Best places in Panamá

You have everything ready for your trip, but you don’t know what places to visit on your days off as a volunteer. Here I leave some information of places that you can visit during your volunteer in Panama.


Considered the most beautiful Islands in all of Latin America. Visitors choose it for its crystal clear waters and white sand. These Islands are 2.5 hours from Panama City. Keep in mind that depending on which volunteer program you are in, your journey will be different.

Normally you must be in Panama City one day before the trip to San Blas. A week before you had to hire the tour package and they will pick you up at the place where you are staying that day. Remember that these packages include pick-up at the place where you stay and pick you up very early.

The complete package to the San Blas Islands is priced around $ 170, which includes transportation, the toll to the Guna Yala region, two excursions to different Islands, sleeping in cabins of the chosen island and meals.


Bocas de Toro is an archipelago very close to the Costa Rican border. Regularly on its beaches you can surf, snorkel, dive, enjoy the sun and nightlife among many more activities. It is advisable to make a reservation before arriving at the island of Colon. In the case that travel in low season that is between May to October; You will find room available around $ 15 a night with breakfast included. Do not need to buy the return ticket at the Albrook terminal. You can buy it on the same island Columbus, yes, it is recommended to buy it the same day you arrive or the next day.

It is the farthest destination from Panama City. There are 8 hours by bus making three stops and the price is $ 28 each way. Normally they leave the Albrook bus terminal at 8:00 pm.


Located in the province of Santiago. From the Santiago terminal you can take a direct bus to Santa Catalina. It is a small and coastal town quite hippie. There is usually a night party and during the day you can take advantage to go to the beach and surf. You can also hire a $ 70 excursion to Coiba Island.

In diving activities you can swim among turtles and on the trails listen to howler monkeys, see iguanas. In addition to seeing whales if it is season. Santa Catalina you can find accommodation from $ 15, which includes breakfast.


This beautiful and historic place located in the Caribbean area you can meet in a weekend. You must take the Panama Colón bus that leaves from the Albrook transport terminal and will leave you at the bus terminal in the Province of Colón where you take the bus towards Portobello. The cost of transportation is between 20 to 25 dollars round trip.

Once there you can stay in any hostel and taste typical Caribbean food such as:patacones, seafood, coconut rice among others. Another option is to take your tent, where you can sleep for $ 5 a night per person on Mamey Island, or on Isla Grande.

Any questions before or during your trip you can contact us at or someone from the Adventure Volunteer team who will guide you about your volunteering and possible excursions.

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