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Volunteering in Kenya

Kenya is more than just a destination, it’s a journey to the origins of ethnicities, with a great variety of ecosystems. Volunteer with us in the country.

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machu picchu

The cradle of the Inca empire or “The navel of the world”, located at 3,400 meters above sea level. Get to know the country while volunteering with us.

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pasos para tu voluntariado

Thailand has a lot to offer to volunteers. There are many things to explore as well as various volunteer projects in which you can participate.

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Voluntariado en Guatemala

This is an experience where you can put your knowledge into practice and improve your skills. You will also support local communities to achieve personal and professional growth.

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volunteering in Nepal

“Nepal leaves through the mountains, but it comes back through its people.” It’s hard not to fall in love with this country.

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Volunteering in Nicaragua

A volcano’s land, Nicaragua is known as the second poorest country in Latin America, as well as the safest in Central America.

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Voluntariado en la India

Discover India’s culture and way of life while living a meaningful enriching experience as an international volunteer.

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Costa Rica

Volunteering in Costa Rica

Discover a country full of natural beauty and work on environmental projects protecting sea turtles in danger of extinction and their habitat.

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Volunteering in Panama City

Our greatest commitment in this country is teaching as Panama has very low rates of school attendance and there is a lot of school absenteeism. Any small support will be very appreciated.

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voluntariado en Colombia

A country privileged by its biodiversity and great climatic variety, it is a natural paradise for Volunteers.

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