Land of Eternal Spring, Guatemala

Ancestral, magical,  mysterious and known as the Land of Eternal Spring, Guatemala

“Guatemala solidarity trips, one of the best experiences you will live as a volunteer”

It looks like if at the beginning and throughout time, natural beauty agreed to be located in a single country.  The answer is Yes, this country is Guatemala, blessed with an exuberant natural beauty spread throughout its territory, its people and its history.

Put your feet on this earth and start walking, it can become one of the best experiences you have ever lived, whatever your goal of coming to this country is, be it, vacations, business and of course, to do one of the best activities, volunteering.

… but maybe you wonder … and why volunteer in Guatemala?

Well here I tell you, Guatemala is a Central American country bordered by Mexico, Belize, Honduras and El Salvador, with a population that exceeds 17.0 million people.

It is a developing country, which like other countries in the region, thousands of projects are generated every day focused on empowering different sectors of the population, whether in health, environment, culture, education, sports, among many others. This is where we need you.  Adventure Volunteer, develops social projects with volunteers from many countries, people who want to contribute in some way their knowledge and skills.

However, maybe your interest, apart from volunteering, is to know the country, its beauty and natural wealth.  Of course you can do it, it is the opportunity for all those who volunteer.

Later on, we will mention the programs in which you can participate and of course, some places to visit during your studies.

Adventure Volunteer – Guatemala solidarity trips

“We believe that together we can make great changes in the lives of others”

Volunteers-guatemalaAs in several countries of Central America, the organization formulates and executes social programs and projects through international volunteering. In Guatemala, we are developing programs for teaching and school reinforcement.  Focused on the integral development of the skills and knowledge of children and youth.  In addition to the programs of maintenance and creation of school gardens, which is aimed at teaching children and young people, the importance of preserving the environment in an educational and dynamic way.

If you like to work with children and teach, then it is your chance to put your skills and knowledge into practice.

Exchange of experiences…

voluntariado internacional guatemala

Coming to Guatemala does not only mean that you only have the satisfaction that you bring, but you can also take the best of each place you will have the opportunity to visit.

Guatemala, as we had told you at the beginning, has a number of places you can visit during your stay as a volunteer. You cannot miss these three places if you are in Guatemala:

  • The great TIKAL archaeological park.  Mystic place, which shows the spectacular Mayan pyramids, its history surrounded by nature.
  • The Old Guatemala (Antigua Guatemala).  They say that time could not be stopped, but I think this place has done it.  A majestic place.  It preserves every architectural detail of the time it was the capital of the kingdom of the Spanish colony.
  • Lake Atitlán.  It is said to be one of the most beautiful lakes in the world.  Surrounded by volcanoes and a unique climate, it offers spectacular views.

tekal guatemala antigua guatemala lago atitlan guatemala

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