These projects provide women with tools through guidance and learning to strengthen their role individually and collectively within the community.

Empoderamiento de mujeres  comunidades indígenas en Panamá

Volunteering with mothers from indigenous communities in Panama

Help these women create an environment conducive to change and sustainable growth.

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voluntariado de ayuda humanitaria en albergue

Humanitarian assistance to immigrants

Humanitarian assistance and human rights protection are provided to migrants in transit, foreigners and nationals.

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voluntariado para el empoderamiento de la mujer en Valencia (España)

Support for women in Valencia

It focuses activities on the personal and social development of women.

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empoderamiento mujeres quechua

Girls’ and women’s leadership in Cusco

We encourage you to be part of the volunteer project with women and girls in Peru Cuzco.

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Nepal Women Empowerment

Youth empowerment in Nepal

Support our young people through youth empowerment in poor communities in Nepal.

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Voluntariado empoderamiento madres jóvenes en Kenia

Mother’s empowerment in Kenya

Support us in addressing the problems of many women in Kenya through awareness raising and education.

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trabajo comunitario en republica dominicana

Community development Dominican Republic

A program aimed at families, children and young people from low-income communities, for whom we seek greater educational and economic growth.

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Volunteer in India WOMEN SHELTER

Volunteering in women’s shelter in India

Volunteer program in the women’s shelter in India seeks to support rural women and particularly excluded women, so that they may have better access to social, legal and economic resources. Help them recover!

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empoderamiento de la mujer en nicaragua- niñas embarazadas

Women’s teaching in Nicaragua

The goal of this program is to empower women by providing workshops that strengthen the importance of their role individually and collectively with in the community. You will also live a beautiful cultural exchange!

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