I had never considered traveling to Panama, but my steps led me there and I found a small home. That is the first feeling that comes to me whenever I think of Panama.

I have nothing at all the feeling of having been in a strange country or out of place. And even before taking the outbound flight I felt collected and accompanied. Sergio helped me shape my initial idea and was there to answer all my questions.

Once in Panama I did not have time or to lose myself because Emanuel picked me up at the airport, welcomed me and facilitated me all the things to get to Chame without any problem. And once there Evelín opened the door of Chame’s house wide. I had the good fortune of spending a few hours with her before the whole family got together to land slowly.


intended to embark on a adventure solofull of goals of both personal growth and social action. But as I said I found a small big family at home with whom to share experiences, meals and trips.

I fell in love with Chame, a very cozy town where it is a pleasure to walk, run errands or take a scrape. And what about its sunrises. I am not objective I enjoyed every second I was there.

I am a teacher and I wanted to put my learning at the service of society because together we can make a difference or at least I feel that way. I found a different Education and always from respect and trying to understand everything I did not understand I intervened in the best way I knew.

I loved having the opportunity to talk about Education with the teachers there, it was so enriching. I think there should be more exchanges between all the teachers in the world. We’d all learn so much from others!

And what about the little school! I loved! It was so beautiful that the children came to spend some time in the afternoon with us so eager to learn and share.

I have not felt a tourist but a temporary citizen of Chame and I have enjoyed every conversation with every Panamanian person that I have encountered in my path. I didn’t buy any souvenirs before returning home, but I brought so many things. I still feel calm and that everything will come sooner or later.

I’ve brought a little bit of that Panamanian essence

Beatriz De La Fuente – Teaching project in Panama

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