Medical support in Nicaragua

Medical Volunteers Programs

Nicaragua’s health system has a family and community focus. Despite the government’s efforts to provide a health service that reaches all communities in Nicaragua. There are vulnerable populations that cannot access this service. The following is due to the social and economic constraints faced by these populations. Through the medical volunteering in Nicaragua, we seek, together with the non-governmental institution with which we work locally, to attend to the maximum inhabitants. At the same time, we provide them with daily attention, both in the center and in emergencies. The lack of personnel and the excess of work make that in this program the help of the volunteer is much needed.

The emergency center is located in the city of Granada, Nicaragua. It currently has the collaboration of active volunteers, 3 lifeguards and 15 workers. Among their possibilities and resources, they try to provide medical attention to the surrounding communities.

During your medical volunteering program in Nicaragua, you will be able to find days with difficult situations. But these situations allow you to expand and put into practice your medical knowledge, bringing a unique experience to your international volunteering.


In medical volunteering in Nicaragua, the volunteer has the opportunity to observe how medical institutions work. In the same way, learn more about the contribution and help that these small health and emergency centers provide to these most vulnerable populations. You will be part of the daily activities of the center. Supporting the staff in the medical and general care of the community.

Depending on your experience and general knowledge in the different areas and language, you will be asked for support in the following activities:

  • First aid.
  • Saturation of wounds, placement of vaccines, taking vital signs of patients who visit us, support doctors and nurses in the delivery of medicines.
  • Blood and eye exams
  • General Medicine
  • Support in the administrative part

During your volunteering you may have to support rescue activities, psychological tests or driver’s licenses.

Depending on the time of year, the volunteer will receive first aid training. This training will be carried out by the local staff of the centre.

All volunteers who participate in medical volunteering in Nicaragua do so as assistants and support the local medical staff of the center.

Depending on the needs that arise during the day at the center, schedules may vary. This is due to emergencies that may arise.

On weekends the volunteer is free. In this way they can get to know the country, go on excursions, go shopping or visit the town of Granada and its surroundings.


If you have studied in the branches of health sciences, you are studying, you work in that field, you have experience in those areas and you are interested in volunteering in developing countries, then you meet the requirements to participate in the Health in Nicaragua program of Adventure Volunteer.


In the center we have two shifts, although it will be the afternoon in which you have more activity. From 09:00 to 12:00 p.m. is the first shift and from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. second shift. The program is open all year round and is open Monday through Friday.


In the family home where the volunteer is staying, the 3 meals will be provided from Monday to Sunday. Regularly served: Rice and rooster pinto, soups, vegetable salad, rice, potatoes, juices and soft drinks occasionally, desserts and various fruits of the country.

  • Breakfast: Will be at the volunteer’s family home from 7 a.m.
  • Lunch: The family where you are staying will be served at home between 11:30 and 15:00.
  • Dinner: Dinner will be served from 19:00 approximate time.


The contribution of the medical volunteering program in Nicaragua is divided into two parts. To register for the program, a deposit of 150€ must be paid. One month before the beginning of the program, the rest of the program must be paid.

2 WEEKS525€
3 WEEKS675€
4 WEEKS825€
5 WEEKS975€
6 WEEKS1125€
8 WEEKS1425€
10 WEEKS1725€
12 WEEKS2025€

Each additional week has a cost of 150€. The currency exchange will have real effect, the prices are in euros, check the currency exchange in the period of your trip.


  • Welcome at the airport and transfer to the volunteer’s home.
  • Accommodation during your volunteering
  • 3 meals during the course of your volunteer program
  • 24/7 support from the Adventure Volunteer team
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the programme
  • Orientation and induction to the program
  • Certificate of hours done in your volunteering
  • Accident insurance during your volunteering
  • Civil liability for your activity
  • Receipt from NGO about your program fee
  • Guidance, advice and management in the choice of programme
  • Volunteer T-Shirt


  • Flight to Nicaragua
  • Visa, if necessary
  • Medical Insurance (mandatory)
  • Vaccines, if necessary
  • Internal transport
  • Return to the airport on the last day
  • Beverages or special meals
  • Trips inside or outside the country