General conditions

Below is the contractual document that will govern the request, management and contribution of services through the website owned by Asociación Adventure Volunteer.

 Acceptance of this document implies that the volunteer:

  1. Has read, understands and understands what is stated here.
  2. That he is a person with sufficient capacity to hire and be part of one of our volunteer programs.
  3. That is over 18 years.
  4. That it assumes all the conditions and terms set forth herein. In addition to accepting our data protection policies.

Please read the Adventure Volunteer Association Terms and Conditions carefully before submitting your application online or by mail. By submitting your request, you are certifying and accepting the following Adventure Volunteer Association Terms and Conditions.

These conditions and terms shall have an indefinite period of validity and shall apply to all requests made through the website //, mail, social networks or any other means of contact of the user or applicant.

This document regulates the participation and relationship between the Adventure Volunteer Association (called Adventure Volunteer from now on) and the volunteer (called participant or participating volunteer) that is part of a volunteer project or the Adventure Volunteer association on a voluntary basis and is in compliance with the following conditions:

  • Authorization for international data transfer
  • The services provided
  • Insurance
  • Registration
  • Travel, guarantees, responsibilities, and risk-taking
  • Vaccines and Health
  • Visa, Passport, Travel documents
  • Application fee (paid signal)
  • Program 
  • fees Cancellation and Returns
  • Complaints or Claims
  • Expulsion and Termination
  • Physical and Intellectual Property
  • Direct Marketing Material
  • Long-term
  • programs Programs for Families and Groups with minors (under 18)
  • Coexistence Standards and Code of Conduct for Volunteers
  • The volunteer must
  • In the project, the volunteer must
  • Alo The
  • Law and Jurisdiction

Adventure Volunteer reserves the right to unilaterally modify said conditions and terms without this affecting the requests made prior to the modification.

For the donation or contributions that the volunteer makes to a volunteer project of the Adventure Volunteer association in terms of accommodation, maintenance, logistics, marketing and administration (all to maintain the aims of the association, which in turn cooperate internationally with local associations in development or with collaboration needs) must be done through the web with STRIPE system, PayPal or current account in the bank, all associated with the Triodos Bank where the Adventure Volunteer accounts are located. Adventure Volunteer will then send organizations, entities or physical personnel in the local counterpart of each country, where the volunteer will cooperate. In addition, the volunteer by performing this process agrees to submit to these current general conditions. The user must have carefully read these conditions before carrying out the mentioned processes.

Please be sure to read the following terms and conditions carefully as they are an essential component of your agreement / contract to participate as a volunteer, providing the legal framework for organizing your volunteer program. 

This agreement is effective on the day of registration and becomes legally binding upon initial payment of the non-refundable deposit.

The entire enrollment procedure in one of the volunteer programs is carried out mainly in Spanish. Likewise, by having volunteers from other countries, registrations are made in the English language.

This agreement / agreement / contract is made between:

You, the volunteer as detailed in your registration, (Hereinafter referred to as “name” “the Participant” or “the Volunteer” and the Adventure Volunteer Association registered with number of association 612414 in Spain, with tax identification number G 988824830 Registered on March 6, 2017 and whose permanent headquarters is located at calle arce 385, Valencia (Spain) (Hereinafter referred to as “Adventure Volunteer”, ” we “,” us “” our “,” or “AV”).

All volunteer projects and programs advertised in brochures, posters, in our catalog and on our website, social media and other media are operated by Adventure Volunteer in coordination with local partner organizations (OCL) for international development cooperation.

This document is extremely important. We have tried to establish the terms of this contract clearly and However, if the volunteer has any doubts, or questions they would like to have clarified, the volunteer should seek the advice of an independent attorney, law center, or similar institution.

In general, the volunteer programs offered by Adventure Volunteer to each volunteer include the following:

  • Welcome at the airport and transfer to the house / hostel / family 
  • Accommodation during your volunteer
  • 3 meals during the realization of your volunteer program (not all programs include meals). You should consult or verify on the website of each project what it includes.
  • 24/7 support from the Adventure Volunteer team
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the program
  • Orientation and induction to the program
  • Certificate of weeks carried out in your volunteering
  • NGO receipt on your program fee
  • Guide, advice and management in choosing the program

What is not included in the program Volunteer:

  • Flight to the country of destination
  • Visa, if necessary
  • Travel insurance (mandatory for all volunteers). You cannot travel without one.
  • Vaccines, if necessary
  • Internal transportation
  • Return to the airport on the last day
  • Drinks, diets or special meals
  • Travel within or outside the Country


The term “Program” is understood as any expedition, project, course, trip, volunteer program or other activity anywhere in the world, organized by the Adventure Association during predetermined dates. 

The term “Program Coordinator (s)” means that the international or local coordinator (s) is the one to whom the volunteer must report and whose rules must be respected in a specific program. 

Authorization of international data transfer

By accepting the terms and conditions, the volunteer expressly accepts that their data be sent to the countries where the Adventure Volunteer association has collaborating entities / associations. The information that the volunteer must authorize includes sensitive personal data, such as medical history or religion (no one will be excluded due to their sexual ideology, beliefs, abilities or religion). Adventure Volunteer collects this information in order to meet the needs of volunteers and act in their interest, and we are only willing to accept sensitive personal data, on the condition that we have the clear consent of the volunteer. By registering with Adventure Volunteer, the volunteer also accepts that his insurers, agents, psychologists and medical personnel, have the consent to exchange the pertinent information and sensitive personal data with us in the event of an emergency and we must act on behalf of and in the interest of the Voluntary and respecting your privacy.

In case the volunteer or interested person did not authorize us, we could not process their volunteer application. 

From our association we will try to put all the necessary means so that your data is treated with the utmost confidentiality and security. In any case, you can ask us for more information about the treatment and destination of your data (See Data Privacy Policies).


  • The conditions described are only for requests made from the Volunteer Adventure through our web,mail and social networks.
  • The images shown on this website and social networks are from places where we work and from volunteers who have already participated in different programs and that they provide us.
  • The currency used to pay the application and the program will only be the euro.
  • The reservation process is carried out in the language indicated on the website or in the emails.

The volunteer agrees not to directly contact any of the Adventure Volunteer Association’s partner organizations, which have made themselves known through Adventure Volunteer, and should not establish any agreement with them without the approval of Adventure Volunteer, except:

  • To confirm the details and arrangements of the trip
  • To provide information to the partner organization, including photos and images, comments on social networks, blogs, etc. 
  • In relation to the images that appear in the photographic galleries on the web, you will have the right at all times to oppose their publication if it appears in any of them and it is not your wish.

Adventure Volunteer will not retrieve or process volunteer information for purposes other than the application of the volunteer program, preparations, health or emergency and follow-up information after the program ends. This means that under no circumstances will you disclose volunteer contact information or personal information to group companies for business purposes, to service provider companies acting as “data processors” or to credit and fraud agencies.

For the purpose of volunteering our services, such as flights, accommodation, insurance, etc., Adventure Volunteer may disclose and process information on the volunteer, to make the respective arrangements or receive quotes without obligation. 

In relation to the volunteer’s trip abroad, it may be mandatory (as required by government authorities at departure and / or destination points) to disclose and process the volunteer’s information for immigration, border control, security and anti-terrorism objectives, or any other objective that they determine appropriate. Even if it is not compulsory, Adventure Volunteer, may exercise its discretion to provide assistance in cases where appropriate. If the volunteer is applying for a volunteer visa through Adventure Volunteer, we will have to access and process their personal information to complete the necessary procedures.

The services provided

The Adventure Volunteer association will provide the volunteer with the services described below in accordance with the terms of this agreement / contract.

The Adventure Volunteer association reserves the right to refuse to offer the services offered on this website

The services offered and agreed between Adventure Volunteer, the local organization or local entities and the Volunteer are aware of the services and activities to be carried out :

  • Organize volunteer pre-departure briefings via email, online video conference, on the Adventure Volunteer website, by mail, or by phone. Guide information (the volunteer’s guide) on the program will also be made available to volunteers on the web.
  • Make the necessary arrangements for accommodation and food during the period of participation of the volunteer in the program of each country.  
  • Adventure Volunteer works with counterparts in different countries, the volunteer is aware that the NGO, freelance, company or any entity or entity that offers a service for which we have been invoiced or delivered a receipt, likewise the volunteer will accept the internal regulations of the center in each country, and it will be to this organization, self-employed, company, entity or entity that they will complain if any service, situation or anomaly is not correct or to their liking. Any claim will be made directly with the local organization (OCL) partner of each country.
  • Arrangements and preparation of program coordinators to organize and manage projects when necessary.
  • Verify the organization, entity or entity of the counterpart of each country as far as possible to offer a good service. Adventure Volunteer has visited and verified each organization to be able to advise the volunteer well, also Adventure Volunteer cannot be held responsible for the bad practices carried out by each NGO, foundation, entity or entity in each country at any given time.
  • Provide and maintain a local support structure with a 24-hour emergency contact number.
  • Telephone assistance and advice in the preparation of your trip and during your stay as a volunteer.


It is necessary and mandatory that all volunteers have adequate and valid travel insurance for accidents and repatriation to be part of any of our volunteer programs. Upon acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, and upon completion of their registration, the volunteer agrees to take out travel insurance appropriate to their departure date and covering the entire period of the program. Likewise, Adventure Volunteer has a Social Responsibility and Accident Insurance that explicitly covers volunteers during the performance of their volunteer activities. 

The volunteer is responsible for their own travel arrangements and / or expenses and insurance during the program. The volunteer must take out insurance against possible risks that may occur during their trip, making sure that they have medical and travel insurance with enough coverage to protect themselves in the event of unexpected medical and / or transportation expenses, injuries, death , repatriation, pandemics, emergency transportation, and other losses caused by cancellation of travel arrangements, loss or damage of luggage, non-refundable airline tickets, or emergency medical expenses.

It is essential that the volunteer take a copy of their insurance with them and have it available to show or deliver to Adventure Volunteer staff upon request or to the local organization (OCL). Before your arrival at the destination, we will ask the volunteer to provide us with general information about their insurance policy to help us in the event of an emergency. However, it is the sole responsibility of the Volunteer to determine the most suitable insurance plan for him or her, and any details associated with it, such as coverage levels and deductibles. If the volunteer does not provide the requested information about his insurance before 30 days from his start date (except in the case that he reserves a few weeks before starting, in that case it would be during the process and before arriving in the country), he Or she will lose her space and her payments will not be refunded.

The volunteer must ensure that he or she is covered for the full duration of the volunteer program and that there are no exclusion clauses which limit coverage by the type of activities included, altitudes reached during their trip and the program. If the volunteer is considering extending their program after arrival, the volunteer should be responsible for extending their period of insurance coverage and, if necessary, providing the partner organization with updated policy information. In that case, if you stay with the organization, the entity or entity of destination, it would be totally in the hands of the counterpart, without receiving follow-up or advice for ending your volunteer period by end of stay marked on the web and application form or by your own will.

Registration or selection of a volunteer program

To register for a volunteer program in our association Adventure Volunteer, the volunteer can contact us in several ways: 

  • Directly by phone 
  • Through our website
  • By Skype call By 
  • filling out the form Contact
  • E-mail 
  • Through an international coordinator 
  • Social networks
  • Other means

The person requesting to participate in a volunteer must be of legal age (18 years) and possess the legal capacity and authority to complete the registration and accept these Terms and Conditions on behalf of him or her and all members of your group.

Subject to the agreed special conditions, the volunteer must pay Adventure Volunteer the standard amounts that were established or published in the program, in the “Contribution (prices) and questions” section of the Adventure Volunteer website Please note that the costs shown on the printed materials are subject to change and as such all final payments will be provided by post or via the Adventure Volunteer website and will be discussed directly with the volunteer. The prices published on the Adventure Volunteer website are only valid for 30 days and the volunteer is advised to check the site periodically for updated information and the latest price list. Once the volunteer has confirmed their registration and has paid their down payment, he or she is responsible for the payment of the remaining balance corresponding to the program, or for the remaining balance that has been published at the time of registration (registration).

The volunteer has to pay (pay) a deposit of 150 euros. (which includes a charge of administration, marketing, and other expenses to maintain the purposes of the statutes of the association, in the central office in Valencia) at the time of registration. This deposit is not refundable. The volunteer must fill out the application form, complete the corresponding registration form and make the payment of the signal within 7 days of notification of acceptance into the program. Please note that depending on the date the volunteer registers (less than 1 month after joining), he or she may be required to pay the full balance of the volunteer program at the time of enrollment. 

If Adventure Volunteer accepts the volunteer’s registration, an email will be issued (acceptance letter) confirming the place and confirming the payment of the volunteer’s signal. When the volunteer receives the confirmation email, they should carefully check the details and immediately inform us if something is wrong. The names on all travel documents must be exactly as they appear on the passport. Unless we are responsible for the mistake, we will not accept any responsibility in the event that an airline or other provider refuses to board the volunteer, because the name that appears on the volunteer’s passport differs from that of their ticket or ticket. .

The volunteer must pay the outstanding balance 30 days before the start date of their program or their departure, whichever comes first. For long-term programs, full payment is required within 48 hours of receiving notification of acceptance into the program. This payment is not refundable as it is necessary in order to reserve the volunteer’s place in the program. 

If, for any reason, the volunteer does not meet these payment terms, Adventure Volunteer reserves the right to offer the volunteer place to another person without any refund for the volunteer.

To request a refund of the outstanding balance, the volunteer must send a scanned and signed letter to our email, stating that he or she is requesting a refund (except the first € 150). The date of the refund request will be the date the letter is received in our email. It is understood that the volunteer will have access to an email taking into account that they have contacted us via the web where our contact numbers and other forms of communication appear.

Upon receipt of the refund request, Adventure Volunteer will send an email to the confirmation volunteer upon receipt. If the volunteer has not received an email, it is assumed that we have not received the letter. 

The outstanding balance is not transferable to another person. If the volunteer enrolls within 30 days before the start of the program, the outstanding balance is non-refundable.

Adventure Volunteer sends the money 30 days before the start to the country where it is going to collaborate, as aid to families where they will provide accommodation, meals, local coordination management, transport orders, as well as donations. So once the money has been sent to the country it can no longer be returned to the volunteer.

The volunteer can request to change projects at any time, as long as the desired project is in the same city, and there are places, subject to what may affect the local organization (OLC) and Adventure Volunteer, they also do not can guarantee that there will be space available for the volunteer at the time of the change.

If the volunteer wants to change to a project located in another city, town or area, from their original project, the volunteer must request the change of project at least 30 days before the start date. If the volunteer also changes their start date, the first start date will be taken as the starting point to determine the 30-day period. Adventure Volunteer cannot guarantee that there will be availability for the volunteer at the time of the request. 

If Adventure Volunteer determines that the volunteer can make the change, there will be a fee of 55 Euros for each project change as well as any additional cost incurred during the arrangements for this change to take place (including administration costs and any cost imposed by any of suppliers that are part of the project components). If the project to which the volunteer transfers is more expensive than the original project, additional charges may apply to cover the difference in costs. These fees must be paid to Adventure Volunteer within 48 hours of receiving the confirmation email about the change. If Adventure Volunteer does not receive payment, the volunteer may lose their original project as well as the new project, and there will be no refund of the corresponding payments. 

Adventure Volunteer reserves the right to cancel or postpone any registration made by a volunteer, if he or she does not deliver all the necessary documents that Adventure Volunteer and the local organization require to complete the registration or application process within the established deadlines, or not meet the required payments on the due dates. The deadline for receipt of all documents, as well as completed forms, is 30 days before the start date of the program or the arrival date, whichever occurs first.

Details of program fees are outlined on each page of the volunteer program. Program fees are paid to our partner organizations prior to the volunteer’s arrival and are non-refundable. All transaction costs related to Internet, banking or bank transfers must be covered by the volunteer. Program fees are subject to change, but these will not affect volunteers who have already paid their application fee (signal). Program fees must be paid thirty (30) days before the start of the volunteer program. If the reservation is made within the 30 days prior to the start date, the payment of the program fee or signal will be made at the moment in which the request of the volunteers has been accepted. If this payment is not made, it is assumed that the volunteer will not participate and the volunteer loses the place without any refund of the application fee.

Travel, guarantees, responsibilities, and assumption of risks

By participating in a volunteer program through Adventure Volunteer and local partners, the volunteer accepts and acknowledges that traveling to a developing country and / or remote area involves inherent risks and dangers , as well as a series of physical and emotional demands to which he or she will be subjected.

The volunteer is aware and accepts that the standard of living (food, hygiene, and accommodation) in a developing country and / or remote area may be less than or different from the standards of family life that the volunteer leads in his own country.

By applying to a program, the volunteer accepts and understands the risks involved in these types of programs and / or countries, including personal injury, illness, emotional trauma, death, loss, pandemic or property damage, discomfort and discomfort, which may occur due to natural causes or by activities of people or animals, either as a result of negligence or for other reasons that include, but are not limited to:

  • Lodging
  • Roads
  • Trails
  • Maintenance or operation of any vehicle used to transport passengers
  • Failures of transport either by plane, train, car, boat or other aquatic vehicle, on horseback or on another animal, on foot or by any other means of transport
  • Risks associated with impure food or water
  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages
  • Dangers associated with wild or other animals
  • Physical effort
  • Theft, loss or loss of property
  • Great heights
  • Forces of nature
  • Civil unrest
  • Acts of terrorism
  • Accident or illness in remote regions without means of rapid evacuation or availability of medical supplies and facilities
  • Adequate medical care once provided
  • Pandemics or epidemics.

In these cases, the volunteer accepts, agrees and signs our disclaimer, which, among other things:

  • Releases us, our owners, our staff, and all persons or groups associated with us from all liability.
  • It means that the volunteer waives any claim against us, our owners, our staff, and all persons or groups associated with us, and expressly assumes all risks associated with participation in any of our programs.

A fundamental characteristic of this type of program or trip is that it allows alternatives and a considerable degree of flexibility on site. Changes to the itinerary may be caused by political conditions, flight cancellations, mechanical failures, weather, makeshift vacations, absenteeism, unexpected closings, border restrictions, illness, or other unforeseeable circumstances. The volunteer must be prepared for unforeseen alterations that may affect their program and must do their best to be flexible in case there are last minute changes in the itinerary. Please note that the estimated times of air, sea, road, train or rail departures are only approximations. These times can be altered by operational difficulties, weather conditions or by the lack recorded on time by passengers.

Adventure Volunteer insofar as possible assures the volunteer that their services will be provided with reasonable care and expertise and, to the extent reasonably possible, in accordance with the above description of services. If it is not to your liking and is fully justified by the above conditions, a second relocation will be proposed in the available programs in each country.

Any information provided by Adventure Volunteer, including and not limited to visa information, vaccinations, health care, weather, luggage, group size, and special equipment, is given in good faith for informational and educational purposes only but without obligation by Adventure Volunteer.

Through this Agreement / contract Adventure Volunteer and / or its employees and / or its agents and / or its project coordinators are exempt from all responsibility for the country of destination, referring the counterparty for the amount received and the money received. .

Adventure Volunteer will be exempt from all responsibility for the activities carried out by the volunteer within the destination country that are outside the scope of competition to those directly related to the management and advice of the program. The volunteer is referred to the local part of any means: through the web, email exchange, physical paper upon arrival, according to the possibilities of each NGO, foundation, entity, autonomous or entity of each management, understanding that once we refer to Volunteer to the counterpart at destination, it is the volunteer who must obey the internal rules of each country and organization, claiming from them any anomaly that they may perceive.

The Volunteer acknowledges that their participation is completely voluntary and therefore assumes all risks associated with the program and will keep Adventure Volunteer, its staff, its agents and its Project Coordinators free of all responsibility. Furthermore, by means of this agreement / contract, the volunteer absolves and indemnifies Adventure Volunteer from any and all claims, actions, demands, procedures, costs, expenses, damages, liability, including attorney’s fees, that arise in relation to participation. of the volunteer in the program, plus all arrangements for activities by or for the Volunteer by Adventure Volunteer, its agents or employees, and / or emergency medical care, if deemed essential, by the most qualified personnel on-site . 

The guarantee contained in this section is the only and exclusive guarantee for the services provided in this document and will prevail over any express or implicit guarantee, in fact or in law, including, without limitation, the guarantees of merchantability or suitability for a particular purpose. Adventure Volunteer is not responsible under any circumstances with respect to any matter of this agreement by virtue of any contract, negligence, tort, strict liability or other legal theories, for incidental, consequential, special or exemplary damages (including, without limitation, loss of income, lost profits, or loss of business), even in the event that the Foundation-association has been informed of the possibility of such damages. In addition, despite the contrary indicated in this agreement, in no case the accumulated responsibility of the association towards the volunteer arising from or related to this agreement, whether based on a contract, negligence, tort, strict liability , or other legal theories, will exceed the total costs, as established in this section.

Adventure Volunteer does not organize flights or travel to the destination. This is entirely the responsibility of the volunteer. Volunteers are solely responsible for having in force all the necessary and required documents to access the country of origin, as well as the documents related to the trip. Adventure Volunteer makes suggestions (not relevant) to the volunteer and provides guidance on the documentation that the volunteer may require for the trip, in which the volunteer himself must verify according to his country of origin and the time of travel, in no case does he organize the same.

Passport, visa, sanitary or any other requirements are subject to change and the volunteer must check them before making the trip. It is the volunteer’s responsibility to obtain all the necessary and obligatory documents for the trip, guarantee that they are in good condition and always carry them with you. Adventure Volunteer will guide the volunteer as far as possible to fulfill these obligations, but does not assume responsibility for not having requested such external guidance or not having attended to it, nor for the additional costs that may be generated.

It is the responsibility of the volunteer, not of Adventure Volunteer, to ensure that the corresponding visas and permits are in order. Please check with the appropriate embassy or consulate before traveling, vaccination centers.

Adventure Volunteer is not responsible in any way if, for whatever reason, you are denied a visa or entry and are unable to enter the country and continue your travel plans.

Vaccines and Health

Although Adventure Volunteer may offer the volunteer a suggested list of vaccines and travel-related health tips, based on publicly available sources such as the European Union Center for Disease Control. and the World Health Organization, we are not professionals in the medical field and we have no medical knowledge or experience. For this reason Adventure Volunteer each volunteer is responsible for checking and confirming the vaccinations required for their specific type of trip. It is the sole responsibility of the volunteer to organize and determine the necessary vaccinations and medical procedures that he or she may need before, during, and after placement in the program. Furthermore, the volunteer accepts and acknowledges that Adventure Volunteer has no responsibility in relation to the management of an adequate vaccination plan and medical care, equipment or supplies that may be provided to him or her before, during or after their placement. the program. The volunteer is solely responsible for their own health and well-being, and he or she accepts and acknowledges the risks of each and every injury, illness, emotional trauma, property damage, and death that may occur as a result of being placed in the Program.

Volunteering ensures that all information and data provided to Adventure Volunteer related to the volunteer, such as their medical history and medical status, are accurate and truthful in order to provide Adventure Volunteer with a clear indication of the volunteer’s health status.

The Volunteer understands that he or she has the obligation to inform Adventure Volunteer in advance, about any medication that it requires, any type of allergy, any physical or mental condition or any limitation that may affect the volunteer’s attitude to participate or safely complete the program. No special diets are made in the programs.

Volunteering is the best judge of its own conditions and limitations, and for this reason the volunteer recognizes that it is his or her responsibility to fully disclose the scope of its conditions or limitations.

The volunteer warrants and affirms that he has discussed this program, its remote location, possible risks, and physical and mental demands with his personal physician, and that he is physically and emotionally prepared and ready to carry out this program.

The volunteer agrees to notify Adventure Volunteer of any physical and medical condition that they have at least 4 weeks in advance of their arrival date, as well as any change in their physical and medical condition that occurs after signing this letter. contract with the volunteer.

Adventure Volunteer reserves the right to request documentation from a doctor or specialist to verify that the volunteer is prepared and ready to carry out this program. Furthermore, Adventure Volunteer reserves the right to reject an applicant who requires special medical attention, taking due account of remote location, accessibility to medical facilities and supplies, and the quality of medical care surrounding the project and program. 

Adventure Volunteer will not be responsible in any case for any consequence derived from the lack or non-compliance of the volunteer before a medical advice or in the taking of medications prescribed by their doctor before their arrival and during the program.

Adventure Volunteer does not provide special diets for allergies, ideologies or incompatibilities.

The volunteer acknowledges and agrees that, reserves the right to accept or reject any volunteer at any time, including the requirement to leave the program by the volunteer, at any time, if this is determined by the Program Leader, Coordinators of Project or a member of the administrative staff of the Foundation, for the benefit and interest of an improvement in the health and safety of the volunteer as well as the program in general.

Visa, passport, travel documents

Volunteers are responsible for organizing and paying for all their air tickets and other means of transport to and from the destination country, as well as internal transport. While Adventure Volunteer can offer travel tips and ideas, it is the sole responsibility of the volunteer to arrive at their destination safely, comfortably and in a timely manner.

The start and end dates of the program are fixed. If the volunteer is late to the country of destination to occupy their place in the project or loses days during their program, regardless of the reason, he or she will not be reimbursed for these days. If the volunteer decides to stay more days, either before or after the participation period already established, the volunteer will be charged for the additional days, at a rate determined by Adventure Volunteer established on its website in the section «prices and questions or through emails as long as there are places and always through the web platform of

Unless explicitly noted by Adventure Volunteer in the program description within the project information guide which (for example, Adventure Volunteer offers transportation from the airport to local accommodation), the volunteer is responsible for arranging and paying for any local transportation and the accommodation that he or she may need or wish to use. Transportation to or from the project site is not included or organized by Adventure Volunteer, although we will give the volunteer step-by-step instructions on how to get there by public transport or on foot. While Adventure Volunteer can offer travel advice and ideas, it is the sole responsibility of the volunteer to use their good judgment to get to the project site safely, comfortably and in a timely manner.

The volunteer is responsible for ensuring they have a valid passport, with more than 6 months valid at the time of travel and at least two free sheets, having the necessary visas, having the corresponding permits and vaccinations. The volunteer must be sure to obtain and supply all pertinent valid documentation related to the program, travel and medical matters. While Adventure Volunteer may offer advice to the volunteer on these travel documents, the volunteer is solely responsible for verifying the necessary travel and medical documents.

Adventure Volunteer is not responsible for the country’s decision to deny entry or exit, or the right of way, based on national and local laws that regulate immigration. All volunteers should ensure that they contact the nearest destination country embassy to apply for the necessary tourist visas or permits before starting the program.

The volunteer must comply with all destination country laws, regulations and customs during the program. In the event of a violation of these laws, the Project Coordinator or Adventure Volunteer have the right to require the volunteer to immediately abandon the program and Adventure Volunteer will have no liability whatsoever.

Before and after acceptance of the terms and conditions, the volunteer is solely responsible for ensuring that he or she and all group members (in case the volunteer is traveling with a group) have the correct travel documents. Adventure Volunteer is not responsible for the breach of the aforementioned and that may have cause setbacks, expenses or fines incurred for this concept; We recommend that the volunteer consult the passport office or the Consulate of the destination country, if they have any questions.

If the Volunteer accepts any paid job without having the corresponding work visa, they may be asked to leave the country and participate in the volunteering. In this case, the volunteer will not be entitled to any refund or any alternative placement in another Adventure Volunteer program or project.

All information provided by the Adventure Volunteer team on Vaccines, Visas and necessary documentation to enter each country, is merely indicative, it is the volunteer who must make sure in each relevant institution.

Application fee (signal paid)

The application fee (signal) requested by Adventure volunteer is not refundable, since some expenses for management and activities have been incurred to continue with the functions described in the statutes of the association, but the volunteer will be entitled to a refund of any other amounts paid if they have not been donated to the country of destination for the preparation of their reception that would be up to 30 days before their incorporation. In case of cancellation after the deadline previously described, the volunteer will not have the right to a refund of the money paid. The place in the volunteer program is saved for one year.

In some cases, travel arrangements cannot be modified after the reservation has been made and any request for modification could incur a cancellation fee of up to 100% of the portion that corresponds to travel arrangements. We strongly recommend that the volunteer take out insurance that includes coverage against irrecoverable cancellation fees. In case the cancellation is covered under the terms of the insurance policy, the volunteer may be able to claim cancellation expenses.

The incorporation in location or position of the volunteer in the program cannot be definitively confirmed until the Application Fee has been paid in full. With the deposit of € 150, the space is saved up to 30 days before traveling, which upon guaranteeing payment is guaranteed. Likewise, if for any reason the volunteer cancels their participation, no refunds are made but the place is kept for one year. 

Cuota of the program 

whole this information are legal terms and conditions, but above all the association always come to an understanding in good faith and understanding on both sides.

The details of the fees for each program are described on each page of the program, according to destination and project. The program fees are paid to our partner organizations in the different countries where we collaborate, before the arrival of the volunteer and are not refundable. 

All costs of the transaction related to bank fees and charges or bank transfers must be covered by the volunteer. Program fees are subject to change, but these will not affect volunteers who have already paid their application fee. Program fees must be paid thirty (30) days before the start of the volunteer program. If the reservation and registration are made within the 30 days prior to the start date, the payment of the program fee and fees will be made at the time the volunteer application has been accepted. If this payment is not made, it is assumed that the volunteer gives up the place, without any refund of the application fee.

Payment of program fees does not guarantee the accuracy of the selected program. Like any other volunteer, in developing countries, it is important that volunteers remain flexible. Staff shortages, school and holidays, etc. They may require the volunteer to participate in different projects offered by the same partner organization.

If, once the volunteer has started their program, they decide to leave, the cancellation fees established under the Terms and Conditions of this agreement / contract will apply. In this case, the volunteer will have to fill out a form or send an email stating and confirming the cancellation of their participation in the Program and acknowledging that they are not entitled to receive a refund for unused services. If you do not do so, you also waive all rights.

Transfers to different projects and changes in program duration or dates will not be allowed once the date corresponding to the first post-deposit payment has expired.

If Adventure Volunteer is forced to cancel the program, the volunteer will be entitled to a refund in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • In the case of cancellation by Adventure Volunteer, before departure to the program, either within or outside the control of Adventure Volunteer, the volunteer will be entitled to receive a refund of the money paid for the program fee, less the 150 euros of the sign / registration fee, which cover administrative expenses, marketing and other activities to comply with the Adventure Volunteer statutes and as well as other unrecoverable expenses that Adventure Volunteer has spent for the reservations and preparations of the Program. Adventure Volunteer is not responsible for any additional expenses incurred by the volunteer as a result of any other arrangement, he or she has made.
  • Regarding programs sold as a package, Adventure Volunteer reserves the right to cancel the program if, for example, the operation of the program depends on a minimum number of enrolled volunteers and that number is not reached. However, in no case will Adventure Volunteer cancel this package before 4 weeks from the program start date or departure date, whichever comes first, except in cases of consolidation due to a minimum number not reached, force majeure ( as defined below), failure to pay the final balance by the volunteer or failure to complete all necessary forms, or for any other reason beyond our control.
  • If Adventure Volunteer is forced to cancel an offered program, the volunteer will have the option to switch to an alternative program (of equal or lesser value) without having to pay the fees again. If the volunteer decides to cancel their participation 1 month before reaching their destination, they will not be entitled to a refund of the total program fee. At the time that the money is in the destination or in the local organization (OLC), the entity or entity will be the volunteer to whom they claim the amount in case they are not satisfied with the partial or null return.
  • If Adventure Volunteer makes changes or shortens the volunteer’s program (including without limitation any of the facilities, services, or prices described in our brochures or website), we will endeavor to contact the volunteer as soon as possible, to notify them of any changes that may occur due to less than this is.  

In all of the aforementioned cases where there is a cancellation, Adventure Volunteer’s first option will be to place the volunteer in an alternative program whenever possible. Adventure Volunteer will do its best to get a program that matches the volunteer’s preferences as far as possible and places.

In all the aforementioned cases, any party must notify the cancellation in writing and any refund or placement of the volunteer in an alternative program will be considered as the definitive solution of any responsibility incurred by Adventure Volunteer towards the volunteer.

Circumstances equivalent to “force majeure” include any event beyond the reasonable control of Adventure Volunteer or the reasonable control of the service provider (s) in question, including, without limitation, war, threat of war, riot, civil unrest, labor conflicts or terrorist threat activities and their consequences, natural or nuclear disasters, fires, acts of God, adverse weather conditions, flood, epidemic or pandemic of diseases and all similar events.

Cancellation and return policy

Some services of this portal can be reimbursed, as long as the volunteer indicates the intention to withdraw within a period of more than 30 days after enrollment and is more than 1 month after joining the program or country and comply with the rest of the conditions that we establish below and always remembering that the € 150 deposit cannot be reimbursed:

  • Complaints or Claims

If the volunteer wishes to file a complaint or claim regarding the program, he or she must make the complaint to the attention of the Program Manager, Project Coordinator, or a member of the administrative staff of Adventure Volunteer who will use their best efforts to resolve the complaint or claim within a reasonable period of time. Any complaint due to the entity, entity or local counterpart association the volunteer will address directly to them to clarify the complaints.

If the Program coordinator, local Project Coordinator, or Adventure Volunteer staff is unable to resolve a serious complaint or grievance and the volunteer decides to leave the program before the termination date, the volunteer must provide the Program coordinator, Program Coordinator. Project, or the Adventure Volunteer staff a written and signed version of the events that occurred before their departure.

No compensation will be given to the volunteer, except in extreme circumstances, which will be determined exclusively at the discretion of Adventure Volunteer. The Volunteer agrees that Adventure Volunteer will not be liable under any circumstances for damages arising from any claim related to annoyances, disappointment, discomfort, or loss of enjoyment.

  • Expulsion and Termination

Adventure Volunteer reserves the right to deny participation or to expel any volunteer from the program if he / she breaches any term of this Agreement.

Without prejudice to the generality of the aforementioned clause, the following will result in automatic expulsion:

  • Possession, use or supply of illegal or illicit substances. The question of whether the substances are illegal or illicit must be governed by the jurisdiction of the State in which the acts occur. 
  • Engaging in cruel, inconsiderate, rude behavior or committing acts that could harm or injure a program member (including a staff member), or anyone else.
  • Disobeying the instructions of the program coordinator, the local representative or Adventure Volunteer, regarding health and safety.
  • Committing an act or displaying behavior that could jeopardize future Adventure Volunteer programs that may lead to the deterioration of relationships between Adventure Volunteer and host communities.
  • Break local laws. Please note that this list is not exhaustive.
  • Expulsion will be carried out by the project coordinator at Adventure Volunteer’s own discretion and is not subject to appeal.

In all cases, the volunteer will not be entitled to any refund from Adventure Volunteer, nor will Adventure Volunteer be responsible for additional expenses incurred by the volunteer as a result of the expulsion.

All participants are expected to abide by the “Coexistence Rules and Code of Conduct” established by Adventure Volunteer. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the volunteer also agrees to comply with said Code of Conduct. This includes respecting other cultures and beliefs, working responsibly on the project, respecting accommodation, and avoiding drugs and illegal activities. 

In particular, the facilities arranged for the volunteer may only be used by the people named in the confirmation letter. The volunteer is not allowed to share the accommodation or allow an unauthorized person to stay there. The volunteer is responsible for the cost of damages caused in the place of accommodation during their stay, except those caused by another approved resident. The volunteer must pay all charges before leaving the premises.

Physical and Intellectual Property

All equipment and resources provided by Adventure Volunteer, before and throughout the program, remain the property of Adventure Volunteer and must be returned at the end of the program.

The volunteer will replace any property that has been lost or damaged by your negligence.

Volunteer acknowledges and agrees that all research, data, reports, photos, videos and documentation related to Adventure Volunteer’s program and projects are provided by Adventure Volunteer and are the property of Adventure Volunteer, without any compensation or recourse. to the volunteer. Adventure Volunteer retains the rights to the use and dissemination of such materials for its commercial and promotional purposes, including, and not limited to the publication of the photographs on the Adventure Volunteer website that contain images of the volunteer while carrying out his program, brochures, or any other form of marketing, promotion or media.

Adventure Volunteer makes periodic visits to the different projects in which we collaborate to take photographs of the volunteers while they are working, and conduct video interviews with the volunteers talking about their experiences. By accepting this agreement, the volunteer acknowledges that, by participating in the video and photo interviews, he or she gives Adventure Volunteer permission to use the videos and photos for marketing and advertising purposes on the website, social media, posters and Adventure Volunteer brochures. If the volunteer does not wish to appear in the marketing and advertising actions, they must indicate Adventure Volunteer of this preference. Furthermore, by offering personal photos and videos to Adventure Volunteer, the volunteer grants permission for Adventure Volunteer to use this material in the aforementioned activities.

Direct marketing material

Adventure Volunteer may from time to time contact the volunteer to send information on offers of goods and services, brochures, new products or services, upcoming events or competitions related to Adventure Volunteer’s vacation division. By completing the online registration, the volunteer is supposed to agree and agree to receive electronic communications from Adventure Volunteer. This will allow us to send volunteers more personalized and relevant communications. The volunteer will have the opportunity to unsubscribe from all contact communication forms. 

The volunteer has the right to request in writing the non-receipt of direct marketing material from Adventure Volunteer. He or she can at any time send an email to requesting the cessation of sending all kinds of material. Once properly notified, Adventure Volunteer will take steps to stop using volunteer information in this way.

Long Term Programs

If a volunteer who has been accepted into a long term program with Adventure Volunteer does not complete the tasks or does not meet the required needs of the position, which are described in the program information guide, Adventure Volunteer and / or o Local Project Coordinators (OLC) reserve the right to evaluate volunteer participation and reevaluate their acceptance into the program.

If Adventure Volunteer and / or the local Project Coordinators find that, at their discretion, the volunteer has not made every effort to complete the assigned tasks that have been required, then Adventure Volunteer and / or the Project Coordinators Project, they reserve the right to terminate the participation of the volunteer in the Program. If this occurs, the Volunteer is not entitled to any reimbursement of program costs or compensation from Adventure Volunteer or the project.

Programs for families and groups with minors (under 18)

If the volunteer travels with their legal representative, then their representative will sign this agreement / contract for the volunteer completing the registration process for the minor.

The volunteer under the age of 18 and his / her parent / guardian / legal representative acknowledge that, while participating in a family or group volunteer program, it is the responsibility of the child under 18 or the parent / guardian / legal representative to make all reasonable efforts to avoid any activity, environment, object or substance that may have a negative effect on the health of the volunteer.

If the volunteer under the age of 18 does not comply with the established rules or other provisions, Adventure Volunteer reserves the right to withdraw the volunteer under the age of 18 from the program, at any time. The withdrawal of the volunteer under the age of 18 will be made without any right to a refund. All participants in the volunteer program acknowledge that they will be responsible for their own actions at all times. All volunteers must sign an agreement / contract before or at the beginning of their volunteering.

To the extent permitted by law, the volunteer under the age of 18 and his / her parent / guardian / legal representative release Adventure Volunteer from any claim, lawsuit, action or proceeding regarding the removal and / or entry of the minor volunteer. 18 years of or into the volunteer program under this Agreement.

Standards of coexistence and code of conduct for volunteers

This code of conduct sets standards of behavior are expectedhave by the time volunteers to participate in any programs volunteer Volunteer Adventure. The following code of conduct is established not only by Adventure Volunteer as a volunteer organization, but also by project coordinators, host families, and accommodation providers and, most importantly, by the communities where the projects take place.

Adventure Volunteer is fully committed to responsible travel, responsible tourism, responsible volunteering, and sustainable tourism. This code of conduct is designed to allow volunteers to achieve their maximum performance in the program safely and to help them contribute as much as possible to the people they work with during their program. This also ensures that the organizations and people who work with Adventure Volunteer are treated with respect and consideration, especially when it comes to cultural aspects during the volunteer program.

Please note that violations of this Code of Conduct may result in termination of a volunteer’s participation in your program, without any General compensation.

The volunteer should:

  • Listen and follow the advice or requests of your local project coordinator.
  • Understand that as a volunteer, you are a representative of your country and culture of origin, so be sure to act consistently with an attitude of respect.
  • According to the zero tolerance policy regarding the possession, use and distribution of illegal substances. If a volunteer is in possession of or is under the influence of these substances, their participation in the program will be terminated immediately and without compensation.
  • Respect and try to understand the cultures of any place in the project, as well as during free time and travel. This involves being tolerant of the customs, opinions, and behaviors of local people (Adventure Volunteer will explain cultural norms upon arrival).
  • Follow the rules of the project and the rules of your accommodation wherever it is; about alcohol consumption.
  • Take into account cultural and attitudinal differences in relation to sexual relations in destination countries and understand the effect this may have on your relationship with people, family and the local community.
  • Treat all people with respect and dignity.
  • Dress appropriately at all times with respect to local culture (Adventure Volunteer will explain appropriate clothing prior to arrival at destination).
  • Do not participate in political demonstrations or illegal activities.
  • Understand that the project and reserved accommodation cannot be changed without prior approval from both the local project coordinator and entity or organization and Adventure Volunteer once the volunteer arrives in the destination country.
  • Keep Adventure Volunteer coordinators and staff and locals informed of travel plans and activities on weekends.
  • Contact Adventure Volunteer coordinators and staff outside office hours only in an emergency.

In the project, the volunteer must:

  • Strive to maintain a positive mental attitude throughout their participation.
  • Consciously act as another member of the work team. The volunteer is always considered a member of the team, project of the local entity or organization and Adventure Volunteer.
  • Abide by all project rules where he or she is volunteering and respecting staff members and peers.
  • Do not accept any type of payment for the volunteer work you do, nor give money to members of the local association.
  • Work to achieve your personal goals as well as those of the project, those of Adventure Volunteer and of other people, the local entity or organization that you support as a volunteer.
  • Listen and follow the instructions of the program leader, supervisor, local coordinator of each project entity, and members of Adventure Volunteer.
  • Inform the program leader, supervisor or project coordinator, if, at any time, the volunteer is unable to fulfill the assigned tasks and duties.
  • Treat all the materials delivered by the local entity or organization or the project and that you will use during your participation, with the respective care.
  • Contact the program coordinator and AV staff, should the volunteer wish to extend their participation, including without limitation the arrangement of payments corresponding to additional accommodation costs and extension of their current travel insurance policy. It is not possible to extend the volunteers’ stay without official confirmation from the Adventure Volunteer administrative office.


 The volunteer must:

  • Respect local customs and abide by the regulations of the accommodation in which he is located.
  • Under no circumstances bring anyone who is not an Adventure Volunteer volunteer or the local partner organization or entity to the volunteer’s home.
  • Respect accommodation and pay for damages that the volunteer may cause to the property.
  • Keep your room clean and tidy.
  • Do not smoke in the accommodation or in the project, so if you want only outside the house.
  • Stay only in the accommodation assigned to the volunteer;
  • Settle any pending payment before leaving the accommodation;
  • Comply with the payments corresponding to the program, within the dates established by Adventure Volunteer and the Local Organization (OLC).
  • Keep in mind that there will be no refund for payments made for the program, if the volunteer decides to go on a trip or suspend their participation.

 Law and jurisdiction

If the Volunteer has completed their registration in any jurisdiction (including any registration made via the Internet, any claim or dispute arising from or related to this contract, it will be governed by Spanish law and the courts of Valencia will have jurisdiction exclusive on any claim that comes from it.If

the Volunteer decides to claim or request any type of compensation by the organization, natural person or entity of the local counterpart of the country where they volunteer, they will have to make the claim where the local party is registered .

I have carefully read the terms and conditions outlined in this agreement and fully understanding the terms.acknowledge that I am signing this free contract and voluntarily and with the intention to complete my registration according to a full and unconditional release of all liability to the greatest extent allowed by law.

I, by the I hereby accept and acknowledge the terms and conditions established in this agreement, in relation to my voluntary participation in a program organized by the ADVENTURE VOLUNTEER Association.