Tips for travel before you volunteer in Kenya

Is it dangerous? How expensive can it be? Is it compulsory to get vaccinated? Can I have data or connect to the Internet? … this and many more is what usually comes to mind when we go on a trip to do a volunteering in Kenya, so we tell you some tips for travel before you volunteer in Kenya.

Traveling to any country and mainly to the continent Africa is not the same as taking a trip near your city, which implies greater organization and nervousness.

Kenya, a country full of culture, history and wonderful people. One of those places that you have to go to even once in your life.

If you are thinking of volunteering, these tips based on the experiences that volunteering in Kenya have had will help you make your solidarity trip that much better.

Listen to the podcast “solidarity trip in Kenya” and know a little more about this wonderful country.

It is good to reflect and research before embarking on and doing an international volunteering in Kenya, because you are going to involve yourself in a culture very different from yours and in which you can live and have enriching experiences but difficult to assimilate, so you have to go with open minded.

When you travel you like to know in advance what is waiting for you and what you should take prepared, so here are some tips for you before traveling to volunteer in Kenya.

Adventure Volunteer in the process of organizing your trip will provide you with:

  • General information of the project and country, you can also find it in the destination of Kenya section on our website.
  • It will indicate the documentation you require before traveling, in addition to these tips for before traveling to your volunteer in Kenya.
  • You have access to the volunteer’s guide, with general information about the country, the project and things to keep in mind to prepare your solidarity trip.

Prepare your trip to start volunteering in Kenya

and already have the square confirmed in the volunteer program, the next step is:

  • Buy Cheap
  • Order visa
  • See the issue of vaccines 
  • documentation to travel

Buscar flights

Nothing from Spain No flights direct, so you will have to make a stopover.

In Nairobi there are two main airports, Jomo Kenyatta International which is where your project coordinator or organization taxi driver is waiting for you and there is also Wilson Airport. 

The prices of the flights from as volunteer in Spain can vary from one day to the next, although they are not usually very dramatic changes 🙂 so it is recommended that you look in incognito pages and in different companies and thus make a comparison in prices and dates. You can find flights from 310 € passing.

Take a look at how to travel to Kenya more economically

¿Que tener en cuenta para obtener la visa para viajar a Kenia?

How to travel to Kenya?

Documentation and Visa

You cannot forget your passport and its validity of six months before traveling, a photocopy of it for when you leave and you do not want to carry the original, the vaccination card, although in Kenya some vaccines are not mandatory , but it never hurts to get informed.

Likewise, take basic information such as: 

  • Telephone numbers of the association coordinators.
  • Emergency telephone number to call from Kenya.
  • Address where you are staying. 
  • Name of your coordinator or of the person waiting for you at the airport.  

All this information is provided by Adventure Volunteer one month before traveling.

The visa You can manage before traveling so online or already being in Kenya at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. 

It has a cost of approximately € 40 and a validation of 3 months, which can be extended to 6 months.

See Steps to apply for the visa for kenya.

¿Necesito visado para viajar a Nepal?

What to take into account to obtain the visa to travel to Kenya?


There are currently no compulsory vaccinations for traveling to Kenya. You can also go to your vaccination center and see what vaccines they recommend.

In Spain you can go to the International Vaccination Center, this would be the first step. Request an appointment at your International Vaccination Center, you can do it through the page of the Ministry of Health or by calling. 

Health Insurance

Although Adventure Volunteer will provide liability insurance and accident,is mandatory that you have a medical insurance to cover there if you need health care. 

If you need to go to a medical center, we recommend you go to “The Aga Khan University Hospital”

Diner and Telephone

The currency used in Kenya is the Kenyan Shilling. When you arrive at the Jomo Kenyatta International airport and go through the migration procedures and go to the exit you will find ATMs where you can withdraw money, you will also see the booths of telephone companies where we recommend you obtain a SIM card, which will allow you to have internet in every moment.

One of the most widely used and recommended is Safaricom. You only need to show the passport and recharge the phone with an internet package (Data). Check that everything works before you leave the store.

  • The prefix in Kenya is +254
  • Remember that whatsapp you do not lose it even if you put a Kenyan SIM.
  • To check the data you have left you can do it by dialing * 544 # and select 7, Check Balance and they will send you the information (this will be the case of Safaricom).

On the money you can withdraw an amount for those first days, since later you can mobilize and go to a shopping center, supermarket and shops where you will find many ATMs to withdraw money in local currency (Shillings) or dollars.

How to get around Kenya?

Since before traveling, download the UBER application, it is widely used and very cheap in Kenya, it also works very well.

In the case that you use public transport, we recommend you do it with a local person or our coordinators.

An important fact, always go to a place in advance, since traffic jams, roadblocks or traffic … whatever you call them in your country, in Kenya they are the order of the day. The good news is that apps charge per way, not time, so don’t panic. 

Electricity and plug type in Kenya

plugs used are of type 3 square pins and the electric current in Kenya is 220/240 volts. 

It is also advisable to bring an adapter, as it can be difficult to find one in some places in Kenya and it is useful if you need to connect several things at once.

About security in kenya

As in any country, general recommendations must be followed such as: 

  • Keeping money well
  • Not taking out the phone in crowded 
  • places Avoid conflictive places. 

Usually safe, Kenyans are kind, calm and joyful people. 

Do not be surprised that when you enter a shopping center they check everything and so in almost all places; This has happened since the 2013 attack on one of the shopping malls in Nairobi, so security measures have been greatly strengthened.

Spanish Embassy in Nairobi

  • Address: CBA Building, 3rd floor, Mara and Ragati Roads, Upper Hill, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Telephone: (254) 20 2720222
  • Email:

Am I missing something to my volunteering in Kenya? 

Yes! Live your solidarity adventure in an authentic and unique way.


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