Marine turtles

Te ever wondered how are sea turtles? 

Today we will talk a little about the situation of sea turtles, which has survived for many centuries; evolving and adapting to changes in the world and their contribution of sea turtles to the marine ecosystem.

On this last point, we can say that it is incalculable. Sea turtles help maintain the reef ecosystem, control the content of sea grasses and jellyfish. If it were not for them, it would be more difficult to enjoy our beaches.

Cosas who may not know of sea turtles

  • This species is close to disappearing due mostly to human activities and natural factors such as overfishing, sand extraction on nesting beaches and climate change. 
  • The 7 species of sea turtles in the world have been fighting for centuries to survive, but they are still hunted for their shells and eggs. Climate change also has an impact on the reproduction of turtles, since their sex is determined by the temperature of the sand.
  • And we do not leave tourism aside, another fundamental factor that has negatively affected this species, the stress caused by noise, the feeling of insecurity, caused by the accumulation of people on the beaches, causing them to return to the ocean, interrupting the turtle spawning process.

For all these factors mentioned, we must take protective measures, specifically on nesting beaches, which are exposed to urban development.   

Adventure Volunteer works to improve and reduce the negative impact that has been generated due to lack of awareness and knowledge of sea turtles and the habitat that surrounds them through sea ​​turtle conservation projects in Panama, Costa Rica and Cape Verde.

The personnel that collaborate in the organization try to preserve the nests, relocate them and take care of them until birth and their departure to the ocean. However, we need more and more support every day to educate the population about the importance of this species.

What do we need to do to help them?

In order for conservation programs to achieve their objectives, all of us need to expand our knowledge of the importance of this species. By volunteering to engage with local communities, we support NGO efforts in the management and conservation of nesting beaches.

It is urgent and necessary to act to stop the extinction of sea turtle populations in the world. 

Join us in this process, help them fulfill their purpose and return to their beach of birth.

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