You will help children of different academic levels to develop and enhance their skills and knowledge, promoting participation and learning values.

Voluntariado refuerzo escolar en Colombia cartagena

Volunteering in School Reinforcement in Colombia

Help us to generate a change in the living conditions of our children and youth through education.

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teaching Nepal

Teaching volunteer program in Nepal

We are looking for volunteers interested in sharing their knowledge and putting their skills into practice while supporting children, youth and women.

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voluntariado de refuerzo escolar para niños y adolescentes en Perú

School reinforcement for children and adolescents in Peru

Teach people in need and of limited resources, children and young adults from Quechua communities in Cusco.

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Voluntariado refuerzo y apoyo escolar en Kenia

Teaching and School Reinforcement program in Kenya

We primarily serve the most vulnerable children in vulnerable communities.

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voluntariado enseñanza Cusco


In this program in Quisicancha (Cusco), Peru, you will teach children from rural areas, many of which speak Quechua, the basic knowledge for their lives.

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enseñanza de inglés a monjes budistas en Tailandia

Teaching English to Buddhist monks in Thailand

Teaching Buddhist monks in Thailand is a whole different world, as a volunteer you can be part of this life experience.

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enseñanza de inglés a niños ne tailandia

Teaching English to children in Thailand

With dedication young children have the opportunity to finish their studies and learn new skills with the help of a volunteer.

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school reinforcement with indigenous communities in Panama

Volunteering in school reinforcement with indigenous communities in Panama

It is important for every child to know that their culture and language is part of a person’s identity.

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voluntariado europeo valencia

School support for out-of-school children in Spain

Help us achieve greater well-being and correct development of the children that we work with.

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voluntariado en el programa de apoyo escolar en valencia españa

Teaching and school reinforcement volunteer program in Valencia

We seek to work on the development of cognitive factors, emotional manifestation, knowledge, personal self-control, autonomy and independence of the children attending the center.

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voluntariado deportivo internacional colombia

Cultural volunteering with sports in Colombia

We complement sports and cultural activities with attention to health, formation of values and discipline.

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sports volunteer program in Guatemala

Volunteer program in Sports activities in Guatemala

Many young people generally use sport to disconnect from the negative things around them. But it is also an opportunity to achieve something and be someone.

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refuerzo escolar republica dominicana

Teaching program in the Dominican Republic

Volunteer and help children and young people to improve their lives through the development of their academic skills and potential.

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voluntariado enseñanza en la india

Teaching program in India

It could be India! makes a volunteer where you can contribute and discover its culture, its people and the most significant love and affection of its people. Cheer up!

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volunteering in Costa Rica with children

Care of children in Costa Rica

We seek to provide the educational tools necessary for the proper development of the knowledge and skills of our children.

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voluntariado enseñanza del idioma inglés

English teaching in Costa Rica

Children will welcome you with open arms and the best of their smiles. just knowing how to speak and write in English, besides having the desire to help is enough.

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voluntariado Educación en Guatemala

Teaching and School reinforcement in Guatemala

The Teaching and School reinforcement volunteer program focuses on the integral development of skills and knowledge of young students. Volunteer with us in Guatemala, a country full of culture!

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Education is more important for the development of every person. Currently, many children do not have the opportunity to study. Share a little knowledge!

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voluntariado en enseñanza en panamá

Volunteer teaching in Panama

The purpose of this programme is to help children of different academic levels in basic education, to improve school performance and to promote integration in schools.

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