Assistance to the elderly in Costa Rica

voluntariado con niños necesidades especiales

In the program of assistance to the elderly in Costa Rica, you can support the staff of the center in the care and assistance of abandoned adults or those without families, who need our attention and support more and more. The main objective is to assist the elderly by providing care and companionship.

The center for the care of the elderly has the necessary equipment, since it receives the support of the State of Costa Rica, but it lacks the most important thing, love, affection and company. These people barely receive visitors, their self-esteem and will to live is dull every day.

Therefore, your help is more than welcome, your support and company will be of great motivation and joy to them.  As a volunteer you give these grandparents a reason and joy to keep going.


One of the volunteer’s main activities is interacting with older adults. In addition to organizing and participating in activities such as board games, telling stories, organizing walks around the center and depending on the case support in basic computer training.

Some of the main activities in which the volunteer participates are:

Recreation and Assistance

  • Get adults out of their routine by doing outdoor activities, such as movies or theater. Support in feeding and moving from one site to another of the elderly.
  • Support the staff of the centre in the cleanliness and order of the home, such as: cleaning the corridors, windows and common areas and making beds.

Conversation & Games

  • Play games like bingos or dominoes, read stories, have a conversation with them about different topics, massage their hands, put music on them.

The volunteer must be patient, organized and responsible, as he or she will carry out activities that help to train the skills and abilities of the older adult, as well as accompany and listen to them.


It is not necessary to have specific knowledge of caring for the elderly. You only have to be of legal age, otherwise you must have an authorization from your parents.

While in the center you may not wear shorts, tank tops, short dresses or necklines, the clothing requested is jeans and blouse or t-shirt.

It is important that you have an intermediate level of Spanish.


The senior care center is located outside of San Ramon. It works from Monday to Thursday, between 6 to 8 hours approximately.

From the house where you are staying to the project will be no more than 18km and the cost of the bus is no more than $1.50.

From the third week of November until the second week of February the program closes its doors.


You will stay with families living in San Ramon selected by the organization.  Accommodation includes 3 meals a day, room with shared bathroom and use of the common areas of the house.


The cost of the program is divided into two parts, to register the program you must pay a cost of € 150 ($ 170), 1 month before the start of the program you must pay for the rest of the program.

2 WEEKS 650€ 713$
3 WEEKS 820€ 900$
4 WEEKS 990€ 1087$
5 WEEKS 1160€ 1305$
6 WEEKS 1330€ 1500$
8 WEEKS 1670€ 1850$
10 WEEKS 2010€ 2210$
12 WEEKS 2350€ 2580$

 (Prices are in Euro) To convert your local currency you can use the  currency converter.


  • Airport pick-up
  • Accommodation in the volunteer’s home
  • Meals during your volunteering period
  • 24/7 support from the Adventure Volunteer team
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the programme
  • Induction and orientation to the program
  • Volunteer certificate
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