Group volunteering

Want Make an international volunteer group?

Here we tell you one of the best ways to carry out that international group volunteering that you have dreamed of so much.

Volunteering away from family and from your country can be a hard but rewarding experience. We have a variety of projects in Latin America, Asia, Africa and Europe, where you can volunteer as a group. 

Volunteer destinations for groups

If you are interested in doing international volunteering in a group, contact us, we are available on the phone 960 811 985 or whatsapp +34 633876857 or send us an email to and we will contact you.

You can see the different experiences of volunteers in the testimonials section. Sara tells us about her volunteering in Peru, Cusco, Gema tells us about her adventure in Thailand supporting the care of elephants, Ibón tells us about her experience in Costa Rica and Beatriz about her adventure in Panama.

Start planning your volunteering