Volunteering in a childcare programme for children out of school in Spain

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Volunteer in Spain

The Volunteering in care of children not in school in Valencia (Spain), seeks the active participation of children of limited resources, through knowledge and learning. Where those fundamental elements for every child guarantee the correct development and evolution. The organization is aware of these children’s needs and works on them to achieve greater well-being for the children who are part of the program.

On many occasions we see children who do not have certain needs covered such as: adequate food, care, tutoring and poor adaptation to the environment. So the organization tries to perform compensation functions in these cases to the children.

We work day by day to generate secure and solid attachments that guarantee the correct development of our children, besides developing their confidence and self-confidence.

Many of the children who attend the centre live in situations of violence, in disadvantaged neighbourhoods and children with behavioural problems. That is why, through the Volunteering in care of out-of-school children in Valencia (Spain), we help to strengthen their social skills, autonomy and academic competences.


With the activities that are developed in the Volunteering in care of children not in school in Valencia (Spain), we are able to achieve that our children achieve an incorporation to the school environment in a positive way.

It is therefore important to know that all activities are based on experience, activities and play. So they are applied in an atmosphere of affection and trust, ensuring full respect for the pace of development of each child to enhance their self-esteem and social integration.

chores to do

  • Help in recreational-educational activities.
  • Attention and support in the work of early stimulation in children. These activities are for cervical tonic control, activities that strengthen vision and hearing. Also activities to enhance language and social development.
  • Collaboration in linguistic intelligence activities to work through dialogue.
  • Musical intelligence activities, where songs are played or instruments are learned to play.
  • Helps in intelligence activities viso. You work with colors and shapes.
  • Individualized pedagogical attention.
  • Accompanying the tutor in the periodic meetings held.

These activities allow children to achieve in all children the promotion of creativity and expression. This is done through manipulation and creativity, which not only involves dynamic processes, but also encourages divergent thinking through expressive and playful activities.


Childcare and attention are provided Monday through Friday from 10:30 to 1:30 p.m. This space is regularly used to work with out-of-school children between the ages of 0 and 6.

It is open all year round, except in August and for the month of July it is only open in the morning.


The total cost of volunteering to take care of out-of-school children in Valencia (Spain) is 180€.

The price of the program is in euros, so the exchange rate will have a real effect. You can check the exchange rate during your trip at the following link https://conversormoneda.com/


Airport pick-up
Orientation and induction day
Donation to the program
24/7 support from the Adventure Volunteer team
Programme monitoring and evaluation meeting
Volunteer certificate upon completion if required


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