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During last November and this last weekend of December, many people have moved a lot to get material with which to continue working on the project : “A child, a backpack” and start making solidarity backpacks for our children.

If you still do not know us, we invite you to do so by watching the following video: 

During these two months, as we explained at the beginning of this article, there have been initiatives to collect the necessary materials and get “down to work” in the manufacture of solidarity backpacks and in the preparation of school materials. All this school supplies will go inside the backpacks for the enjoyment of the children of Valencia, Kenya and Nicaragua. A project that continues thanks to the support and trust of: 

  • Adventure Volunteer Initiatives
  • Volunteers in general
  • MAPFRE Foundation Valencia
  • Association friends of culture and the rural world
  • Foundation Project Living 
  • Volunteer MAPFRE Foundation, Valencia 

More and more, we receive more support from entities, companies, associations and volunteers that spend part of their time to collaborate with us in this idea that was born with the intention of helping families, women and children of limited resources in these countries.

From here we want to make known, and give thanks for what we have achieved in these dates near Christmas. THANKS!



In the third week of November, Fundación MAPFRE Valencia volunteers joined the project for a cause “A boy, a backpack”, where among all the volunteers they collected approximately 162 cowboys, with whom They hope to make the next backpacks for our children from the 3 countries where the project is starting: Valencia, Nicaragua and Kenya, in addition to organizing the day of collection of school supplies that took place in September.

Also on November 28, some Fundación MAPFRE volunteers participated in the sewing workshop that is being carried out in Valencia, where women volunteers collaborate in the manufacture of backpacks.

Through this visit, they were able to see “in situ” the elaboration process of a backpack with recycled jeans.


Last Sunday, December 8, coinciding with the bridge of the Constitution and that of the Immaculate, the association “Friends of Culture and the Rural Environment” organized a Christmas market and a solidarity career . We were invited to participate for the collection of donations of “cowboys” who kindly donated us for the project: “A child, a backpack”. 

This project that has in the manufacture the manufacture of our school bags, and in the donation of school materials, its reason for being; It aims to take advantage of all the resources that exist so that they can be reused.

A way of thinking that is not only solidary, but also looks for the environment. 

From here, we want to thank how many entities, associations and volunteers, have wanted to participate and regularly participate in this special project that helps children in Valencia, Kenya and Nicaragua.

Events and conferences such as those we have participated in these last weeks, allow us to realize the dream of many school-age children.

And with the intention of wanting to continue contributing, we encourage you to continue supporting us, making known what we do from Adventure Volunteer with the project: “A child, a backpack”. 


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