Volunteer experience in Nicaragua

Katarina from Frankfurt (Germany), she tells us about her volunteer experience in Nicaragua and what Great that I spend it surrounded by friends.

My Volunteer experience

When I was looking for a suitable project for my volunteer experience in the volunteering in Nicaragua, I found the page of this association. I liked what I read about the work, the project and the organization, and that’s how I decided to do it. 

What I experienced here is completely different from what I know of my country; my experience as a volunteer has been very positive.

 The organization is very well organized; note that you have experience in this job. Always when I sent an email they answered me right away.

The beginning of everything

At the beginning I had to get used to the culture, the people, the way of life. All this is in a different way than in Europe, but with the people from the project I work with, it’s easier, that’s how everything is understood very quickly.

The day to day here is very varied, the days pass very quickly, because you always experience something new and learn new things. 

Everything happens so fast that you almost lack the time to reflect on everything that happens.

Su program

In its program for children with special needs, Katarina supported the development and job placement of these children. Its main objective was focused on occupational workshops, which through literacy and the creation of figures with the pressed paper, achieves that the objective of the center is carried out.

During her free time she traveled to different places in Granada, such as the Isletas de Granada, the Mombacho volcano.

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