Construction and reforestation

Taking care of the environment is in our hands, with the programs of construction on land and reforestation of trees, contribute with a more sustainable future.

Construction Volunteer in Nepal

Construction volunteer in Nepal

Support us in creating safe spaces for children to continue their education.

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Volunteer agriculture and livestock

Volunteering in agriculture and livestock in Nepal

Participate in and test your knowledge of agriculture and livestock-related activities.

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Voluntariado en patios productivos en Colombia

Productive patios in Colombia

Help low-income families in Cartagena with the creation and maintenance of gardens, located in the courtyards of their homes.

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School orchards in Mexico

To make our children and young people aware of environmental, domestic and community care in order to guarantee a healthy diet.

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orchard kids school volunteer in guatemala

Maintenance of a school garden in Guatemala

Get involved and promote the sustainability of our natural context. The environment is a priority in our time.

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