“Yes” is Sergio’s moto, and he’ll always be able to solve any doubt you could have, his experience over many different countries helps to make every volunteer’s very positive. He is also the main founding part in Adventure Volunteer.


Of panamanian heritage, our coordinator will inform you about the most beautiful places in the country. She is also in great familiarity with the Turtle’s conservation and Indigenous communities  program.


Jacinto is the coordinator of the marine turtle program in the province of Veraguas in Panama. He is very friendly and with his great professionalism and experience with the marine world, mangroves and conservation of the species, will make your experience unforgettable.


Our coordinator in Nicaragua, our partner in Granada will make you feel at home, with her experience and vitality, she’ll walk you through every Project and introduce you to the families during your stay.


Judit has a master’s degree in social economy, and is responsible for managing agreements with universities and guiding students in their work in development cooperation practices in Central America. Their hard work helps many students earn credits in their degree and live an unrepeatable experience.


Amparo is a great collaborator of the organization from Spain, its mission to obtain benefits so that thousands of young people and children of Central America live unique opportunities in their social and work development, since its coordination in Panama in 2016, always continues with the commitment and collaboration To keep alive the projects that […]


Freshly graduated from the University of Salamanca’s biology faculty, she directs the programs of the wild shelter with her colleague Johnny. He has a passion for wildlife and in programs he is always willing to share all his knowledge. Very professional as well as fun.