conservación de tortugas marinas en Costa Rica

The Costa Rica sea turtle program works to protect and reduce the negative impact created by different natural and human factors such as climate change, theft of eggs, the sale of meat and carp.

Sea turtles perform important ecological functions, such as maintaining the dynamics of coral reefs, feeding on jellyfish, thereby controlling the growth of this species.  The work done in the construction of nurseries, cleaning of beaches and relocation of nests, helps the conservation of the species and its habitat.

If you are interested in the care of sea turtles and the environment, this project will please you.  This experience is available to all those interested in contributing and helping with their knowledge and skills.  It is also aimed at university students and professionals who likes nature.


During high turtle nesting season (March 31 to August 30), more monitoring and night-time tours are carried out.   These tours last approximately 4 to 6 hours and are always accompanied by a biologist or local coordinator.   Rest stops and breaks are given during the tour.

Activities during nocturnal monitoring

  • Beach surveillance
  • Protection of nesting turtles
  • Registration of nesting female turtles
  • Mapping locations of nests and nurseries

In the day the following activities are carried out:

  • Breeding release and data collection.  (from the end of April )
  • Carrying out beach cleaning activities.
  • Presentations on environmental education and outreach when support is required.
  • Help in the organic garden with the plantation of Banana and different vegetables for their own consumption, in addition to the conservation of the humidness of the Forest Reserve Matina Pacuare.

In the low nesting season daytime work is increased and includes activities such as:

Since  September  to  April

  • Maintenance of facilities
  • Beach cleaning
  • Organic banana plantation
  • Planting trees along the canals’ paths
  • Maintenance of the ecological garden
  • Reconstruction of the nursery
  • Cleaning the nursery

Volunteers must be the age of majority otherwise parental consent is required.  Your must be in good physical condition, since the routes carried out during the night trips can be long and the terrain a bit difficult because of loose sand.

The clothing you wear should have comfortable and light clothing, preferably dark color, and suitable footwear such as beach shoes, sandals or neoprene boots.  A backpack is also required.  A red light flashlight can also be used.  Insect repellent and sunscreen cannot be used during the tours.


The program is carried out within the forest reserve Matina Pacuare.  Volunteers work from Monday to Friday, approximately 20 hours a week.  Night tours normally start between 10 p.m. and 12:00 a.m., depending on the number of turtles arriving at the beach and according to the tides.


Volunteer house is located on Marina beach in the village of Batan.  It includes common areas such as a dining room, kitchen, and shared bathroom.

The volunteer in Costa Rica are accommodated in basic rooms with bunk beds and with a bathroom right behind.


Meals are typical Costa Rica style food which includes rice, beans, salads, meats, pastas, vegetables, and fish.

For breakfast, coffee, tea, fruit, pancakes and cereals are served.  There is also a mid morning and mid afternoon snack.


The cost of the program is divided into two parts.  To make the registration of the program you must pay a cost of 150 € (170 $), 1 month before the start of the program will be paid.

2 WEEKS 670€ 745$
3 WEEKS 860€ 955$
4 WEEKS 1050€ 1275$
5 WEEKS 1240€ 1375$
6 WEEKS 1430€ 1590$
8 WEEKS 1810€ 2010$
10 WEEKS 2190€ 2430$
12 WEEKS 2570€  2850$

Fees aresubject to current currency exchange rates (costs are in Euros). Currency exchange rates for specific dates can be checked here:


  • Airport pick up, hotel 1º night in San Jose
  • Accommodation at the volunteer house
  • Accompaniment until the bus and pick up on arrival.
  • Transfer by boat to refuge
  • Three (3) meals a day
  • Orientation day in the project area
  • Adventure Volunteer 24/7 Support
  • Program monitoring and evaluation meeting
  • Induction to the program
  • Volunteer certificate upon completion if required


  • Flight to Costa Rica
  • Visa,  if necessary
  • Health insurance
  • Internal transport
  • Return to the airport on the last day
  • Drinks or special foods
  • Travel inside or outside the country
Place: Matina (Costa Rica)
Price: Since 630€ (720$)*
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