border restrictions, illness, or other unforeseeable circumstances. The volunteer must be prepared for unforeseen incidents that may affect their volunteer program and must do their best to be flexible in case there are last minute changes in the itinerary.

The volunteer agrees to notify Adventure Volunteer of any physical or medical condition that they have, at least 4 weeks prior to the date of arrival. Adventure Volunteer reserves the right to cancel the registration of the volunteer, in case it considers that the volunteer program will put their health or well-being at risk. Adventure Volunteer will not be in any way responsible for any consequence derived from the volunteer’s failure or failure to receive medical advice or to take the medications prescribed by his doctor before his arrival and during the program.

The volunteer is only under our supervision in volunteer activities, between 15 and 20 hours a week approximately. The remaining time, the volunteer who is also a tourist is responsible for his activities and the places he visits, as well as the way he organizes it.

In these cases, Adventure Volunteer will be exonerated from all responsibility for the activities carried out by the volunteer within the country of destination that are outside the scope of competence of those directly related to the management and development of the program. This implies the following:

  • It releases the Adventure Volunteer Association, as well as its owners or owners, employees, agents, local project coordinators, and all persons or groups associated with the volunteer program from all responsibility.
  • It does not hold Adventure Volunteer or the local organization responsible for any type of crime that is committed inside or outside of volunteer activities. In the case of a violation of the laws, the project coordinator or Adventure Volunteer have the right to require the volunteer to immediately leave the program. If the volunteer is a minor, the responsibility for their actions will be assumed by their parents or legal guardians.
  • The volunteer waives any claim against Adventure Volunteer and the local organization, as he or she expressly assumes all risks associated with participation in any of our programs.
  • The volunteer releases Adventure Volunteer from any expenses, including attorney’s fees, that are contracted to initiate a claim for events that occur outside of the volunteer program.
  • Adventure Volunteer is not responsible in any way if, for whatever reason, the volunteer is denied a visa or entry into the country. It is important to take into account that the participant will enter the country as a tourist, so the visa to be requested must be for tourism.

The start and end dates of the program are fixed. If the volunteer arrives late in the country of destination to take their place in the project or misses days during their program, regardless of the reason, he or she will not be reimbursed for the contributions for these days of accommodation in the project since it has been reserved for this person.

If the volunteer decides to stay more days, either before or after the already established participation period, Adventure Volunteer will allow the extension of the participation period as long as there is availability and the volunteer will be asked for the financial contribution for the additional days.

If the volunteer accepts any paid work without having the appropriate work visa, they may be required to leave the country and participate in volunteering. In this case, the volunteer will not be entitled to any refund or to any alternative placement in another Adventure Volunteer program or project.


If the volunteer wishes to present a complaint or claim in relation to the local program, he or she should bring the complaint to the attention of the local Program Manager, Project Coordinator, who will use his best effort to resolve the complaint or claim within a reasonable period of time. Any complaint caused by the entity, entity or local association that is the counterpart of the volunteer will be addressed directly to them to clarify the complaints.

If the Program Coordinator, Local Project Coordinator, or Adventure Volunteer staff does not provide a satisfactory solution to the claim or grievance submitted by the volunteer and decides to exit the program before the termination date, he or she must provide the Program Coordinator , Project Coordinator, or Adventure Volunteer staff a written and signed version of the events that occurred prior to your departure.

If the volunteer or participant, despite the information or advice, have a wrong idea of ​​what it is to help, and the volunteer program does not meet their expectations, this personal disappointment cannot be transferred to the local organization or the Adventure Volunteer association. The Volunteer agrees that under no circumstances will Adventure Volunteer be liable for damages arising from any claim related to annoyance, disappointment, discomfort, or loss of enjoyment.

No compensation will be given to the volunteer, except in extreme circumstances, which will be determined solely at the discretion of Adventure Volunteer.


Adventure Volunteer reserves the right to deny participation or to expel, directly or through the local coordinator of the program, any volunteer who violates any term of this Agreement or commits any unlawful act. The acts that can cause the expulsion of the volunteer are indicated below:

  • Possession, use or supply of illegal or illicit substances. The question of whether the substances are illegal or illicit must be governed by the jurisdiction of the State in which the acts take place.
  • Show cruel, inconsiderate, rude behavior or commit acts that could harm or harm a member of the program (including a staff member), or any other person.
  • Disobeying the instructions of the program coordinator, local representative or Adventure Volunteer, regarding health and safety.
  • Committing an act or displaying behavior that could jeopardize future Adventure Volunteer programs with local organizations that may result in deteriorating relationships between Adventure Volunteer and host communities.
  • Break local laws.
  • Shouting, disrespecting or discriminating the way of doing things in an imperative or angry way.
  • Having possession or having the presence in the body of alcohol or drugs on the days that the volunteer activity takes place.

In all cases, the volunteer will not be entitled to any reimbursement from Adventure Volunteer or local organization; likewise, neither Adventure Volunteer nor the local organization will be responsible for the additional expenses incurred by the volunteer as a consequence of the expulsion.

All participants are expected to abide by the “Rules of Coexistence and Code of Conduct” established by Adventure Volunteer and the local organization in which they participate. The volunteer must respect other cultures and beliefs, work responsibly in the local project, respect accommodation, and avoid drugs and illegal activities.

In particular, the facilities provided for the volunteer may only be used by the persons named in the confirmation letter. The volunteer is not allowed to share the provided accommodation or let any unauthorized person stay there. The volunteer is responsible for the cost of any damage caused to the accommodation provided or host family during their stay, so the volunteer must pay all charges before leaving the premises.


All equipment and resources provided by Adventure Volunteer, prior to and throughout the program remain the property of Adventure Volunteer and must be returned upon completion of the program.

The volunteer will replace any property that has been lost or damaged by your negligence.

The Volunteer acknowledges and agrees that all research, data, reports, photographs, videos and documentation related to the Adventure Volunteer program and projects, are provided by Adventure Volunteer and are the property of Adventure Volunteer, without any compensation or recourse. to the volunteer.

Adventure Volunteer retains the rights to use and disseminate such materials for its own purposes solely to generate visibility for the projects, including, and not limited to, the publication of photographs on the Adventure Volunteer website that contain images of the volunteer while performing your program, brochures, or any other form of marketing, promotion, or informational medium.

The Adventure Volunteer team makes regular visits to the different projects in which we collaborate to verify them, where you can take pictures of the volunteers while they are participating, and conduct video interviews with the volunteers talking about their experiences.

The volunteer acknowledges that by participating in the video and photo interviews, he or she gives Adventure Volunteer permission to use the videos and photos for marketing and publicity purposes on the Adventure Volunteer website, social media, posters and brochures . If the volunteer does not wish to appear in the marketing and publicity actions, they must inform Adventure Volunteer of this preference. Furthermore, by providing personal photos and videos to Adventure Volunteer, the volunteer grants permission for Adventure Volunteer to use this material in the activities mentioned above.


This code of conduct establishes the standards of behavior that volunteers are expected to have when participating in any of Adventure Volunteer’s volunteer programs.

The following code of conduct is established not only by Adventure Volunteer as a volunteer organization, but also by project coordinators, host families and accommodation providers and, most importantly, by the communities where the projects take place.

Adventure Volunteer is fully committed to responsible travel, responsible tourism, responsible volunteering and sustainable tourism. This code of conduct is designed to allow volunteers to achieve their maximum performance in the program in a safe manner and to help them contribute as much as possible to the people they work with during their program. This also ensures that the organizations and people who work with Adventure Volunteer are treated with respect and consideration especially when it comes to cultural aspects during the volunteer programme.

Violations of this Code of Conduct may result in the termination of a volunteer’s participation in your program, without any compensation.

The volunteer must:

  • Listen and follow the advice or requests of your local project coordinator.
  • Understand that as a volunteer, you are a representative of your home country and culture, so you must act accordingly with an attitude of respect.
  • In accordance with the zero tolerance policy regarding the possession, use and distribution of illegal substances. If a volunteer is found in possession of or under the influence of these substances, their participation in the program will be terminated immediately and without compensation.
  • Respect and try to understand the cultures of any place. This implies being tolerant of the customs, opinions, and behaviors of the local people (Adventure Volunteer will explain the cultural norms, before your arrival at the destination).
  • Follow the rules of the project and the rules of your accommodation in the place that it is; about alcohol consumption.
  • Be aware of cultural and attitudinal differences regarding sexual relations in destination countries and understand the effect this can have on your relationship with individuals, family and the local community.
  • Treat all people with respect and dignity.
  • Dress appropriately at all times with respect to the local culture (Adventure Volunteer will explain appropriate clothing prior to arrival at destination).
  • Do not participate in political demonstrations or illegal activities.
  • Understand that the project and reserved accommodation cannot be changed without prior approval from the coordinator and entity or organization of the local project and Adventure Volunteer once the volunteer arrives in the country of destination.
  • Keep local and Adventure Volunteer coordinators and staff informed about weekend travel plans and activities.
  • Contact Adventure Volunteer coordinators and staff outside of office hours only in an emergency.
  • Respect local customs and abide by the rules of the accommodation in which it is located.
  • The volunteer must know that the photos or videos of the accommodations are referential, since the houses or spaces available for rest depend on the capacity and availability of the moment.
  • Under no circumstances invite a person who is not a volunteer from Adventure Volunteer or the local partner organization to the volunteer’s home.
  • Respect the accommodation and pay for any damage that the volunteer may cause to the property.
  • Keep your room clean and tidy.
  • Do not smoke in the accommodation or in the project, so if you want only outside the house.
  • Stay only in the accommodation assigned to the volunteer;
  • solve any input pending before leaving the accommodation;
  • Comply with the contributions corresponding to the program, within the dates established by Adventure Volunteer and the local organization.
  • Please note that there will be no refunds for the contributions neveras corresponding to the program, if the volunteer decides to go on a trip or suspend their participation.

In the project, the volunteer must:

  • Strive to maintain a positive mental attitude throughout your participation.
  • Consciously act as a member of the work team. The volunteer is always considered as a member of the team, project of the local entity or organization and of Adventure Volunteer.
  • Abide by all rules of the project where he or she is volunteering and respect other staff members and fellow students.
  • Do not accept any type of economic compensation for the volunteer work you do, do not give money to members of the local association.
  • Work to achieve your personal goals as well as those of the project, those of Adventure Volunteer and the other people, entity or local organization you support as a volunteer.
  • Listen and follow the instructions of the program leader, supervisor, local coordinator of each project entity, and members of Adventure Volunteer.
  • Inform the program leader, supervisor or project coordinator,if he volunteer at any time, is unable to fulfill assigned tasks and duties.
  • Treat all materials delivered by the local entity or organization or the project and that you will use during your participation, with the respective care.
  • Contact the Adventure Volunteer program coordinator and staff, should the volunteer wish to extend their participation, including without limitation arranging the contributions corresponding to additional accommodation costs and extension of your current travel insurance policy. It is not possible to extend the stay of volunteers without official confirmation from the Adventure Volunteer administrative office.

If the Volunteer has completed their registration in any jurisdiction (including any registration made via the Internet), any claim or dispute arising from or related to the International Volunteer Agreement will be governed by Spanish law and the courts of Valencia will have exclusive jurisdiction. about any claim that comes from it.

The original general conditions are in the Spanish version of this website, any bad translation in the English version, we will refer to the original.

If the volunteer decides to claim or request any type of compensation from the organization, individual or entity of the local counterpart in the country where they volunteer, they will have to make the claim where the local party is registered.

The volunteer acknowledges that he has carefully read the terms and conditions described in this document and declares that he fully understands them, in relation to his voluntary participation in a program organized by the Adventure Volunteer Association.

Last modification:February 2023