adventurevolunteer project womens empowerment and microcredit in nicaragua

The objective of the program is to work for the well being and development of women from the most vulnerable communities in Nicaragua.  Through guidance, learning and acquisition of tools that strengthen the importance of their role individually and collectively within the community.

We also work in teaching for girls in a small space (Adventure Volunteer school).  We work in a more personalized way with the girls, helping them develop their skills and strengthen their knowledge.

Many women who are beneficiaries of the Women’s Empowerment program come from high risk places, have a low educational level or none at all.  The program seeks a way to improve and expand their knowledge and skills.  Only for the detail of sharing a moment, the dedication, love and time you share with them, enrich your day.



The program focuses specifically on teaching, training and literacy in order to give women the opportunity to know their rights and present them with greater opportunities to achieve their dreams.

In this program it is important to understand and respect the families.  We specifically seek volunteers with experience or studies in family planning, social risk, psychology or any other branch of social work.  Volunteers work with women in their family nucleus and groups are up to 5 people.

The activities to realize are:

  • Provide teaching and training workshops to develop skills in reading, english, spanish, and mathematics, amongst other subjects
  • Provide workshops focused on using technology and other tools for finding employment
  • workshops on business development including starting an online business, instructions in crafting curriculum vitae (resume)
  • Workshops on gender equality, educating participants on women’s rights, family planning, sexual health topics including sexually transmitted diseases and preventing unwanted pregnancies
  • Cultural exchange workshops in which the different customs of the members of the program are discussed including culinary practices, customs, and ideas and beliefs
  • Provide computer instruction workshops that teach participants how to use ae computer including how to use email, how to write and email, introduction to the web and instructions in using Office applications

These workshops are presented in a pleasant and dynamic environment, raising women’s awareness of the importance of being educated and the job opportunities that are available with some education.  Volunteers are there to encourage the workshop participantsdespite any difficulties they may have with their current academic level.

Participants must be the age of majority otherwise parental consent is required.  We look for volunteers who are committed and participatory to better develop the activities of the program.

The volunteer will participate in workshops that best suit their abilities.  The women participants are of diverse ages, with different levels of education.  Insome cases these women are participating in a study group or formal education for their first time.  This program requires the volunteer to be supportive, patient, interested and enthusiastic.

No university degree or related career training is required to volunteer for this program.  With general knowledge and skills volunteers can contribute to this program.  Experience in social work is helpful.



The educational centers have a schedule of 7:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.  The specific timetable assigned to the volunteer will depend on the group they are assigned to work with.  This program runs between February 1 and December 10, starting the first day of the week (Monday).

The center is located in Granada, five minutes from the volunteer family homestay.



Volunteers stay with selected families in Granada and sleep in shared rooms with a bathroom inside.  The will alsohave access to all the common areas of the house.  Houses all have a Wifi connection.



Accommodation includes 3 meals a day provided by the family.  On orientation day the coordinator of the program will tell volunteers the specific meal times according to the project and family.  Some projects will provide special lunch.



The cost of the program is divided into two parts.  A registration fee of€150 ($170)* is required initially.  The remaining fee of €535 ($ 610)* for the first two weeks is required 1 month before the start of the program. There is an addition fee of €180 ($205)* for each additional week.

2 WEEKS 535€ 610$
3 WEEKS 695€ 790$
4 WEEKS 855€ 970$
5 WEEKS 1015€ 1150$
6 WEEKS 1175€ 1330$
8 WEEKS 1495€ 1690$
10 WEEKS 1815€ 2050$
12 WEEKS 2135€ 2410$

*Fees aresubject to current currency exchange rates (costs are in Euros).  Currency exchange rates for specific dates can be checked here: https://conversormoneda.com/ 



  • Airport pick up
  • Accommodation at the volunteer house
  • Three (3) meals a day
  • Orientation day in the project area
  • Adventure Volunteer 24/7 Support
  • Program monitoring and evaluation meeting
  • Induction to the program
  • Volunteer certificate upon completion if required


  • Flight to Nicaragua
  • Visa, if necessary
  • Health insurance
  • Internal transport
  • Return to the airport on the last day
  • Drinks or special foods
  • Travel inside or outside the country
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