Good morning volunteers, how’s everything going? How were those company lunches? I hope incredible.

Be careful those who have a car, you know that they can make a big checking.

And the sustainability and the other 16 things are what we going to talk about in this `post. Today we have a very interesting topic to take in mind in these times, because we’re going to comment the goals of the world climate summit that was recently held in Madrid.

This summit as an initiative of the ONU, has the intention that all countries of the organization start a new journey without leaving people behind.

SO, We, Adventure Volunteer, as a non-profit organization, that develops social and education projects based on the protection of flora and fauna in the countries where we are, as we have been doing for several seasons, we do not fully add to everything that is to generate this sustainable development.


  • Well, we all know that there is a high percentage living at risk of poverty in countries with emerging economies and underdeveloped countries.
  • Half of the world’s still living with fewer rights just because they are women.
  • Despite the existence of the world declaration on the human rights, there are rights that continue to be violated.
  • Inequality between rich and poor people continues to increase in most countries, especially in underdeveloped countries.
  • We are ruining the planet, and with that, its biodiversity, we have highs pollutions rates.

For that on September 2015, The leaders of the planet met at the united nations to reach an international agreement through «The 2030 agenda» and the sustainable development goals that continue at this 25 summit recently held in Spain.

The agreement first of all recognizes the importance of:

  • Fight against poverty
  • Take care of the planet
  • Reduce inequality

With these important causes it is sought to produce improvements in:

  • The people. Let no one be left behind in dignity and equal rights.
  • The planet. Take care of the planet through the change of the politics.
  • The peace in all societies of the world.
  • Enhances the sustainable economy.
  • Build global alliances.

And in order to improve and advance these purposes, the summit has proposed the SDGs, the acronym for the 17 global goals to be met.

We are going to list those which in we intervene the most as ONG, contributing our grain of sand to help and make people aware that they fulfilled.

3 Good Health. In this we could highlight the programs of medical attention, awareness in all hygiene, prevention and health issues that we have in some countries where we are presents.

4 Quality Education. You already know that it is in this area where we most influence with our teaching programs, school reinforcement and those they practically in all the countries where we collaborate.

5.Gender Equality. It is another of our objectives through our programs for the empowerment of women.

Our association fights for the causes

We also fight for entrepreneurship and help to generate self- employment (this would be cause number 8) as well as working for the development of indigenous communities in the international volunteering; and that in turn, fits with the cause number 11 of the SDG, of sustainable cities and communities.

In environment we highlight cause 14 that is related to underwater life. You already know all the jobs and projects we have for the cleaning of the beaches, the conservation of sea turtles, and the mangrove reserves or the reforestation (which we would also include in cause 15) of the terrestrial flora and fauna, where we are concerned with preserving all species such as plantations of native plants in the area.

We already know, here we all add to achieve these goals and your help is essential.

We are all aware of what is happening in the world… there are no excuses and we are at this inflection point where any action, no matter how small, counts. Let’s see if we can make the “2030 Agenda” a real achievement, and within 10 years, we will have these 17 goals as a life project.

Let’s think about the half of the population who do not have a job and who live in a situation of inequality and poverty, how can we help them? Let’s think about making a gift on these dates: what could we give away that is not harmful, after its useful life, for the underwater flora and fauna?

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