Animal Sanctuary in Portugal

The active participation of volunteers is sought to collaborate in this wonderful place. Its main objective is to rescue and recover animals victims of exploitation. This objective is complemented furthermore, with many more objectives for animal and environmental welfare.

  • Get to know the culture and customs working hand in hand with the local population.
  • Help the different animals in the sanctuary to have a happy life.
  • Bring new ideas for the project and the animals to develop further.
  • Live a unique experience in nature with other volunteers.
  • Get to know life among nature and feel the values ​​of veganism.

What is this program about?

The active participation of volunteers is sought to collaborate in this wonderful place. The project fights for animal and environmental protection. The mission is to protect and defend all animals and their habitats through the exchange of information that stimulates compassion, respect and understanding of human beings towards all species. In addition, medical-veterinary assistance is provided to animals under the guardianship of citizens in a situation of demonstrable need, supporting hundreds of families with low economic resources.

Currently this project consists of participating in a sanctuary for animals and plants that will shelter various species, and provide well-being and a life with respect and dignity.

This project aims to provide a safe haven for various species of animals. Among them
Dogs, cats, horses, sheep, goats, chickens, chinchillas, rabbits, turkeys, turtle doves, among others, can live a life free from any exploitation.
In addition, we intend to reforest the space and restore the ecosystem with native tree and shrub species, in order to promote the biodiversity of local flora and fauna.

The sanctuary has some goals to achieve, they are the following:

Promote and disseminate the values ​​of our association;

  • Contribute to public opinion on topics aligned with the vision, through the dissemination of studies, opinions
    conferences, debates or explanatory sessions.
  • Contribute to the medical-veterinary support of wild, stray, abandoned animals, wild, stray and abandoned animals or from low-income families;
  • Raise awareness about animal welfare among the younger generations and the most disadvantaged social classes.
  • Issue opinions on the development and regulation of animal protection laws.
  • Promote veganism.
  • Promote the protection and improvement of natural and humanitarian heritage.
  • Denounce and promote the rescue of animals in situations of abandonment or abuse.
  • Contribute to the adoption of stray, abandoned or rescued animals from situations of abandonment or abuse.
  • Support other organizations and individuals in the field of animal welfare.
  • Cooperate and encourage public and private initiatives aimed at promoting and defending the interests of animals.

How is the day to day and what will I do as a volunteer?

You collaborate 5 days a week, having two days off a week. The hours of collaboration are approximately 5 or 6 hours distributed throughout the day, depending on the needs.

A typical volunteer day starts very early, where once the volunteers have had breakfast A meeting is held where the tasks of the day are distributed. A stop is made to eat and rest and again they return to the assigned tasks according to the needs of the day

The daily activities are:

  • Application of an adapted environmental enrichment
    to resident species.
  • Cleaning the territories of resident animals.
  • Socialization of resident animals.
  • Cleaning and removal of invasive species from the water lines of the property.
  • Tree plantation.
  • Treatment of flower beds.
  • Maintenance of property infrastructures and buildings.
  • Cleaning of the drainage system.
  • Clearing bushes.
  • Forest maintenance.
  • If you have knowledge: electrical, plumbing or other works.
  • Other works not mentioned according to the needs of the moment.

Requirements to participate

  • Be over 20 years old (except if you are traveling with your parents).
  • Cover the cost of the program according to weeks.
  • Have mandatory travel insurance.
  • Respect cultures and religions.
  • Not have a criminal record.
  • Be proactive.
  • Follow the rules of local accommodation and projects.
  • Have an entry and exit ticket to the country in allowed tourist time.
  • Have a valid passport with more than 6 months.
  • Interview with the coordinator.
  • Do not eat meat or fish.

Where will I be and when do I have to arrive?

Where will the accommodation be?

The volunteer will normally land at Lisbon Airport, the local coordinator will tell you how to get there. The local team will be waiting for the volunteer at the indicated address, and they will also recommend the best way to get there.

His accommodation is in the sanctuary itself. The accommodation consists of shared rooms with the other volunteers and the use of common areas.The volunteer house can accommodate up to 7 people, without separation of the sexes in the rooms.

  • The kitchen and bathroom will be shared by all.
  • The house is equipped with a fridge, stove, oven, microwave and coffee maker.
  • Volunteers will have access to a washing machine. Sheets and towels will be provided weekly.
  • Does not include food. The consumption of meat and fish is not allowed in the sanctuary. Volunteers can order food from a supermarket online and the food will be delivered to the sanctuary. Upon arrival you must bring food for about 3 days, since delivery may not be immediate.

Dates and method of arrival

The program is open all year.You must arrive on your own. It is advisable to arrive during the weekend.

How long can I go?

You can be in the project from 2 weeks until 12 weeks.

How do I sign up?

To sign up is very simple, you only have to follow 5 very important steps, the first thing is once you have read everything that is included and not included and the costs that you have in the country tab.

  1. Fill out this form with the dates you want.
  2. You receive an official confirmation of place
  3. Make a 1st registration contribution to the program
  4. You make a video call with the coordinator to better prepare your arrival
  5. Sign the international volunteer agreement and complete the rest of the payment 1 month before traveling.


What can I see during the weekend?

Near the Sanctuary you can do numerous natural and mountain activities. Also, if you want to move you can visit the different picturesque places that surround the place.

On the other hand, you can enjoyLisbon and from the coast, where you can enjoy the good weather, the water activities, the gastronomy of the coast and the atmosphere.

On the other hand, you can visit the most touristic points ofLisbon, making visits to museums, cathedrals, viewpoints, etc.

Do not forget to take many photos, you will remember every corner!