Have you asked yourself, how they live? How the sea turtles are? Why are a threatened species?.   Here we will tell you a bit about the situation of this species who have survived for many centuries evolving and adapting to changes of world.

The contribution of sea turtles to the marine ecosystem is invaluable, the turtles help in the maintenance of reefs, they control the sea grasses and jellyfishes, if were not for them, it would be more difficult to enjoy our beaches.




This specie is really close to disappear, due the human’s activities and natural factors.  The most detrimental are sand extraction in his nesting beaches, and the global warming.

The 7 sea turtle species in the world have been fighting during centuries to survive.  Even in the still threatened to be haunted because of his shell and eggs.  Climate change also has an impact on the reproduction process of turtles.   Your sex is determined by the temperature of the sand.

Other negative factor have affected in negative way this specie, the tourism, the feeling of insecurity caused by the accumulation of people on the beaches and the stress inflicted because of the noise.  Causes them to return to the ocean make them interrupt the spawning process of the turtle.

Because of these factors we have to take action.  Especially in nesting beaches which are exposed to urban development.  Adventure Volunteer,  work to improve their situation and diminish the negative impact due the lack of awareness and knowledge on these relevant topics.   The staff who collaborate in this organization try to preserve the nests, relocate them and take care of them from his born to his departure to the ocean.


To have success in the preservation programs, is necessary that all of us expand the knowledge about the importance of this species.  Let’s volunteer, engage with local communities, and support the efforts of NGOs in the management and conservation of nesting beaches.

It is urgent and necessary to act to stop the extinction of sea turtle populations in the world.

Join us in this process, help them fulfil their purpose and make possible return to their beach by birth.



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