Questions about volunteering in India

dudas sobre tu voluntariado en la india

Thinking of going to India for the first time? Some feel safe, others are excited but a little nervous and some restless.  Take a deep breath and relax, soon start your adventure.

Here are some answers to your questions about volunteering in India.


Do I need a visa to travel to India as a volunteer?

Regardless of your reasons for travelling to India, a visa is required to all foreign people who want to visit the country.  Visas to the country are valid for 60 days and they are not extensible and can be requested twice a year.  Your passport shall be valid for a minimum of six months from your date of arrival into the country.If you have any enquiry, we recommend that, before travelling there, you call the Embassy of the country you chose to volunteer in.


What kind of vaccination do I need?

Before travelling to any country where you could contract yellow fever, you will be asked to be vaccinated against it (remember to take your vaccination card with you when travelling).  In any other case, it not compulsory to be vaccinated against any disease.  Even so, we recommend that you contact the Embassy of your chosen destination in your home country.

Is it safe to volunteer in India?

To the date, we’ve never experienced nor heard of any volunteer that has experienced any problem with the location or the security of the same.  Moreover, our local qualified team will provide guidance and orientation to volunteers from the very first day of the program, informing them about safety measures that should be taken, as well as about the culture and traditions of the specific location and the country as a whole, as a way to facilitate the stay of the volunteer in the community.

In case you experience any kind of inconvenience, you can contact your volunteering advisor from Adventure Volunteer and the local team since we will always be there to support you.

What airport should I travel to?

Your flight destination must be the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (BOM).  We recommend that you travel on Saturday or Sunday since our programs usually start on Monday.

What can I do on my days off?

There is a lot to experience and enjoy in India.You can go on a trip to BHANDARDARA and be surrounded by spectacular mountains, or go to NASIK, one of the oldest sacred cities in India.  There is always something new to visit.  Learn more about our volunteer destinations, you can see some of the places we recommend you visit during your volunteering in India.


Where do volunteers stay during the program?

There will be rooms for volunteers at the shelter house in which the programs take place.  It is a modest house, shared among volunteers.  At tea time, you can get to know local people, the women and children that go to the shelter house.



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