Volunteer agriculture and livestock

Volunteering agriculture and livestock in Nepal

Participate and test your knowledge in agriculture and livestock-related activities.

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teaching Nepal

Nepalese Education

We are looking for volunteers interested in sharing their knowledge and putting their skills into practice, supporting children, youth and women.

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cuido de niños nepal

Care centres Nepal

It supports children from poor and vulnerable families who do not have access to education.

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Nepal Women Empowerment

Youth empowerment in Nepal

Support our young people through youth empowerment in poor communities in Nepal.

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Voluntariado empoderamiento madres jóvenes en Kenia

Volunteering Empowerment of young mothers in Kenya

Support us in addressing the problems of many women in Kenya through awareness raising and education.

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Voluntariado refuerzo y apoyo escolar en Kenia

Volunteer Reinforcement and school support in Kenya

We primarily serve the most vulnerable children in vulnerable communities.

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voluntariado europeo valencia

Volunteering in a childcare programme for children out of school in Spain

We work day by day to generate secure and solid attachments that guarantee the correct development of our children, besides developing their confidence and self-confidence.

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voluntariado para el empoderamiento de la mujer en Valencia (España)

Volunteering for women’s empowerment in Spain

The volunteer programme focuses the activities of the women’s empowerment programme on their personal and social development.

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voluntariado en el programa de apoyo escolar en valencia españa

Volunteering in the school support program in Valencia

Volunteering in the school support programme in Valencia (Spain), seeks to work on aspects related to cognitive factors, emotional manifestations and everything related to self-knowledge.

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voluntariado cuido animal en república dominicana

Rescue and care of animals in Dominican Republic

The important thing is that you really love animals and want to help! The association in conjunction with the volunteers has been providing the animals with a home, food and medical treatment.

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