voluntariado deportivo internacional colombia

Cultural volunteering with sports in Colombia

Provide children and youth with healthy and fun activities. We complement sports and cultural activities with attention to health, formation of values and discipline.

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Voluntariado refuerzo escolar en Colombia cartagena

Volunteering in School Reinforcement in Colombia

Help us to generate a change in the living conditions of our children and youth through education. All the experiences that children live in childhood influence their growth and behavior.

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Voluntariado en patios productivos en Colombia

Volunteering on productive patios in Colombia

Help low-income families in Cartagena with the creation and maintenance of gardens, located in the courtyards of their homes.

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voluntariado de refuerzo escolar para niños y adolescentes en Perú

School reinforcement for children and adolescents in Peru

Teach children and young adolescents from low-income communities or people who need support.

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trabajo con niños en tailandia

Support in social orphanage in Thailand

Throughout your volunteering, you will receive many smiles and much affection from the children. We encourage you to share a bit of your time with them.

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enseñanza de inglés a monjes budistas en Tailandia

Teaching English to Buddhist monks in Thailand

Teaching Buddhist monks in Thailand is a whole different world, as a volunteer you can be part of this life experience.

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voluntariado con elefantes en tailandia

Volunteering with elephants in Thailand

Get to know Thailand by volunteering with elephants, respecting their natural habitat and protecting them from rapture caused by their exposure to tourism.

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enseñanza de inglés a niños ne tailandia

Teaching English to children in Thailand

With dedication young children have the opportunity to finish their studies and learn new skills with the help of a volunteer.

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Volunteer agriculture and livestock

Volunteering agriculture and livestock in Nepal

Participate and test your knowledge in agriculture and livestock-related activities.

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teaching Nepal

Nepalese Education

We are looking for volunteers interested in sharing their knowledge and putting their skills into practice, supporting children, youth and women.

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