Voluntariado en Eco Aldea en Cusco

Volunteering Eco Village in Cusco

Learn in a different and dynamic way in Eco Villages in Peru.

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Extracurricular support in Guatemala

It improves the lives of street children and youths.

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campamentos solidarios en marruecos

Solidarity camps in Morocco

Carrying out of leisure and free time workshops for children.

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Voluntariado refuerzo escolar en Colombia cartagena

School Reinforcement in Colombia

Help us to generate a change in the living conditions of our children and youth through education.

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Apoyo en refugio de animales silvestres

Support in wildlife Refuge in Panama

It is part of the wildlife refuge and a place for families, friends or animal lovers who seek to know a little more about the animals.

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Teaching and support in children’s dining room in Honduras

Supports children in Honduras to improve their knowledge and skills.

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Voluntariado refuerzo y apoyo escolar en Kenia

Teaching and school support in Kenya

We primarily serve the most vulnerable children in vulnerable communities.

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voluntariado apoyo escolar cusco

Attention to children in Cusco

Teach people in need and of limited resources, children and young adults from Quechua communities in Cusco.

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volunteering in Costa Rica with children

Teaching and care of children in Costa Rica

We seek to provide the educational tools necessary for the proper development of the knowledge and skills of our children.

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teaching Nepal

Nepal Teaching

We are looking for volunteers interested in sharing their knowledge and putting their skills into practice while supporting children, youth and women.

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Construction Volunteer in Nepal

Construction volunteer in Nepal

Support us in creating safe spaces for children to continue their education.

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School reinforcement with indigenous communities in Panama

It is important for every child to know that their culture and language is part of a person’s identity.

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Empoderamiento de mujeres  comunidades indígenas en Panamá

Volunteering with mothers from indigenous communities in Panama

Help these women create an environment conducive to change and sustainable growth.

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Support in local hospitals in Nepal

He knows firsthand how basic medical care works in Nepal while helping those who need it most.

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Voluntariado con niños de diversidad funcional en mexico

Functional diversity and sensory stimulation in Mexico

The aim is for children to successfully acquire skills such as writing, drawing, learning and communicating effectively and affectively.

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Home shelter for children in poverty in Mexico ??

Home shelter for children in poverty in Mexico ??

Volunteer and help generate opportunities for these young people who have found themselves in a vulnerable situation.

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Voluntariado de Enseñanza básica en Mexico

Basic teaching in Mexico

We seek to promote the learning of children who have greater difficulty in learning, through collaborative work environments.

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voluntariado con elefantes en tailandia

Elephants care protection in Thailand

Get to know Thailand by volunteering with elephants, respecting their natural habitat and protecting them from rapture caused by their exposure to tourism.

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voluntariado de ayuda humanitaria en albergue

Humanitarian assistance to immigrants

Humanitarian assistance and human rights protection are provided to migrants in transit, foreigners and nationals.

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voluntariado para el empoderamiento de la mujer en Valencia (España)

Support for women in Valencia

It focuses activities on the personal and social development of women.

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voluntariado europeo valencia


Help us achieve greater well-being and correct development of the children that we work with.

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empoderamiento mujeres quechua

Girls’ and women’s leadership in Cusco

We encourage you to be part of the volunteer project with women and girls in Peru Cuzco.

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voluntariado enseñanza Cusco


In this program in Quisicancha (Cusco), Peru, you will teach children from rural areas, many of which speak Quechua, the basic knowledge for their lives.

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trabajo con niños en tailandia

Support for Children in Thailand

Throughout your volunteering, you will receive many smiles and much affection from the children. We encourage you to share a bit of your time with them.

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enseñanza de inglés a monjes budistas en Tailandia

Teaching English to Buddhist monks in Thailand

Teaching Buddhist monks in Thailand is a whole different world, as a volunteer you can be part of this life experience.

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enseñanza de inglés a niños ne tailandia

Teaching English to children in Thailand

With dedication young children have the opportunity to finish their studies and learn new skills with the help of a volunteer.

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voluntariado con niños necesidades especiales

Teaching with children with functional diversity in Costa Rica

Help develop the skills of people with special needs such as: blindness, deafness, autism, Asperger’s syndrome, Down syndrome

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centro de cuido en Nepal

Care centres in Nepal

Support children from poor and vulnerable families who do not have access to education.

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Nepal Women Empowerment

Youth empowerment in Nepal

Support our young people through youth empowerment in poor communities in Nepal.

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Voluntariado empoderamiento madres jóvenes en Kenia

Mother’s empowerment in Kenya

Support us in addressing the problems of many women in Kenya through awareness raising and education.

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Volunteer agriculture and livestock

Volunteering in agriculture and livestock in Nepal

Participate in and test your knowledge of agriculture and livestock-related activities.

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Voluntariado en patios productivos en Colombia

Productive patios in Colombia

Help low-income families in Cartagena with the creation and maintenance of gardens, located in the courtyards of their homes.

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School orchards in Mexico

To make our children and young people aware of environmental, domestic and community care in order to guarantee a healthy diet.

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voluntariado deportivo internacional colombia

Culture and sport in Colombia

We complement sports and cultural activities with attention to health, formation of values and discipline.

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voluntariado medico india

Medical volunteer in India

Are you studying medicine? Do you want to put your skills into practice? be part of the volunteer medical project in India.

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voluntariado en el programa de apoyo escolar en valencia españa


We seek to work on the development of cognitive factors, emotional manifestation, knowledge, personal self-control, autonomy and independence of the children attending the center.

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Animal rescue and care in Dominican Republic

The important thing is that you really love animals and want to help! The association with the help of the volunteers has been providing the animals with a home, food and a medical treatment.

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sports volunteer program in Guatemala

Sports volunteer in Guatemala

Many young people generally use sport to disconnect from the negative things around them. But it is also an opportunity to achieve something and be someone.

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conservación de tortugas marinas en Costa Rica

Sea turtle conservation in Costa Rica

The Costa Rica sea turtle program works to protect and reduce the negative impact created by different natural and human factors such as climate change.

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trabajo comunitario en republica dominicana

Community development Dominican Republic

A program aimed at families, children and young people from low-income communities, for whom we seek greater educational and economic growth.

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refuerzo escolar republica dominicana

Teaching in Dominican Republic

Volunteer and help children and young people to improve their lives through the development of their academic skills and potential.

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Volunteer teaching in India

It could be India! makes a volunteer where you can contribute and discover its culture, its people and the most significant love and affection of its people. Cheer up!

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Medical support in Nicaragua

The volunteer has the opportunity to observe how medical institutions work.  In the same way, learn more about the contribution and help provided by these small health and emergency centres to these most vulnerable populations in Nicaragua.

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Social-inclusion in Dominican Republic

Your support makes a big difference to the development of our children’s skills and potential.

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Volunteer in centro childcare in Uganda

The volunteer program at the orphanage is focused on providing children with proper care, nutrition, education and clothing.  The volunteer’s input and help is essential and important for the orphanage and the children. Be part of this experience.

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voluntariado cuido de niños en orfanato en la India

Volunteer in child care center in India

Help us make the switch! India, a country where your children need affection, love, attention and above all a good education. An experience, a unique memory.

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Volunteering with children with special needs in Valencia

The program will give you the opportunity to help these children improve their social and intellectual skills through activities that offer both individual and group support.

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voluntariado con niños necesidades especiales

Assistance to the elderly in Costa Rica

They will have someone to listen to them and share time in their day to day, giving them a reason and joy to keep going. What is most important is love, love and companionship

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voluntarido con niños en costa rica

English teaching in Costa Rica

Children will welcome you with open arms and the best of their smiles. just knowing how to speak and write in English, besides having the desire to help is enough.

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Animal rescue and care in Costa Rica

The objective of the program is to collaborate in the conservation of fauna and animal care, returning them to their natural habitat and at the same time helps to reduce the negative impact.. You’ll love it!

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orchard kids school volunteer in guatemala

Maintenance of a school garden in Guatemala

Get involved and promote the sustainability of our natural context. The environment is a priority in our time.

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nicaragua Programa construccion por mujeres


The project seeks to involve the community in the construction and conservation of the environment with houses made of adobe, creation of eco-stoves, recycling, construction of platforms and ditches for population of Granada.

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voluntariado Educación en Guatemala

School reinforcement for children in Guatemala

The Teaching and School reinforcement volunteer program focuses on the integral development of skills and knowledge of young students. Volunteer with us in Guatemala, a country full of culture!

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Volunteer in India WOMEN SHELTER

Volunteering in women’s shelter in India

Volunteer program in the women’s shelter in India seeks to support rural women and particularly excluded women, so that they may have better access to social, legal and economic resources. Help them recover!

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turtle volunteering in Mexico


We work in the conservation and care of sea turtles in Mexico, helping to preserve the species.

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sea conservation turtles volunteer in panama

Conservation of sea turtles in Panama

The marine turtle conservation program in the Pacific seeks to improve and reduce the negative impact created by the lack of awareness in the care of these marine species and the environment..Amazing!

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empoderamiento de la mujer en nicaragua- niñas embarazadas

Women’s teaching in Nicaragua

The goal of this program is to empower women by providing workshops that strengthen the importance of their role individually and collectively with in the community. You will also live a beautiful cultural exchange!

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Voluntariado con niños de habilidades diferentes en Nicaragua

Working with children of different abilities in Nicaragua

This program supports children with hyperactivity, that have participated in bullying and also those with special needs. Working one-on-one and with small group classes.

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School reinforcement and support for children in Nicaragua

Education is more important for the development of every person. Currently, many children do not have the opportunity to study. Share a little knowledge!

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Teaching and special Need in Panama

The purpose of this programme is to help children of different academic levels in basic education, to improve school performance and to promote integration in schools.

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