Construction program in Cambodia

Get dirty hands helping underdeveloped communities in Cambodia, with construction and renovation works. The main work of this project is in a school assigned to the most disadvantaged, but you can also help in other places where construction help is needed. You will be able to gain valuable experience as well as have a great cultural exchange with Cambodians.

  • Get to know the culture and customs working hand in hand with the local population.
  • Contribute to the improvement of the community.
  • Learn local construction techniques.
  • Create new places and safe spaces for children and the local population.
  • Live a unique experience feeling proactive and fulfilled.

What is this program about?

In this project, you will get your hands dirty with construction tasks.Our main objective is to work in our own school, which has been assigned as an educational resource for the children of the most disadvantaged villagers.

This school was built with the support and sweat of volunteers like you, along with skilled local artisans.. Today, more than three hundred children attend class daily.

Despite previous efforts, the work here is far from over and we continue to build newbuildings, roads, toilets, walls, drainage systems for rain runoff, etc., to meet the needs of all who use the facilities.

The artistically gifted can help decorate the walls by creating murals and paintings from their home countries and cultures.Other construction activities could be carried out in the local village (renovation and construction of houses and health facilities) or work on construction projects at the local hospital. The tasks will depend of the needs of each moment.

How is the day to day and what will I do as a volunteer?

The day to day of the volunteer consists of a collaboration from Monday to Friday, approximately 5 hours, distributed during the morning or afternoon according to needs.

During your first day you will have orientation activities. On the Monday of your first week, you will participate in our orientation day, to familiarize yourself with the surroundings as well as the local culture. The program will continue as usual from Tuesday for the rest of the week.

A typical volunteer day begins with breakfast at the accommodation with all the volunteers. At the end, the volunteers go to the project by bicycle, where they meet with the local coordinator to organize the activities planned for the day.

Throughout the morning each volunteer contributes to the assigned tasks. A stop is made to eat. Then you have free time.

The volunteer can visit nearby areas in his spare time. In the evening, the group has dinner and prepares for the next day.

Some of the activities and objectives that you will carry out during your volunteering are:

  • The activities light of construction.
  • Paint the school buildings,do tables and chairs.
  • Renovate the playground, make paths, build toilets, repair the walls of the school, etc.
  • Collaboration in the local community of construction and renovation work arises.
  • Improve the quality of life of disadvantaged citizens of Samraong and its surroundings.
  • Assist local people in construction and renovation tasks in a team
  • organized.
  • Create opportunities for cultural exchange through our efforts with the local population.
  • Gain practical experience in light renovation work

Requirements to participate

  • Be over 18 years old (except if you are traveling with your parents).
  • Cover the cost of the program according to weeks.
  • Have a mandatory travel insurance.
  • Respect cultures and religions.
  • Not have a criminal record.
  • Be proactive.
  • Follow the rules of local accommodation and projects.
  • Have an entry and exit ticket to the country in allowed tourist time.
  • Have a valid passport with more than 6 months.
  • Certificate of criminal offenses.
  • Appropriate clothing and safety shoes.
  • Fluent English.

Where will I be and when do I have to arrive?

Where will the accommodation be?

The airport you should arrive at is the REP International Airport(Siem Reap International Airport). If you arrive on Saturdays between 6 am and 4 pm, you will be picked up at the airport. If you arrive at another time, the local coordinator will tell you how to get there.

Once you arrive you will stay at the volunteer’s house, located in Samraong, it is a very charming town.

The volunteer’s house has rooms that you will share with other volunteers (up to 4), you will also share the bathrooms and common areas. The house has Wi-Fi, has bedding for each volunteer and mosquito nets. There is a washing machine, towels and hot water available.

Dates and method of arrival

The project starts every Monday where your presentation will take place. So it is recommended that you arrive on Saturday between 6:00 am and 4:00 pm to be picked up.

You will collaborate from Monday to Friday for approximately 5 hours distributed during the morning. The project is open throughout the year.

How long can I go?

You can be in the project from 2 weeks until 12 weeks.

How do I sign up?

To sign up is very simple, you only have to follow 5 very important steps, the first thing is once you have read everything that is included and not included and the costs that you have in the country tab.

  1. Fill out this form with the dates you want.
  2. You receive an official confirmation of place.
  3. Make a 1st contribution for program registration.
  4. You make a video call with the coordinator to better prepare your arrival.
  5. Sign the international volunteer agreement and complete the rest of the payment as directed by your coordinator


What can I see during the weekend?

Cambodia It is perhaps best known for its monumental temples, especially Angkor Wat, a finalist in the election of the 7 new wonders of the world in 2006. It is undoubtedly a country of incredible beauty, dotted with these temples, fertile rice fields and a rich and interesting history. So it’s no surprise that Cambodia has established itself on the tourist map. After being a protectorate of France for almost 100 years, the country gained its independence in 1953. After that, Cambodia lived through years of civil war, political turmoil and corruption, as well as suffering the consequences of its involvement in the Vietnam War.

Despite this dark history, Cambodia is an extraordinary country and has prevailed thanks to what has been described as the unwavering spirit of the Cambodian people. Its people are known for their kindness and their smiles.

Buddhism is an important aspect of Khmer culture and is practiced by 95% of the Cambodian population.

Some points to visit are:

Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat, sometimes also written Angkor Wat, is the largest Hindu temple and also the best preserved of those that make up the Angkor settlement. It is considered the largest religious structure ever built, and one of the most important archaeological treasures in the world.

Siem Reap city

Siem Reap is a spa town in northwest Cambodia and is the gateway to the ruins of Angkor, the seat of the Khmer kingdom between the 9th and 15th centuries. Angkor’s vast complex of intricate stone buildings includes the preserved main temple Angkor Wat, featured on the Cambodian flag.

Bayon Temple

When The travelers approach the Bayón Temple and are surprised by the vision of its54 torres, which rise majestically showing the serene faces that are sculpted on its sides. In all, up to200 guys they are engraved in stone in the temple. If we add to this that the jungle has taken over part of the sanctuary and the vines and lianas cover part of these serene faces, we have a perfect panorama of the complex.

Experiences of our volunteers

Alex’s story

I am feeling like I was a part of the Camboia community. As I spent 8 weeks in the program., I was very familiar with the local team, the rotation of participants, and unexpectedly also the people.

Being greeted with smiles from the school children every day, having bars know my drink order, even the morning market butcher knowing what cut of pork I wanted, often without being able to understand one another.

This familiarity and feeling like I was part of the community was amazing. For first-timers, don’t think too hard about the outcome of your time spent here.

I think we all do something like this for different reasons and there will be many surprises along the way. But the certain outcome is a new perspective, whether of yourself, your home country, or the place you served.

Offering your time and skills without any expectation of anything back is the most selfless thing you can ever do and with this, no matter what, you will grow positively as a person.

Thank you Camboia!