Kids with special needs

You will support children in a personalized way, offering a closer treatment and a broader vision, both of which are very useful to achieve a good evolution and recovery of the children.

Teaching and support in children’s dining room in Honduras

Supports children in Honduras to improve their knowledge and skills.

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Voluntariado con niños de diversidad funcional en mexico

Functional diversity and sensory stimulation in Mexico

The aim is for children to successfully acquire skills such as writing, drawing, learning and communicating effectively and affectively.

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voluntariado con niños necesidades especiales

Teaching with children with functional diversity in Costa Rica

Help develop the skills of people with special needs such as: blindness, deafness, autism, Asperger’s syndrome, Down syndrome

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Social-inclusion in Dominican Republic

Your support makes a big difference to the development of our children’s skills and potential.

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Volunteering with children with special needs in Valencia

The program will give you the opportunity to help these children improve their social and intellectual skills through activities that offer both individual and group support.

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Voluntariado con niños de habilidades diferentes en Nicaragua

Working with children of different abilities in Nicaragua

This program supports children with hyperactivity, that have participated in bullying and also those with special needs. Working one-on-one and with small group classes.

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