I am Julian from Cologne in Germany and I had the desire to go to Spain for a few months. The Adventure volunteer program is a perfect opportunity to work with people, help and meet new things and people.

My experience in the volunteering in Valencia started with a trip to Spain with the Adventure Volunteer team. I received all the information in the previous months before traveling and felt ready to start on the chosen project.

The project is very open and has few rules, that was a bit curious for me at first. But after a few days one already knows how it works and then there are many possibilities to do things. Every day you can choose between playing with children, being part of the Spanish classes or workshops with women from the project. The workshops can be knitting, singing or just talking and being together.

In addition, you can prepare your own classes alone or with other volunteers. I liked to give basic Spanish classes for women. But in general there are no limits to creativity. First of all with the other volunteers who come from all over the world. For example from Spain, France or Australia.

The best days of my volunteering in Valencia were excursions with the project participants. For example, we went to a village in the interior of the Valencian Province. We also took a boat trip around the port of Valencia. The children were super happy, which perfectly describes the mood and joy of the group in everything.

In my volunteering in Valencia, I was also supporting the main offices of Adventure volunteer, with translations, cutting videos, and reviewing projects.


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