Volunteering with children in Indian schooling

Teaching programme with children

Do you want to join an international volunteer programme but don’t know in which country to do it? Maybe you could volunteer in India. Although it has been a country that has made improvements in the education sector, still half of its population in India lives in situations of poverty and inequality. Access to education for some children and young people is limited; mainly in areas where socially excluded families live in the “Slums”.

The volunteer teaching programme in India takes place at the centre in Jaipur. Through the programme we provide support to orphans, street children, children who have been kidnapped by gangs and forced to work or simply abandoned by their parents.

As far as possible we try to provide accommodation, food and education to children and young people in difficulty through many activities and volunteer teaching with children in India.

What will I do as a volunteer teaching with children?

Your participation and support in the volunteer teaching programme in India is vital for the development of the activities carried out. The volunteer’s job is to support and facilitate the children’s learning by carrying out the following activities:

  • Conducting mathematics and English classes.
  • Supporting teachers with teaching methods.
  • Helping children and young people to develop their communication skills through drawing, painting, music or dance classes.
  • Creation of didactic and fun low-cost school material for the realization of lessons and workshops in classes.

What will be the timetable for volunteer teaching?

The timetable for the volunteer teaching project with children in India starts from approximately 8:00 to 16:00 hours from Monday to Friday.