Volunteering in agriculture and livestock in Nepal

Volunteer agriculture and livestock

Poverty and unassured access to food are visible problems in Nepal, especially for the populations living in remote rural areas. In the village of Gorkha, located in the mountains of Nepal, most people are engaged in agriculture and livestock as a means of livelihood. Most of these families have a small piece of land that they cultivate to generate the necessary resources for themselves. Having seen the needs of these communities and hoped support them, we created the agriculture and livestock volunteer program in Nepal.

These families usually grow rice, maize, wheat, potatoes, sugar cane, cotton and tobacco. They also raise cows, goats and buffaloes. We hope that as a volunteer you will help them with activities related to agriculture. If you have any special knowledge in any of these areas you can also pass it to these people. Apart from these activities, you have the freedom to help the children of the family, teach them, organize didactic and educational games, listen to music and enjoy other fun activities in order to help them develop their skills. You can carry out the same activities with the women of the village, they will surely appreciate it very much.



To meet the objectives of the program and to efficiently support the families through the agriculture and livestock volunteer program in Nepal, we look for volunteers who are ready to test their agricultural knowledge, willing to participate in activities related to the cultivation and maintenance of gardens, and are in good physical condition. If you become part of this program, you will be involved in some of the following activities:

  • Irrigation of the fields
  • Cutting the crops
  • Elimination of wild plants
  • Treatment of crop fertilization
  • Taking care of farm animals (if any)
  • Harvesting of fruits and vegetables (at specific times)
  • Helping the children and women of the families with educativo
  • Support in the creation of handicrafts
  • Other activities requested by project staff or farmers



The volunteer program in agriculture and livestock in Nepal is developed in Kusunde, where we work with local farming families on their land. These families are members of the Newari clans and their land belonged to their ancestors.

Volunteers usually work at least 3 to 6 hours a day, for a minimum of 2 weeks. The day starts very early, around 7:00 am, with a break at lunchtime and then the volunteers continue with the work until 4 pm. The growing areas are located about 10 to 15 minutes walking from the homes of the host families.



During your participation in the agriculture and livestock volunteer program in Nepal, you will live with one of the families selected by the Kusunde village organization. The volunteer shelters have:

  • Common living spaces
  • Shared rooms and bathrooms
  • Laundry spaces for hand-washing clothes

The distance from accommodations to projects is no more than 10 to 15 minutes walking.



The total cost of the agriculture and livestock volunteer program in Nepal starts at €585 for two weeks. Each additional week costs 180€. (The price in dollars is approximate)

2 Weeks



3 Weeks



4 Weeks



5 Weeks



6 Weeks



8 Weeks



10 Weeks



12 Weeks



The prices of the agriculture and livestock volunteer program in Nepal are in euros, so the currency exchange will be affected. You can check the exchange rate in the period of your trip.



  • Airport pick-up
  • Accommodation with a Nepalese host family
  • Meals during your volunteering
  • Orientation and induction to the project
  • 24/7 assistance from the Adventure Volunteer team
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the programme
  • Volunteering certificate
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