How to do international volunteer this 2020?

A volunteer experience can start on a warm autumn afternoon with your family or friends. That idea of ​​volunteering abroad comes to you and you can’t get it out of your head. You start looking for social networks, consult friends, research different volunteer projects and without realizing it, you have already chosen a project and destination for your next solidarity trip. 

If you have chosen to volunteer supporting children with limited resources, we assure you that it is one of the most beautiful and unique experiences you can have, even if you ask yourself many questions along the way.

There are many possibilities to put your knowledge and skills into practice by volunteering abroad. You meet children with a desire to learn and share their joy with you. This makes you strive every day to prepare activities, dynamics and games that bring out the best smiles from these little ones.

How to volunteer abroad in 2020?

It is not as complicated as you may be imagining. We leave you here the first steps to follow to carry out an international volunteering this 2020:

Contact with an NGO, organization or foundation that manages volunteering abroad. 

Traveling with an organization that accompanies you in the process of carrying out your volunteering gives you security and confidence before and during your volunteering. They also provide you with information you need before traveling, such as:

  • Things you can find in the country
  • They guide you on how to get around and what places to go to while volunteering. 
  • In addition, some provide you with accident and civil liability insurance.

For more information on Where to start choosing an international volunteer? You can listen to episode 64 of the podcast The Volunteer’s Journey. Also available in iVoox,   iTunes, Spotify and Google podcast.

Inscribirse in the volunteer program you have chosen

How to sign for your volunteering abroad?

 Associations have different registration processes, some of these are:

  • Send a request for interest through the contact form or mail. Where they will answer you to request an interview or to fill out another form with more questions about you. This helps them to better guide you on the country and project chosen, in addition to explaining the steps to follow to formalize your request.

This is the step when the volunteer clarifies most of his doubts. It is important that you ask everything that concerns you about the project, the country and the organization.

Formalize your registration

Some will ask you to pay the amount to be paid to cover your accommodation, maintenance collected at the airport, among other expenses that must be specified in the information sent or in the details of the volunteer programs. 

voluntarios que dejan huellas

What happens after I have confirmed my participation as a volunteer abroad?

After completing the 3 steps mentioned, you would already be part of a volunteer program, but it does not end there, follow the process of preparing your trip, where the association sends you the volunteer’s guide that contains information about the country, security, money, suitcase , weather, places for excursions in your free time and what you should take into account before traveling. In addition to answering all the doubts that arise.

Also when your travel date approaches, other emails are sent to you with instructions for when you arrive at the airport of your chosen destination for your volunteering.

You will always be accompanied by the team of the association or organization with which you have decided to travel.

In the case of Adventure Volunteer, the volunteer can contact us through our email or in our contact form. 

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